How to Earn Extra Money Online

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Read and follow these steps:

Step 1:

Find Your Niche

how to earn extra money

Before starting any online business and learn how to earn extra money online, you should well decide on what market niche you’ll work, and how to develop and expand your niche. You have to remember that serious mistakes when choosing and evaluating niches, lead to loss of time and money.

To find a Niche – means finding one Primary Keyword and 5-6 Relevant Keywords (Secondary Keywords), that describe the niche in which you are going to make money.

The Outcome of Step 1 realization should be – the List of Keywords, that you have chosen and carefully studied. The Primary Keyword further should be used in the domain name.

So, first go to the Niche section where you’ll find some helpful information on what are online market niches, how to choose niches and how to study them, with the aim to use a profitable one.

Step 2:

Create Your Business Website

Create your business website and learn how to earn extra money onlineWe suggest you to create an own business website, as it’s the main and powerful instrument for making extra money online. But, before you create a business website, you need to clearly define what sort of business website you are creating, as there are several types of them.

So, at Step 2, you’ll learn about the major features and components of the business websites and easy ways to create them. Know how to choose: the most convenient platform for your website; domain name and hosting service; must have tools; tools to automate your activities; and many other. We recommend you use the WordPress (WP) platform for your website creation, as it is one of the most powerful, popular and easy to apply.

The Outcome of Step 2 realization should be – the Created WP Business Website ready for content filling. Visit Website section.

Step 3:

Create Content

Create content and earn extra moneyEnsuring your business website with a fresh and unique (original) content – is a necessity, not only by the reason to make it interesting for your website visitors, but also to get better search engines ranking and making extra money online from content monetization. Without an original content you can’t expect high search engine ranking and good targeted traffic.

So, at Step 3 you need to learn how to create good quality content, which will help you to make extra money.

The Outcome of Step 3 realization should be – the Created Content for the first filling of the website (preferably at least 8-10 web pages of original content, relevant to your main business topic)

So, click Content section to find the information on how to prepare content.

Step 4:

Choose Monetization Strategy

Monetization strategy and how to earn extra money

At this step you need to learn how to choose the best marketplaces and profitable products and services for advertising on your business website (to do content monetization), as it is one of the most important factors, which determines success of your activities on making extra money online.

The key point at Step 4 will be a selection of monetization strategies you’ll use for your website content. Basically, you’ll either use the third-party ad service provider (such as, AdSence), or use affiliate programs (such as, ClickBank). Also, at this step, you’ll analyze the possibility of applying a combination of different monetization strategies.

The Outcome of Step 4 realization should be – the Chosen Monetization Strategy. Visit Monetization section to get the necessary information on content monetization features, lucrative monetization strategies, sources and tools.

Step 5:

Promote Your Website

Promote your website and make extra moneyThe stage of website promotion is perhaps the most capacious and time-consuming, as it involves a variety of activities, for example, like: To add content to the website; To do and improve On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO (Linckbuilding); To submit a website to Web Directories; To write and submit some articles to article directories; To have some activity on the forums and on the networks to support website; and others.

The implementation of these activities is not always pleasant, but it is these works that offer high-quality free traffic to the website, and, unfortunately, all this should be carried out on a regular basis.

The Outcome of Step 5 realization should be – the Chosen Types of Promotion Ways and knowledge of how to apply them. Visit the Promotion section to learn more about how to promote a website.

Step 6:

Build Your Email List

Build Your Email List

Email list building is required for many Internet marketers, as it allows to have direct contact with potential buyers. In addition, the high-quality email list allows you to be less dependent on search engine algorithms, unexpected changes and make extra money from the list. Remember, the high-quality email list indicates the potential success and it generates guaranteed and permanent earnings.

On Step 6 you should choose the auto-responder service, create some squeeze pages, make a set of email letters (messages), prepare some PLR reports to use them as giveaways, other. This is not a very complicated job. The mailing is easy to fit into your schedule, as the messages can be scheduled for a long-term.

The Outcome of Step 6 realization should be – the Email Marketing Funnel, built on the use of auto-responder service, set of email messages and email strategies. Visit Email List option where we discuss the email list building approaches, tools and strategies.

Step 7:

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website This stage is the most important and difficult work of online moneymaking intentions. Without targeted traffic any website is not effective. Moreover, for making extra money online with your business, it’s better to have constant and targeted traffic in big volume.

It’s clear to say that the knowledge and ability to apply the methods of website traffic driving – find success of making money online by use own website. So, learn and apply these techniques.

In the sections Free Traffic Driving Info and Paid Traffic Driving Info (see left bar menu options) we consider the most effective free and paid traffic submission methods, which we recommend you to use to increase traffic to your website.

The Outcome of Step 7 realization should be – the Money on Your Accounts, you have opened  performing content monetization (like accounts at AdSence, Amazon, ClickBank and other services and marketplaces you use to make extra money).

Good luck

and we hope that material presented on our website will help you better learn how to earn extra money online.

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