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Creating eCover for Your Product

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Creating eCover for Your Product

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Part VII. Own Products Creation

Lesson: 62

                   Creating eCover for Your Product


1. How to Create eCovers

In this lesson, we are going to discuss how to create eCovers.

This part you can consider as optional. This is where you can create eCovers, and it isn’t required. I do recommend it as it does offer value to your offer. Your eCover is actually free if you use this system here. You can create a really nice eCover that portrays your product and what it is.

While it isn’t required, it does add value. They do help to sell the content better. People will know that they are going to get when they purchase your content. You can get a clean and professional eCover by following these steps.

The first tool we recommend is


creating ecover for your product


They do have a paid solution where you can get some additional services for a monthly fee. They do offer some high quality eCover templates for a nominal fee. They do have free ones though that are also very good.

A second tool that you may want to use is


how to create ecovers


You can use either one of these options. We are only going to demonstrate the first one though. You can use either site to create good quality eCovers to further add value to your product. It will liven up your sales copy. You can choose to do this but it isn’t required. Your copy can still convert, but it will look less mundane.

It is time to get out there and start creating your e-cover. I am going to demonstrate for you how to use in the next report.

2. Creating Professional Looking eCover

In this Lesson, I want to demonstration to you how to create your own professional looking eCover using a tool


creating ecover for your product


Again, this part of the process is optional but I strongly recommend it. This will help you to draw people in and to let people see what you have to offer. It makes them want to get your offer more than before.

This site does allow you to create some of their eCovers for free so you can test out their services. They do offer plenty of quality services, and I do think that once you start generating some income, it is worth investing in. It is going to cost you far less than paying a graphic designer or paying for PhotoShop software.

Go to and click on Create eCover at the top. It will take a moment for the content to load. Once you see it, there will be five options for free eCovers that you can use. All the other options are part of the paid membership aspects. There are plenty of options once you decide to move forward with that paid membership.


creating ecover for your product


Take a look and determine which one is going to fit your product. If you have an e-book, consider the paperback stack. Pretend you created a video course as your product. Click on DVD case and you will see that these are all backgrounds you can use. Scroll through and look for one that looks sharp.


creating ecover for your product


Let’s select a black one as the background. It gives you the background so that you can select the area of the cover you want to highlight.

The selection tool is how you change how it will look. Choose select and continue. The next element of this is to go through the process of putting on your text and any images that you may want to use. Choose insert text. Determine the name of your product. Let’s say this product is about improving your golf swing. Improve your Golf Swing Now can be the name of the product as an example.


creating ecover for your product


Choose the text effect that you want to have on there. Pick a different one by clicking on it. Perhaps you want it to be chrome color for example. Click it and then submit. You do need to be patient as it takes a few moments for it to present. As you scroll down, you will see the title on the cover. Next, you want to resize it so that it is a proper fit onto the e-cover. It is right now on the spine so just click and drag until it fits.


creating ecover for your product


Next, you can go back to text and enter your name. Select another text effect so that it is different from your title. You can pick another color too if you want. The lesson shows you step by step how to click and drag to make the changes you want. This includes features such as bold and different fonts. Enter submit when you are done. You may need to change the size, location of the text once it is displayed.


how to create ecovers


They do have a collection of images you can use. For example, you may want to include a DVD video image. Copy it and insert it and it gives the e-cover a more professional look. You can find stock images for products. I don’t see one for golf but there is one for losing weight that would work. You can insert any of them. There is a DVD audio option you can select. There is also a money back guarantee image you can use to put on your cover.


how to create ecovers


how to create ecovers


This offers you a clean and professional looking e-cover. On the right hand corner, click on finalize. It will take a few minutes for it to complete and generate. Now you can see the finished look. It should be clean and it should be impressive. It is ready to use.

Now you want to choose a transparent background so you can use it anywhere you want to place it. Now you can download the e-cover. Notice it is going to bring up an option for you to save it to your computer. Find a place on your computer to save it where you can find it easily later on.


how to create ecovers


That is all of the simple steps to follow to create your e-cover. We can’t recommend this service enough as they really do offer you professional looking options for free. This is a tool you can use to create your eCover quickly and that you can start using today.

3. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Own Products Creation

These products are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your product launch basics, know how to start getting your information product and how to promote it:

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K Money Mastery

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

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