Create Your Perfect Product Package


Create Your Perfect Product Package

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VII. Own Products Creation

Lesson: 57

                   Create Your Perfect Product Package


1. How to Create Your Perfect Product Package

This is part of creating your product we are going to talk about how to create your perfect product package.

It consists in choosing the type of product creation you are going to do. Is it an eBook? Webinar? Audio? Expert interview?

You can decide based on the previous lessons. Now we are going to talk about how to create your perfect product package. It is going to be very easy for you to sell this product and to make money from it. To maximize your value and increase sales, consider adding in value to your offers.

Here is an example of how you can create multiple of the same training to add to your product package appeal. You can create a video from a PowerPoint. You can turn that PowerPoint into a PDF which is a really good strategy. If you are doing audios, it is good to do the transcripts.

Some people like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch. You can also turn the audio from a video into a MP3 with Audacity and other solutions. They help you with converting into MP3. You can Google how to do this to find free solutions.

You can also add in a short report that summarizes your entire course as a bonus. You can use PLR content. You don’t have to go out and spend money to make this work. You can add reports to make the offer look very good.
You can offer a free Q&A live session on Google Hangouts as a bonus. This is a great way to spice up your offer even more. Be creative to spice up your offers too so that they stand out. Turn the audio into MP3, add other bonuses, with PLR, and add a free Q&A. This is going to really make it look better than other products out there.

The beauty of it is that you can create all of this for free. It allows you to make the best overall package. We hope that you will really take it to heart and create that outline. Think about the product you wish to create. Decide what you are going to do and then start the outline phase.

In this lesson, we also are going to talk more about creating your own video products.

As you know, video courses have lots of value and there are many combinations of video courses you can create. A popular tool is PowerPoint, but you don’t have to have it. You can use OpenOffice Impress.


create your perfect product package


There is also step by step screen capture. This is a step by step video of what you are doing on your screen. Actually show people step by step what they need. This can be editing a picture in PhotoShop. You can show people step by step tutorials.

You can do live demonstrations in front of a camera. You can use a digital camera or a phone camera. we are going to talk about each one of these methods.

You can use PowerPoint if it is installed on your computer. You can use OpenOffice Impress for free. Bullet points teaching your topic is what it really boils down to. You have seen me do it throughout this course. You can structure it similar to the e-book with the outline process. It is the same for video courses. Use that same format and instead of chapters you will have different PowerPoint slides.

Bullet points help prevent your course content from getting overwhelming. Each of the video courses is a separate PowerPoint deck. You don’t need long sentences. Short bullet points work very well. You can expand on what you have there as you talk. This is a perfect example of how to do this.

You can use CamStudio, Jing, or Screencast-O-Matic for recording audio. You will need software to record. These are completely free and you can find them all by going to Google and looking for their website. All of them allow you to get screen captures for free that you can leverage.

If you don’t have a headset, you can use your built in computer microphone. If you are a gamer, you can use that USB headset. If you have a laptop, you will find it has a built in microphone. You don’t need to run out and buy one. If you do want to invest in one, you can, but the goal is to not invest anything to make money. You can buy a good microphone or headphone from Logitech for about $30 online or at local retailers.

A step by step screen capture recording video is simple and it is a how to instructional video. Show people how to do something on the screen. These are great software tutorials. Maybe you have heard of the Professor video courses. They show you how to use various software solutions, and he has made a killing. You may have seen the infomercials. He has also sold DVDs and CDs.

If you are looking for another niche option, you can teach people how to use Open Office. Gimp is a free version of PhotoShop, and if you can master that, you can create a short inexpensive tutorial. You can charge $17 or so for it. Why would they pay to learn? It helps them to use a free resource instead of investing $500 or more in PhotoShop.


how to create your perfect product package


If you can teach them without it being expensive for them, you can make money. Microsoft products do excellent. So do OpenSource. How to use QuickBooks, tutorials on finances, and tutorials on internet are good examples as well. Live demonstrations to teach. You can do them with a phone or digital camera that you already own. You can borrow one from a friend so don’t go out and buy one. Teach with a white board or other option and share that information.

Shoot your video on a well-lit day so you don’t have to invest money in lighting options. You can do them on a variety of topics. This is how I lost weight. This is the exercise routine I follow at home. This is how I set up my model trains. If you are an expert, you can do this and share with others.

You can use sports skills – improve golf swing, improve baseball swing, improve basketball, etc. Those types of live teaching do very well. There are also audio products you can create. You can record audio and it is a fast way to create your content and get it out there. You can give some excellent training without much of an outline. Tools to do this include Audacity. You will need a USB headset or built in microphone. You can start with notes so you know what to discuss. You can use the outline system. You don’t have to be an expert, if you do research.

A good length for the course is 1 to 2 hours. Keep it short enough to be interesting, long enough to give them enough value. You can break up the recording in segments too. You can also offer transcriptions to add value. This is a written copy of what is on the audios. You can get someone to do this for you if you aren’t good at typing. A friend or family member may be do it free. You can offer the transcriptions as a free bonus for your audio courses.

You can offer a series of short reports, 7 to 15 pages. They sell very, very well. People are interested in solutions. You can sell this very quickly and very easily. You can’t charge as much for them because they are small – $7 to $10 each. They are an excellent way to go with your first project. It is a good selling point and helps you to get started making money. It helps you to see the entire process too.

Start with bullet points and an outline. You can easily write these reports within a day due to how short they are. You can use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Step #2 as far as this goes is a live webinar. We are still in that process; just trying to help you narrow down those options.

You can do a live webinar so you can actually do a PowerPoint and it is an excellent way to sell a product before it is done. You will need your outline so that you can create your sales copy. This is one of the quickest ways to get yourself in the market. Offer a bonus Q&A session at the very end.

Make sure it is recorded, as that is how you will deliver the content to them. You can use a free resource called Google Plus to host your webinar. It is a good idea to also use a backup screen capture tool such as Screencast-O-Matic. This is a safety net in case Google Plus fails to record for you.


It is very important that you know in advance what you are going to cover. Be prepared to cover a very strict deadline. You need to make sure you have the information ready to go by that first scheduled event. Know before you do your sales copy. Be ready before you go live. If you are doing it in a PowerPoint format, you can also offer it as PDF and audio formats as an added bonus.

Another part of step #2 is coaching services. This is also an option that prevents you from having to get your product done. Offering coaching services is an investment of time. Fitness and diet plans are good here. We aren’t talking about products here but customized solutions. Financial advice and relationship help. You can offer one on one help that offers sessions of your time to your customers.

Another set of products you can create is expert interviews. You can interview experts and use Google Hangout to interact on a session that is recorded. Have a recorded list of questions that you have in advance. Get their bio too so that you can introduce them properly. This is an excellent way to get content without you being an expert.

Act like you are having a regular conversation with them. Keep calm. It also works if you do a written interview with them so that you can email them that list of questions. They can respond with their typed answers and now you have your product.

You can do a series of them; you can have 10 experts you do this with. They are doing you a favor by helping you to create your product. You need to let them pitch their services as well. This is a great way to have a win/win situation. It helps you to create even a joint venture in the future. You may find that they want to help promote this product for you.

You can start out with a 5 expert interview series at first. If you do audio recordings, you can offer a transcript of it as well. This is a great way to spice up what you already have to have offer them.

Another option is DFY services. This is where you launch services that you can do for people. For example, you can offer graphic design services. You can write articles, short reports, and even video editing. You can offer services such as adding new information. You can provide bookkeeping services if you have skills with using QuickBooks.

SEO services – maybe you have experience with creating backlinks so you can create very good services here. Do you know how to set up a blog from start to finish? Computer programing is a type of service that you can also offer.

We are going to go on ahead and jump into next part now. We want to make sure this easy for you to digest. We just talked about all types of products you can create. We hope you found one that you are happy with. In the next lesson we are going to cover how you can package all of it.

2. Resources for You

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b) Recommended Websites

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