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Content for My WebsitePreamble

So, we come to one of the most significant issues of creating business website – How to provide content for my website?

It should be noted here, that by the fact the content of each page of your website must match the main subject of your business and must be original (not copied from other sites). We must admit that we have come to a point where you have to answer the question – Whether you can perform website content writing?

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If you can write simple texts related to the topic of your business website, then the task of filling the web pages of your business website with original and relevant content becomes more simple. But, if you are not good for website content writing (you can’t write even a simple text or don’t want to write), then you should either to order content at web content writing services, or to use spinner tool(s) to convert copied text (text of other people, for example, of competitors).

But in any case remember, your business website should contain only original content, otherwise, it’ll be difficult to obtain and keep your website visitors, as well as search engines will not assign a good level of PR (Page Rank) to your web pages, and you’ll have to use more often the paid traffic methods to get visitors.

So, here we discuss:

  • Why You Need the Original Content
  • Where to Find Content for My Website
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Why You Need the Original Content

content for my websitea) What is the Web Page Content?

This is a semantic filling of the web page that includes text, images, tables, graphics, and so on. Many Internet marketers often understand only web page text as content. This is due to the fact that the text is the most difficult to create, the more, the original text. But we must take into account all the components of the web page content in order to build harmonious web pages and be sure that content for my website is OK.

b) What is Original Content?

On the internet you will find a lot of simple and detailed definitions for the original content concept. But ultimately, without claiming to the strict definitions, original content comes down to two simple things:

  • Primarily, it is such content that is interesting for the website visitors to read (content encourages them to stay longer on the page, to return to the page, and to take part in discussions living comments)
  • And such content, which in terms of search engines does not exist on the Internet to data of its posting (search engines do not find any copies of exactly this content at the posting moment)

The first feature attracts more visitors, which means that you will have more sales. The increasing in number of returning visitors is especially important, as returning visitors can become your regular customers. Also, this category of visitors more often subscribes to the newsletter, so your email list will grow if you have quality original content on web pages.

The second feature is related to SEO. Search engines like original content and take this into account at web page rankings. As you know, they take into account many factors, including the frequency of visits for each page and how long in average visitors stay on page. The better these parameters are, the higher the page rank is.

2. Where to Find Content for My Website

Before going on to describe the main sources of content, we want to remind you about a very important rule – do not publish any content without checking for originality. There is a good choice of tools for checking duplicate content, many of them are free. Choose one for permanent use. For example, we use DupliChecker.

So, let’s review the main approaches and sources to better answer to the question – Where to find content for my website.

a) Write Content Yourself

If you well know the theme of your business website and you can write well, then website content writing by yourself will be a good decision. At this approach content will be original and it’ll be easy for you to improve it, as you’ll know all the nuances. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming, but the results are worth it.

b) Use PLR Reports

first picturePLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR is a special type of right which allows you to purchase, edit and legally publish the article as your own. What is the usefulness of such articles? Because it is known that it is often easier to rewrite the existing content than to research and write something from scratch. For example, as a member of Content Sparks, you can use their customizable premium business content for all your marketing, training and product creation needs.

To rewrite the PLR article is not as hard as it may seem. First of all, it is advisable to read everything to get the whole picture. Then to reword the first and last paragraphs, which usually take the form of introduction and conclusion. You can use this part of the article for a description of your website or products that you are promoting. It is also good to add photos or videos. Sometimes internal paragraphs can be reversed. Such simple steps are usually more than enough to make the new content informative and unique in the eyes of search engines. If you learn well to rewrite PLR articles it’ll be easier than to deal with new website content writing from scratch.

We also recommend that you to use SureFireWealth. This website provides a great opportunity for the online marketers to get hundreds of fresh digital information products that come with giveaway, resell and master resell rights. Anyone may register for free. Really powerful resource.

We also recommend to use sources:

This site is owned and operated by Ronnie Nijmeh and it is one of the most well-known PLR suppliers. Besides from two PLR membership options (Finance and Self-Improvement), it provides many niche packs that are offered as a one-time purchase. is one of the content provider that offer PLR e-Books and reports in the format of PDF and DOC. You can either provide your reader with the PDF copy or do some editing to the DOC (eg branding) before giving them away to them.

PLR Dealer

The PLR Dealer is very good for those who can’t write the content for any reason. If you join free you’ll get every month: 20 fresh private label articles, 2 fresh PSD private label header graphics, 1 pre-made VRE AdSense website. Also, you’ll get monthly as a free PLR Dealer member: you’ll get the Niche eBook with PLR every single month, you’ll get a fresh eBook with Private Label Rights in a hot, in demand targeted niche topic and a complete sales package. So, this is a perfect possibility to find quality content for websites on different business themes.

Easy PLR

Easy PLR is Nicole Dean’s website. Some might call her the queen of PLR. She definitely has some wonderful stuff on well-known niches and the quality is always great. With Easy PLR you buy only the content you need. No more getting locked into memberships that send you articles from a variety of topics each month. If you need PLR articles about Health and Wellness, you can choose from our Health PLR article packs. If you need Baby PLR, grab just the articles that you need. You are in complete control.


The IDplr has over 8,280 products with Private Label and Resale licenses, which mean that you can sell, edit or even claim the product inside as your own. Being in the business since 2008 and with over 36.000 members, the IDplr is, by far, the largest and most reputable PLR membership on the Internet. If you are experiencing difficulties in website content writing (or you are looking for tools to create content), you can use the power of the IDplr service.

All Private Label Content

Among the other online businesses, Alice Seba and Mila Sidman provide an excellent PLR membership website that offers you tons of top quality content every month that is all relevant to online marketing. Their memberships allow you to maximize your marketing with content by providing you fresh content, month after month, keep your readers informed, grow your search engine traffic and become a trusted resource with one of the following. They provide articles, reports, slide shows, images and more. If you’re a PLR seller, you can sign up for resell membership.

c) Use Article Directories

Using article directories to find content for business website, perhaps, is one of the best ways to solve the problem – Where to get content for my website, and it is free. This way is also good, as at these sources you can find content practically on any topic.

We advise you to start with EzineArticles. Just enter the phrase (or keywords) in EzineArticles search bar and you’ll get the list of articles. Select the item of your interest, rework it and publish on your web page. Of course, you need to use the best ezines, as they stronger control the originality and quality of the articles submitted for publication.

So, you can start, for example, with:






Many of TOP ezines involve staff, which previously read the articles. To make your list of article directories use the list of best ezines (it is constantly updated and contains Alexa Rating and Google Pagerank).

d) Use Competitor’s Websites

Competitor’s websites can be a good source of ideas and content for your web pages. Of course, we are not talking about the simple content transfer from competitor website to your website, but we are speaking about learning and writing of a new and original content on the base of some copies. To find competitor’s websites is very easy, just print your keywords in Google search box. Do not just stop at the first list of search results, follow deeper and you’ll find a large amount of material for reworking (rewriting).

e) Use RSS Feeds

Subscribe to some RSS feeds on your business topic to receive resume of the latest events, along with links back to the full versions of the articles. This will help you to quickly formulate business ideas and get material for further processing and publishing your web pages. So, question where to get content to website – will be greatly facilitated.

You can also use RSS content generators to post fresh content on your pages, for example, RSS Content Builder. This is the easiest RSS content generator out there. RSS Content Builder makes it extremely simple to publish any news feed on your website. The product uses an easy to use control panel to add and remove feeds, also it is very easy to customize the look of the feed.

f) Use eBooks

When you are pretty new to the web and if you have a free time, one of the finest ways to come up with new content ideas is to read eBooks in your business market niche and relate some of their key details to your own theme.
So, if you are starting a business website and are new to a field, then looking at the structure of some eBooks in your space is a great way to get a baseline outline for your website structure. Some days or 2 weeks of reading and you can have a structured baseline topical information level and website structure that is superior to competing websites.

g) Use Ordered Content

If for you the website content writing is very difficult, you’ll need to hire a specialist.

The best places for paid content are Instant Article Wizard and Artice Builder.

Of course, the ordered content quality and price are important issues, but you can start with just $4-5 per article and see what results you get. So, if you are on a budget, start with a search at Fiverr. Just browse the categories at Fiverr website and you’ll find people for writing content. Discuss your problem and start with just $5-10 for 1-2 articles.

Another place that we highly recommend using for website content writing and for articles writing is iWriter. Be sure to use their “Ddd Writer to Favorites” feature. This will allow you to quickly build your personal team of writers to whom you can submit projects over and over. With the proper use of this resource, the price of the unique article can be $1,25 – $2,00.

You also can use Elance . On these sites you will find qualified content writers, but the cost of an article may be higher.

You can also solve the problem of providing your website with interesting content by purchasing ready-made article sets. Such sets are usually compiled by topic and require only minor changes.

For example, you can use earticle.wholesaler or ezine.wholesaler.

3. Conclusion and Notes

So, in order to ensure the high traffic to the website, you need regularly to replenish and update content.

To achieve good results in this activity, it is necessary to make the following:

You must know clearly where you can get content for website (it is better to have the list of sources for website content), as often the website content writing may not be sufficient for a serious updates.

The use of someone else’s content must be accompanied by its deep rewriting (spinning). Also, before publication such content, it must be carefully proofread and checked for originality.

If your situation for the content providing is critical, by the reason that you can’t prepare content yourself (or you do not have time for this), then you have to accept the certain costs to solve the problem, for example, by using the Article Builder  service.

If you initially want to build a website with a semi-automatic and automatic content filling and implementation of the automatic monetization, you should explore the possibilities of the HyperVRE.  This may allow to solve the problem – Where to get content for my website?

* * *

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