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Content composing for the business website is a hard work, therefore, the use of suitable and useful website content tools is particularly import.

At Internet business it happened that the most of the content tools are presented in article marketing section, as the content of the articles is built mainly on the same rules as the content of the web pages. Therefore, for quality content creation for your website you can use the entire arsenal of the article marketing tools and techniques, but you need to remember about On Page SEO at using content tools solutions of any sort.

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In content preparation (mainly text) for your web pages you have only three possibilities: to write the text by yourself, to rework someone else’s text that is suitable for you, and to order (purchase) text for your web pages.

Many people do not like or do not really know how to write, some people just do not have time to write, so they need other approaches to solving the content preparation problem. The material presented on this page is mainly for those people, as the website content tools described in it, will help them to effectively deal with the problem.

Despite the fact that in this case you are less dependent on the use of different tools, we advise you to read this post up to the end, as you will find some useful things for you. For example, you will learn what is a spinner and for what it is used, how to check your content for originality (on duplication), where to find interesting content, etc. And even more. If in the future you’ll use article marketing to promote your business website, you, most likely, will need a spinner to make a number of unique articles from one (starting) original article. This is due to the fact that many reputable ezines publish only the original articles. So, please, keep reading.

So, here we discuss:

  • Content Rewriting Tools (Spinners)
  • Best Paid Spinners
  • Best Free Spinners
  • Tools to Check Content Originality
  • Tools to Check Content Spelling
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Content Rewriting Tools (Spinners)

If you are a novice marketer, then you may have a question – Can I use someone else’s content to place on my website? The answer is – No. When you use someone else’s content you are violating copyrights, and above all, search engines can reduce your rankings for the use of duplicate content.
However, nothing prevents you to use someone else’s content with a view to rewrite it, and, on this basis, to get the new and original content for your web pages. This procedure is often referred to – Spinning Content. Spinning Content – is a remake of the material in order to obtain a new original version. This is achieved by replacing the words, phrases, changing the location of paragraphs and other.

If you choose the way of reworking someone else’s content to ensure your website with content, then you’ll encounter two main problems:

  • By use of what tools to rework the content quickly and efficiently?
  • Where to find content suitable to be reworked?

The main tool for content reworking – is Spinner.
The market offers a great selection of both paid and free spinners, which you can use. If you plan to have extensive use of someone else’s content for obtaining content for your business website, then you should choose a powerful and high-quality tool. If, however, you’ll rarely use someone else’s content to rewrite it, then you can use a simple spinner, and in this case the free spinner may be enough to get not big volumes of spun content.

Among your website content tools, you’ll also need to have an auxiliary tool for Checking Duplicate Content. Once you have prepared the content for publication, it should be checked for originality. You can choose a tool for checking duplicate content. We suggest you to use Dupli Checker.

2. Best Paid Spinners

Below we present the brief summaries of the best content (article) spinners. These spinners are the most popular in the market and are suitable to be used as website content tools. Using the content tools solutions of this level of quality, you’ll be able to regularly update your business website with fresh content and also significantly increase the number of original articles published.

a) Spin Rewriter

Price: $27/month (or $197/year)

Spin RewriterThe Spin Rewriter is web-based article spinner that has cutting-edge technology. It is able to automatically spin articles and create excellent English articles once they are spun out. And not only that, Spin Rewriter is able to spin on the word, sentence and paragraph levels. This makes it the most intelligent for today.

The productivity of Spin Rewriter is amazing. For example, for the content of 500-600 words, it needs only 1-2 minutes, and produces excellent result (if to perform this work manually it may take 3-4 hours to get the same result). We can say that among the website content tools another such tool is hard to find.

Among the main advantages we can specify:

  • Makes spinning your articles as easy as pressing a button
  • Rewrites your articles by utilizing its increasing collection of 750,000+ synonyms
  • Truly recognizes the text and only recommends meaningful synonyms
  • Comes with completely automated phrase and single-word level spinning
  • Comes with a fully automated paragraph and sentence level spinning
  • Can create and spin extra paragraphs completely on its own
  • Exports 100s of unique articles in all preferred spintax formats
  • Provides Bulk Rewrite that enables you rewrite several articles with one click; it informs you on the current originality of spun versions of your content
  • Allows you to dominate in your niche with tons of unique content, it gets even better every day and changes to your personal writing style; and more

b) The Best Spinner

Price: $7.00 for 7 day trial, then $77.00 per year

The Best SpinnerThere are many article spinners around, but many marketers agree with the fact that The Best Spinner is just the best.  Compared with most spinners that create spun content with wrong syntax (make words replacement by the use of wrong synonyms), The Best Spinner creates articles that are clean, unique, and simple to read.

Also, The Best Spinner is a text editor – a tool, that lets you edit an article. But, it is much more than that! It comes with a built-in thesaurus. This thesaurus includes thousands and thousands of synonyms for words and phrases. The thesaurus is shared by all users of the tool, and is regularly updated and refined based on the usage of words/phrases by all the users.

Some of its main features include:

  • It has a huge data base of synonyms. The key to getting unique content is the possibility of possessing of an extremely huge database of related synonyms that you can change your words with. The spinner has the database with millions of words that mainly comes from the users. So, you’ll be able to create the high quality unique content using it
  • By clicking a button you’ll have immediate unique content. Actually with several clicks and you’ll instantly have unique content that you can promote across the Internet and get plenty of traffic. So, you can use it as one of your main website content tools
  • The ability of integration with other software. The spinner has an API that will let you seamlessly use it with some other content tools solutions software, such as – Unique Article Wizard, SENuke X, Sick Submitter, etc.
  • You’ll get the ability to use the quality video tutorials. The developer has put together step-by-step videos that tell you exactly how to effectively use the spinner
  • The spinner is regularly being updated and is constantly getting much better. Also, they provide very good support and always have responded in 24 hours or less

When it arrives to article spinning many marketers say practically nothing compares to The Best Spinner tool. The synonyms and alternatives in this spinning software are excellent so you can easily create a lot of unique articles that are simple to read and understand.  The built-in grammar checker guarantees that you do not have to spend your time fixing grammatical errors in your content spun articles. The Best Spinner also offers solutions for two- or three-word sentences. The Best Spinner has the capability to add solutions to its database instantly, and makes it easy for users to insert new alternatives for phrases and words.

c) Content Professor

Price: $19.00, per month

Content Professor spinnerThe Content Professor is a web-based content spinner that creates great quality spun articles by just a couple of clicks.

The toll is comprised of two key components.

First component – it is an article spinner. If you’ve been pursuing the Internet marketing industry, then you may have noticed an increase in interest in these kinds of tools. An article spinner enables you to take an existing article and spin it into several more on the same topic, and they may appear as unique content to Google, Bing, and the likes. Second component – it is also a PLR search engine. As a directory of PLR (private label rights) articles, it grants you access to a huge library of free articles that you can post on your website with no fear of copyright violation.

Putting these two elements together, you can produce thousands of articles with no actual writing on your part. This spinner is developed in a way that it eliminates all the unrelated synonyms from the content (article) and adds the ones that are most relevant. Also, it refines the database automatically prior producing content.

Content Professor is a spinner that has many advantages. Here’s a list of main advantages one can get using this system:

  • The software doesn’t need any installation. The regular version of the system is entirely free, and only when the user assumes he needs to upgrade his plan he can go for the paid version
  • It has an interactive user interface that’s actually easy to use. Also the developers used the best and latest technologies that are present on the Internet today for such type of content tools solutions
  • The software works very fast and generates a pool of unique articles in a period of minutes. By just a few clicks, you’ll have a big number of unique articles
  • Content Professor provides articles with Spin Tag syntax already embedded in them. So, you’ll get articles with Spin Tag Syntax
  • The ability to use Article Filter. The Article Filter function can be applied to examine the standard of the articles. You can check if the articles meet up with the grammar, word count, and other quality requirements you want.
  • It provides Nested Spinning. This means – first the software spins a sentence and then the words in the sentences. This function improves the uniqueness of the articles

3. Best Fre Spinners

first pictureThe free content (article) spinner software is simple to find and to use, but, unfortunately, the quality of the result may be poor enough. In addition, much has to be done by hand. Nevertheless, many marketers get started out with free spinners since it does not require cost.

The best way of using free spinners is by properly reading through and correcting the spun content so that it makes sense. This is a very extensive process and often takes more time than rewriting a new content all together.

This is why most marketers who use free spinners move later to paid ones.

However, if you want to use a free spinner we recommend the following:

first pictureSpinProfit

first pictureFree Article Spinner

4. Tools to Check Content Originality

Choosing to plagiarize content is a risky strategy. Along with losing the respect of their peers, plagiarists have lost their degrees, been fired from their jobs, scuttled their political careers, not to mention dealing with legal repercussions. So, if plagiarism is regarded as a detestable practice in the offline world, why do people assume that duplicating content in the online world is acceptable? In fact, online duplicate content is a HUGE mistake!
Why check you content for plagiarism?

Search engines want to provide valuable, original content, so they regard plagiarism as a threat to their users’ experience. When a search engine indexes a web page, it scans the page’s content and then compares the content with other indexed websites. If a page is found to have plagiarized content, search engines often will penalize the page by lowering its rankings or removing it entirely from search results. Considering the serious penalties that your site can be landed with if it has plagiarized content, it is highly advisable that you check your existing web content, and any content you plan on publishing, for duplication.

Use The Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

I recommend using the best free Plagiarism Checkers:

Even if you are confident your website’s content wasn’t plagiarized, it’s recommended you check to make sure nothing was unintentionally duplicated. To help you complete this task (and ensure that your site’s rankings stay healthy and unpenalized) here are our favorite 4 free duplicate content checker tools:

first pictureDuplichecker

This free plagiarism checker tool allows you to conduct text searches, docx or Text file, and URL searches. It’s free with unlimited searches when you register (you’re allowed 1 free search before signing up). Scan for duplication was completed in just a few seconds (of course, this will depend on the length of the text, page, or file you’re scanning). It’s simple, free, and effective!

first pictureSiteLiner

For checking entire websites for duplicate content, there is SiteLiner. Simply paste your site’s URL in the box and it will scan for duplicate content, page load time, number of words per page, internal and external links, and much more. Depending on the size of your site the scan can take a few minutes, but the results are well worth the wait. Once the scan is complete you can click on the results for greater details and even download a report of the scan as a PDF.

first picturePlagSpotter

The PlagSpotter URL search is free, quick, and thorough. Scanning a web page for duplicate content took just under a minute with 49 sources listed, including links to those sources for further review. There is also an “Originality” feature that allows you to compare text that has been flagged as duplicated. While PlagSpotter’s URL search is free, you can sign up for their no-cost 7 day trial to enjoy a plethora of useful features, including plagiarism monitoring, unlimited searches, batch searches, full site scans, and much more. If you wish to continue using PlagSpotter after the free trial, the paid version is extremely affordable

5. Tools to Check Content Spelling

To check the grammar of the text there is a good selection of tools (including for the Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking and Intelligent Grammar Checking). It should also be noted, that many of Content Spelling Checkhers are completely free or contain the useful free option.

For a WordPress platform, you can use the After The Deadline plugin to check out your spelling of every single post prior to publishing. It is a language checker for the web with: Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking and Intelligent Grammar Checking.

If you don’t use WordPress, if you want to check the spelling of a web page, or if you want to check the spelling of other languages, you can check out below 5 cost-free online spell checkers.

Grammarlyfirst picture

Orangoo Spell Checkfirst picture

Respeltfirst picture

JSpellfirst picture

Spellchecker.netfirst picture

6. Conclusion and Notes

So, for today, there are a wide variety of both paid and free content supporting tools, allowing you to create a high-quality content. More details can be found at Digital Marketing Tipsy.

What you should pay special attention for content tools solutions:

If you can’t provide your own content for your business website, then you should be armed with a high-quality spinner, to qualitatively remake (rewrite) someone else’s content. The best tools for content rewriting are: Spin RewriterThe Best Spinner and Content Professor.

Avoid the use of duplicate content, otherwise the search engines will walk away your website. So, use website content tools to support your website content.

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