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Updated: June 20, 2018

Ad Swapping TrafficPreamble

The ad swapping traffic driving technique is among the best methods that can help you to create added targeted traffic for your business website, to reach a much larger market, to acquire additional customers, plus ultimately to boost your online business.

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The Ad Swapping (also known as list swapping) is the process of exchanging ads with a fellow marketer. The selected partner sends you’re the ad (or sales letter) to his email list and you send his ad to your email list.

So, ad swapping  is like a little joint venture when two persons send an email to their email lists, promoting their landing or squeeze pages, where they usually offer a free gift. As a result, both marketers will get subscribers to their lists.

The ad swaps are the greatest way to get traffic to the website, especially if you know well how to use them. Of course, it is good to include them as a part in your big plan for traffic driving to your website (which also includes essential features like article posting, social media activities, PPC campaigns, etc.) Also, the traffic from ad swapping is targeted.

So, here we discuss:

  • What You Need to Perform Ad Swapping?
  • Where to Find Partners for Ad Swapping?
  • Practical Steps for Ad Swapping
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. What You Need to Perform Ad Swapping?

Particularly, it’s an amazing strategy for building your email list quickly and of good quality. The main advantages of ad swaps are that your ads are used on websites which are relevant and identical to your market niche. The ads are exchanged with similar oriented marketers and advertisers with same marketing technique.

Also, the technique of ad swaps is very effective in building a list with regards to response, quality of traffic and rate. As the ad swapping traffic is targeted the chances of remarkable earnings is increased. So, ad swapping is the fastest way for developing your list and the main goal of an ad swap is building a purposeful relation with the subscribers along with providing to them the best benefit.

The email lists are created for a very long-time of use and are one of the main bases of online business of many marketers.

So, if you decide to create your own list, you have to be sure that the quality is ensured from the very beginning, both in terms of instruments used, and in terms of the quality of traffic, including ad swapping traffic. In order to get ad swapping traffic you must have the following main items:

  • Domain and Hosting service
  • Autoresponder
  • Squeeze page (or landing page)
  • Interesting offers (better the free gifts like PDF Reports or eBooks in order to attract attention of the visitors)

As for the autoresponder, it’s better to use a high-quality utoresponder service from the first steps, for example, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp (especially as serious partners in swapping are paying attention to this factor also). If you plan to use your own squeeze pages or landing pages (rather than affiliate’s URLs) for driving ad swapping traffic with them, then you’ll need a host service. The selection of hosting services on the Internet is very large, we advise you to choose from the best offers, like BlueHost, iPage, Just Host, InMotion, HostGator. So, if you want to get the maximum effect from ad swapping you should think carefully about what to offer to your squeeze page visitors. The most proven options to get traffic from ad swaps – is to offer free gifts (giveaways). Usually PDF Reports are used as free gifts.

2. Where to Find Partners for Ad Swapping?

Naturally, the ad swapping is caused by the list size and the activity of its subscribers. Therefore, in order to make the partnership swap proposals to someone, you need to have certain initial conditions. It’s customary to start with a list of at least of 100 subscribers, although it is not a mandatory rule for getting traffic from ad swaps, but just a recommendation.

If you are experiencing great difficulty in forming the starting number of subscribers to your email list, you can pay to the partner for a number of swaps. When you have built a list of 100-120 subscribers, it’s time to look for ad swap partners. You can find them on Google by typing “niche” blog and then go to the blogs and look, if they are building an email list. Contact them and make an offer. One more way is to go on forums and search for business partners. For example, in the niche of IM (Internet Marketing) the most preferred forum is the Warrior Forum. Just by performing a search for “ad swap” you can find persons who will be happy to do ad swaps.

Ad Swapping TrafficThe greatest resource for ad swaps is a website called Safe-Swaps!

It primarily has individuals who are developing their email lists in the IM, but you can find some self-improvement niches, though it might be quite hard to find ad swap partners for those niches.

So, if you are developing an IM list, then you will have a massive choice of people. Individuals that have lists of 500 subscribers up to 100 000 and more. On SafeSwaps website you can create a calendar and book people there. It’s good when you are basically beginning and seeking to grow your list fast. But eventually on when you will have a much bigger email list, it’s better to do a smaller amount of swaps, but with higher quality of subscribers and also be connected with them on a more private level.

At Safe-Swap you can find another marketer who has a massive list and swap ads with him. You have to email his ads to your list and the other marketer is also likely to email your ads to his list. This is a very powerful marketing strategy that has many benefits:

  • You get very targeted traffic to your website and get a higher conversion rate
  • By swapping the lists you are in fact profiting your email list
  • The ads are mailed by known senders on both sides, so for the customers there is a better chance of visiting the link
  • Ad swaps are an excellent way to improve your list and get more leads and clients
  • Its low-cost advertising campaign and yet in terms of results, it’s at level with any other promotion strategy

So, the Safe-Swap is a great service that has been helping advertisers to promote their products and build bigger lists for years, and you are guaranteed to find the best partner for your ad swaps.

The list of Ad Swap Websites:

3. Practical Steps for Ad Swapping

When you use someone’s list for a charge it’s a solo ad. The list owner is submitting your swipe file to his list. It looks then like his personal recommendation. Most of the time solo ad vendor sell various click packages like 50,100,200, etc.

A different thing are email swaps simply because you’ll need some sort of a list already with a number of subscribers. Most of the time are 100 subscribers previously enough to get started swaps. Normally It’s quite easy to find a list owner for safe swaps.

So, even if you just have a small list, you can however leverage that asset to swap ads with other list owners.

But first, let’s look closer on of this powerful technique (by steps):

Step 1- Build a Small List First

Before you start doing ad swaps, build a small list of 100 subscribers, (but 500 – 1000 subscribers will be much better). You can easily do this within a month using press releases, forum marketing, article marketing, commenting on blogs, etc.

Step 2 – Find JV Partners

Once you’ve built a small list of subscribers, you now need to start finding potential JV partners in your market, for example, you can use Safe-Swaps.

Step 3 – Perform Ad Swaps

Once you have found some potential partners, contact them and offer to do an ad swap with your list. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if your partner has a bigger list size.

For example, let’s say you want to swap ads with someone who has a list that has 15,000 subscribers and you have just 1,000 subscribers. The person with 15,000 subscribers would just send out your ad to 1,000 subscribers of their 15,000 list.

Most Effective Frequency for Doing Ad Swaps

Catching emails is very comparable to the telephone selling phone calls. Most people aren’t asking for the contact that you are giving, but if you offer good products or services they could possibly think twice. So, your offer should be well thought out and planned, despite the fact that you want to get as much as possiblead ad swapping traffic.

Performing ad swaps adhere to the following main rules:

  1. Do not make more than 3-4 swaps per month. A normal frequency of ad swaps can build your list over a time of 30 to 90 days
  2. Only do swaps with partners who have high quality free products to give away to your list
  3. Get proof of the email list size and response rate
  4. Only swap with trustworthy marketers who have responsive email lists

This provides you time to grow your email list and will let you cycle through the people that are not actually interested in what you have to offer. It’s true that not every single email subscriber will be active (will click on your emails), but the ones that do that will provide you with the base to earn a good profit just from giving out emails. So, ad swapping traffic deserves serious attention.

4. Conclusion and Notes

So, ad swapping, simply, it is like a little joint venture when two persons send an email to their email lists, promoting their squeeze pages, where they often offer a free gift. The result of that is – both marketers will get quite a lot of subscribers to their email lists. Beside this, the method is free and converting.

Please refer to our notes for list swapping:

You can get started carrying out ad swaps with an active email list at the point of having 100 or extra subscribers with in the same market niche. Get to know better the other person you are going to being swapping with. Make sure you are swapping with a person you trust. If you are satisfied with the traffic from ad swapping, contact the ad swap partner in the future to do an additional ad swap (at least 5-6 weeks away from each other)

Ad swapping should be carried out on schedule. For example, organize a new ad swap for every day of the week, agreed in advance with partners

Work tricky on improving your email copy responsive. Also, since the subject line of the email is the most important, make sure your subject line is attractive. Check each email before you send it out. Make sure all the links are alright, spelling and every little thing. Also check out that it doesn’t go in the junk mail folder

If you plan to use ad swaps on a regular basis, it’s desirable to prepare a personalized landing page (setup a page especially for your JV partner). Your landing page may say – “a specific free gift for subscribers of the marketer …”. With this you will get additional subscribers and the partner will be motivated to do an ad swap with you more.

Join Ad Swaps Membership websites. We strongly recommend Safe-Swaps to get quality ad swapping traffic (it provides a free option)

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