Affiliate Marketing Traffic Strategies


Affiliate Marketing Traffic Strategies

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part IV. Affiliate Marketing

Lesson: 20

                   Affiliate Marketing Traffic Strategies


1. Start Getting Website Visitors

This lesson is a part No Cost Affiliate Marketing.

In this part, we are going to discuss traffic strategies. At this point, you need to start getting website visitors. You should have selected your niche market. You should have chosen some affiliate products you can promote. At least 1 or 2 products that you want to get behind. You should have also set up your free website.

Now it is time to add content to your website. It is time to start getting more visitors and more eyeballs on your website. Let’s face it, just because we create it doesn’t mean people are going to come see it. That used to be the case when the Internet was first starting out. When there was less competition.

Today, you need to be very thorough and you need to work very hard to get yourself seen out there. It isn’t enough just to have your product or your website out there. You need to have consistent efforts in place and build consistent traffic that will build sales. You need website visitors to your free website to attract targeted customers.

Here are some of the most common methods we are going to be using. You will also find in the No Cost Income Stream, we also offer some additional training for those that need more traffic training. You won’t be at a loss when it comes to what to do.

The main one is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You want to structure your free website utilizing your free keywords. Use one of the recommended platforms as they are set up for good search engine traffic. Use the proper keywords in your content and on your website. That is very, very important. The subjects of your articles and blog posts should contain keywords for the products and niche market that you are going after.

A good example for this is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool.

You can also do such as search on your own. After you enter keywords go to the bottom of the search result page. That will show you information on other keywords that people are looking for. Those are hot buttons and you want to use them.

These are keywords that people out there are actually looking for. You want to structure content around them. You want to create quality and consistent content that attracts people to your website. You can use or to find topics.


affiliate marketing traffic strategies


List type articles perform very well. For example top 10 ways to lose weight or top 5 diet foods. Those type of articles seem to really attract attention. For additional content ideas, go to Look at the headlines that they use for their articles. The reason that they do it that way is to get people to stay on the website and to read the content. Then they will take the actions you are looking for.

Write engaging content that pre-sells your content. This gets people to stick around too. Consistent content is the key to long term traffic. I can’t stress that enough. It isn’t the only strategy but it is certainly one that you need to make a priority.

Here are some popular free traffic methods. You can also check out the No Cost Traffic Methods training for “how to methods” you want to integrate.

  • Video marketing
  • Squidoo/Hub Pages
  • Free blog service (Blogger or Wix)
  • Article Marketing
  • Social media
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email marketing
  • Forum marketing (
  • Q&A websites
  • Press Releases

You can become your own free traffic source. You can use any of these sources. The purpose here isn’t to get people to provide backlinks. It is to get your content in front of people. Anywhere that your audience happens to be is where you want to have your information. A press release is a great way to announce a new website. Maybe you can share a controversial article you wrote.

Document sharing is a great idea. If you have a set of articles you can put them into a PDF. I recommend using OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft. You don’t need to go out and pay for a solution. You can upload that information to a free website. Put the keywords out there, and we will demonstrate how to do that. You will get additional traffic. It is all about hanging out where your audience is going to be.

Online classifieds such as Craigslist offer you free advertising for your business. Other related niche sites are out there. Just put in a short little blub that gets people interested in your website. Guest blogging is also a good option. You can go to Look for targeted sites that are looking for guest bloggers. You can do a Google search too and find who is looking for guest bloggers.


start getting website visitors

You provide them with content and they link back to your website. This isn’t the best way to get your backlinks though. Search engines are starting to look at guest blogging links in a negative light. It is a very powerful way for you to get exposure in front of your audience. It is all about building up your exposure.

It does seem like a lot of work. It does take effort to get good consistent content out there. There are free methods that are very good ways to get people to your site. Even when you scale up to the paid resources, you will agree that many of these free ones are very good.

Old school marketing methods are something you really want to pay attention to. If you have paper and ink for your printer, create a short offer with a short description and headline. You can post them on bulletin boards in your community.

You can find people and you can get access to those in your niche. People always want to know about information. These methods won’t be the most effective right away but over time they will get you more exposure. Newspapers may allow short, free classified ads. It is an option.

Directory submission websites are also an option. You can do a search for blog directories and post to them. Social bookmarking should be used. Then you can submit information and get instant traffic to it.

The key here is to start using these marketing methods!

Start creating content and exploring your traffic potential. Take advantage of the how to lessons on how to get no cost traffic. You will be off to the races. It is all about consistent effort when it comes to getting good traffic going to your websites.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended WP Plugins

These plugins are useful to facilitate the selection of quality offers:

Easy Azon


ClickBank Ad Rotator

WP Robot

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on affiliate marketing traffic strategies – we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
Paul Counts –
Jeff Wellman –

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