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The curated content concept has become increasingly common and, therefore, it is advisable to understand how it can be useful to you when working with content for your website.

What is content curation?

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The term “content curation” has usually been misused or incorrectly described. The idea of content curation is to collect content from an external resource, and give out it to your visitors after some very careful filter, selecting and modifying.

Rather than making all your content on your own, in some cases you might want to share some other good content you find on the Web. This is what content curation is all about.

All you have to do is pull in content from the sources of your choice, then physically filter and sort it, making sure you only select the most useful content for your own website. Apart from manually filter through all the content, you must also add value to the content already given through the use of annotations, helping your customer better comprehend the content in the context that it was released.

Content curation in WordPress can be managed through the use of WP plugins (content curation tools). Some of these tools are specially designed, while others are content aggregators with the added performance of curation, and others are simply WordPress editions of great curation services already on the Web.

In other words, content curation is very unique from content curation marketing. Content curation doesn’t involve creating new content. Mainly it’s the work of finding, compiling, and spreading existing content with your online followers. Content curation is becoming an essential tactic for any marketer to sustain a successful online position. And not only that, but content curation permits you to offer extra value to your visitors and consumers, which is a key to building long-term relationships.

So, here we discuss:

  • Why You May Need Curated Content?
  • Best Free Content Curation WP Plugins
  • Best Paid Content Curation Application
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Why You May Need Curated Content?

Let’s take a brief look at the main reasons that can push you to use curated content.

a) You can’t provide the required amount of content for your website by writing it yourself

This is the most common cause, as the potential of the marketers on original content creation is quite limited for many reasons. That is why they have to use different methods and techniques to search for and use someone else’s content, including content curation approach.

Practically all Internet marketers curate content in one way or another. On the Internet you can find the claims that 84% of marketers use curate content. Overall, the best marketers create around 60% of their own content and curate an additional 40%. So, content curation marketing is widely used, especially it is inherent to social media networks.

b) Curated content is much quicker to create than original content

This is because you are holding in your hands the finished material, especially if you get it from quality sources. In this case, you do not need to waste your time on a basic description of your topic, and can concentrate on its remaking, or on its use in parts of your posts.

c) The ability to achieve the best results

Very often, the curated content can be more informative than the content you write yourself on the topic, as it can be prepared by a high-level experts. Also, it’s well known that not all of the content you create has to be 100% original.

So, you can use curated content, for example, in preparing your regular posts. To create your curated blog post you just write the Introduction, write a part of the Body, and write the Conclusion. In other words, the curated content should be properly diluted by your own content.

d) You can expand the scope of your knowledge

The content curation marketing expands the range of your interests, knowledge and experience, and, as a result, your website can receive the content, which will attract a wider range of visitors. This can allow you to explore new Internet market niches, as your technique is working with content will be constantly improved. Also, for example, you can more safely use social media content curation.

e) You can use curated content to create and strengthen the audience of your website

One of the big advantages of curating content use is that it provides value to influence, of course, if you make it the appropriate way. In many cases, a good piece of curated content will actually drive traffic to the places you link to. In addition, if you only include the best of the best, it increases your brand reputation.

2. Best Free Content Curation WP Plugins

For today, the market offers a good set of free content curation WordPress plugins. Also, some of these plugins may include the paid options, that significantly increases the efficiency of their use. We recommend you choose a content curation plugin from the list below:

a) MyCurator

The MyCurator plugin is a content curation application that makes it easy to create remarkable content for your WordPress website. It works relentlessly in the background to provide a pipeline of exciting and workable content to you on an ongoing basis.

It also provides some terrific curation tools for you to use to curate the content. For example, you can use Get It Bookmarklet to curate content as you browse the Web, or curate video from YouTube and other video sources (with the video pre-embedded into your post), or curate several articles into a single curation just by tagging multiple articles, etc.

Also, it is the original and powerful corporate level content curation application, which uses a cloud process to perform intensive AI processing and article classification. This allows you to train MyCurator to find only the best, most relevant articles on the Web for your website. So, it is a great tool for content curation marketing.

b) Storify

The Storify plugin provides the power of Storify, the powerful social media storytelling platform to your WordPress website.

It allows you to turn what people post on social networks into compelling stories. Also, you can collect the best photos, videos, Tweets and much more from all over the world and post them as simple, wonderful stories included into your WordPress pages.

It’s an excellent way to chronicle an event through what people have been discussing and sharing, be it a conference, wedding, election or natural disaster. It’s even got an extensive API for you to customize the plugin’s performance to meet your needs for content curation marketing on a specific topic.

c) WP RSS Aggregator

The WP RSS Aggregator is the most extensive and sophisticated RSS feed solution for WordPress. It’s the unique and leading WordPress plugin for importing, consolidating and showing RSS and Atom feeds on WordPress websites.

With WP RSS Aggregator you can present feeds from one or extra websites right on your blogб or even aggregate feeds from several websites. You can add any variety of Feeds through a control panel, and the plugin will then move feed items from these websites, merging them and showing them in time frame order.

It, also has a choice of premium add-ons that add some terrific functionality too. The most common extension is Feed to Post. With it you can import RSS feeds straight into posts or custom post types, populating a website in a short term. Among its many features, by setting the imported feed items to draft you’ll even be capable to edit the post just before publishing, making sure you get the most out of it.

d) Curation Suite

The Curation Suite is a fast, simple and visible content curation solution for WordPress. It resolves the three greatest challenges you face as a content curator: namely finding the content, creating and quoting great posts in a small period of time, and advertising your content throughout all popular networks immediately (or on a set schedule).

By use of the Curation Suite, you can quickly find and curate various types of content, such as videos and social media posts. It has a number of great features, including visual image selection, visual curation editor, YouTube video search and others.

Once you’ve chosen the mentioned content you want, you can add anything you want in your post using add to post action buttons. The selected content is added right into your post box in a way that won’t conflict with any theme (or other plugin you may have installed).

3. Best Paid Content Curation Application

Content curation marketing does not differ by a large number of applications, since this topic is still poorly developed. Nevertheless, there is on the market a decent quality product, confirmed by a large number of users, its name is CurationSoft.


Price: $47.00, onetime payment

CurationSoftBy use of the CurationSoft you can solve your biggest blogging problem – generating high-quality content time and time again, as it is the web’s premier content curation software.

As a marketer your biggest challenge is to generate refreshing and popular content, post after post after post. It gets tiring and soon you hit a block. There is only so much original content that you can put out. Now with CurationSoft you can churn out enriched, refreshing and Google-friendly content by curating the best content from 18 major sources such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The CurationSoft will benefit your business by the relative ease it provides in obtaining great content at ease along with the ability to drag and drop the information to posts. It has a nice interface and it is definitely a time saver. You can use the software to primarily add current up to date relevant content for your websites. Content curation basically is weaving together great content from different sources around the web to have a great page of great content for the end user. It brings steady traffic due to the search engine indexing great content.

Main Member’s Benefits:

  • Help create refreshing, google-friendly content
  • Help bring all the popular and rich content on the internet on the topic you want to write about, from a variety of sources
  • Churn out a post or publication that will portray you as a subject-matter expert, boosting your blog and your online presence
  • Help with ranking this post higher on search engines including the big G
  • Maintain and feed backlinks automagically without asking for them

CurationSoft is proven by more than 18,500 users!

4. Conclusion and Notes

So, the use of  the content curation marketing approach allows the marketers to to solve a significant part of the problem of providing content to their websites or blogs. In order to achieve good results in curated content use, it is necessary everything to be done systematically and by the use of quality tools.

Especially, the attention should be payed for:

Some of the best marketers are working with content curation as a portion of their content strategy. In fact, they mix content is around 65 percent of unique content and 35 percent of curated content. While content curation is all about discovering and sharing quality content on a given topic, the key factor to be effective is to know what precisely goes into your curated post.

If you have a time limit to work with the content curation techniques, pay attention to the CurationSoft and learn about its main options, as this can be a comprehensive solution for you. It will help you to discover, review and curate content from Google Blogs, News and Books, Google Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Wikipedia, any RSS Feed, and much more. Also, as you see, it will help you to realize social media content curation. We believe that the price of this product is acceptable, especially when you consider how much it can do for you using the curated content! 

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