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Updated: March 20, 2021

1. What is Clever YouTube Plugin?

Clever YouTube Plugin, download video from youtubeThe Clever YouTube Plugin is a WordPress Plugin that will eventually let you make use of any YouTube video in their database to support with your promotion initiatives!

With this innovative WP plugin, you will have attractively excellent videos, all that match the style and size of your website and can pull clicks, leads and sales specifically from your video!

When you download video from YouTube, the video boosts the time in which visitors stay on your websites, and in turn, Google then would like your web page and supplies you more traffic. The video also increases the possibility of someone buying or opting in, it helps clarify complicated concepts or helps inform your leads on why they need your product or service.

Most people don’t realize just how trendy YouTube is. You’re most likely not utilizing YouTube videos at their complete possible. And, till recently, this wasn’t very easy to do. But the Clever YouTube Plugin was created to really make it easy for anybody to put video on your website manage and show high-quality videos on your website from YouTube. Google considers video clips to be top quality content, especially video clips from YouTube. So, regularly putting video on your website increases your websites exposure and assist raise your rankings! Of course, you need to know how to download videos from YouTube the fastest and most qualitative way.

2. What Exactly the Clever YouTube Plugin is About?

Clever YouTube Plugin 2.0 is an application that will finally allow you to download video from YouTube and make use of any YouTube video clip in their database to help with your marketing work. With this WP Plugin, you’ll get attractively ideal video clips, all that match up the sizes and design of the site and may bring clicks, leads and product sales instantly from your video.

With the Clever YouTube Plugin, you are going to never have challenges finding good content for your website (s). And keep in mind, great content impresses users, which make an impact on Google. Using 1000s of completely free videos from YouTube and putting marketing and promotional messages and opt-in forms directly on the video clip – the traffic to your website will grow rapidly.

So, the Clever YouTube Plugin is precisely what it says – this is a clever way to place YouTube videos into your WP website. Instead of the standard YouTube turn to the video clip this plugin makes it very feasible to very easily change the size and quality so that your videos display sharp and clear every time. It sets up like any other WP Plugin and can make it readily available towards the bottom of each new post (modifying what resolution the recording will play at once the consumer clicks it). And this is the main thing that follows from our Clever YouTube Plugin Review.

3. The Key Advantages

Using the Clever YouTube Plugin 2.0 as a video downloader from YouTube you can:

  • Add YouTube video on your website
  • Control the video’s Playback Quality
  • Put your own Custom Image on top of the YouTube video
  • Place a “Magic Button” below your video, so that your Buy Button pops out just when you want it to.
  • Pick out from an overall library of stylish Custom Play Buttons (and even animated Play Buttons). Start and Stop the YouTube video at any time you want
  • Place stylish borders and shadows around your video player
  • Save 20 Custom Styles of your own, and even modify these styles for specific videos
  • Generate links on your website to specific times in the video
  • Create Responsive Video Players, that grow and get smaller with your website width
  • Place any HTML you want at the end of your video, enabling for a great Call to Action

Such an impressive list of features will let you better know how to download videos from YouTube and makes video on your website attractive.

4. The Key Features

List of Clever YouTube Plugin 2.0 Features:

  • Specify Video Quality. Choose from Video Quality levels of 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p
  • Place an MP4 Video over your YouTube Video. Seamless looping MP4 Videos are all the rage. Place one atop your video.
  • Make your Video Player “Responsive”. Got a Responsive Website? No problem! The player will automatically alter its width based on your website’s width.
  • Create Video Tabs. Place your YouTube videos in individual Tabs & control which Tabs are visible to your users.
  • Choose a Play Button Design. The plugin comes with dozens of colorful custom Play Buttons to choose from.
  • Turn the Video Player Controls Off or On. You decide if you’d like the video controls off or on.
  • Animated Sonar Effect. A JQuery effect that places an animated blue sonar under the Play Button.
  • Animated Icon Effect. A JQuery effect that places animated icons under the Play Button.
  • Play Button Motion Effects. A JQuery motion effect that gently moves the Play Button.
  • Video Call-To-Action. Insert any HTML or JavaScript int the plugin. And it will execute when the video is done playing.
  • Force Closed Captions On. Setup Closed Captions (a.k.a. “Subtitles.”) to turn on automatically.
  • Use Animated GIF Images. Place an Animated GIF Image atop your video.
  • Make Popout Videos. Popout the YouTube video in a modal window.
  • Add a Descriptive Paragraph. Type some text that describes your video’s contents.
  • Force the Video Volume Up. If your user has the video volume too low, the plugin will turn it up.
  • Represent the Video with any Image. Place any image you like before the video plays.
  • Show any Image after the Video Ends. Show any image you like when the video done playing.
  • Create Time Links to Jump around Your Video. Create links to different spots on the Video timeline.
  • Choose a Custom Video Border. Draw a custom border around the Video Player.
  • Play the Video when your Website Loads. Direct the YouTube video to start playing immediately when the website loads.
  • Specify Video Start and Stop Time. Choose the time when the video starts and stops.

So, this video downloader from YouTube is a very powerful tool.

5. Primary User Benefits

The main benefit of using the Clever YouTube Plugin is as follows:

  • You get to the high quality! As we know the quality is often low, simply because YouTube downsamples your image, immediately after you upload it. But, the Clever YouTube Plugin is great for the reason that it enables you to place the original (high-quality) image atop your video, so you don’t have to use YouTube’s poor-quality version anymore!
  • You benefit from the fact that Clever YouTube Plugin uses YouTube’s API to unlock YouTube’s full potential. (YouTube have created an absolutely awesome API – it’s just a set of capabilities that websites use to talk to each other. So, the Clever YouTube Plugin uses YouTube’s API to unlock YouTube’s full capabilities).
  • You get the opportunity to Play YouTube Videos in Super High Definition – 720p!
  • You’ll use custom eye-catching Play Buttons – developed to get more people clicking
  • They provide completely alter the “Look and Style” of the video player. Also, you can Start and Stop your video wherever you want
  • You get the possibility to Replace YouTube’s ugly default thumbnail image with your own image (a company logo, advertisement, call-to-action, etc.)
  • Also, you’ll get very high quality and useful Bonuses:
  1. Instant Keyword Riches – Preliminary Keyword Research, Keyword Assessment, Keywords in SEO, Domain Names, URLs, Heading Tags, Body Content, Off-Page SEO, Relevancy and Anchor Text.
  2. WP Easy Links – turn targeted keywords into Links Throughout Your Blog Instantly!
  3. Easy SEO Plugin – a great SEO Tool for WordPress that Offers an SEO Checklist to help you Optimize Your WP SEO!
  4. Local Keyword Raptor – Firefox Software Scrapes Local Keywords from 4 Countries to Reveal Thousands of Untapped, Easy to Rank for Long Tail Keywords Generating High Converting Buyer Traffic to Any Offer! Software Uses Firefox to Scrape Real-Time, Live Web Trends and Keyword Suggestions from Multiple Sources to Quickly Generate a List of Thousands of Keywords in Minutes.
  5. SEO Stronghold – SEO Stronghold teaches how to create niche sites that are resistant to algorithm changes, stay on top of the search engines with rock solid rankings.
  6. 60 Second Backlinks – Inside this 47-page guide, you will discover how to create fast, effective & backlinks to your website, this is skyrocket your website PR and SEO score to the next level!
  7. 100 Backlinking Strategies – Learn about 100 link building principles that are important to getting quality link juice to your money sites.

6. Conclusion from our Clever YouTube Plugin Review

Clever YouTube Plugin Review

With the Clever YouTube Plugin it is simple to download video from YouTube and format your video clips to suit your layout using one of the your preset styles. Designs are set up under the control of the plugin and you’ll have 9 options to pick from. This is definitely excellent in case you are tired of your top quality videos getting seen at low resolutions! You can also adjust the dimensions of the video therefore it fits perfects on your website. You can add a custom image to show at the starting point of the video.

Simply and clear-cut, the Clever YouTube Plugin allows you to optimize the videos you show on your website. It enables you to select your personal plugin, modify your participant size, and even add some HTML code for further customization.

So, it is a very powerful WP Plugin and we definitely recommend to use the Clever YouTube Plugin to download video from YouTube!

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