Best Products to Sell in a Niche

Best Products to Sell in a NichePreamble

At email list building a special attention is given to the best products to sell in a niche.

Of course, every marketer seeks to have the best products to sell in a niche. In order to choose the best products to sell, you should carefully and regularly study your market niche. Sometimes it is good to offer some surveys for your subscribers. You should also be well informed on what your competitors are selling now.

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Actions like the above are not complicated and are not difficult to perform. For example, to know what the competitors are selling, you can just subscribe to the Newsletter of some of the main ones. To perform surveys, you may use the option of your autoresponer.

But, perhaps, experimentation for the best products to sell in your market niche – is the best approach to selecting the best products. Yes, it sometimes takes time and costs, but that is what will allow you to get the most accurate assessment of the real needs of your subscribers.

So, here we discuss:

  • What are the Best Products to Offer to Subscribers?
  • Where to Get Best Products to Sell by E-mail List?
  • How Often to Make Offers to Subscribers?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Offer Only the Best Products to Subscribers

To the best products for sale by use of email lists we include those that are more closely aligned with the interests of subscribers, and are of good quality.

To guess and meet the interests of your subscribers is a great art and the key to success! If you achieve this, then your subscribers will not only open your emails, but also expect for them and gradually turn into regular buyers.

So, taking care of subscribers makes the marketers to permanently find the best products to offer. This process is multi-faceted, as you can use many sources for finding good products and also use own products.

2. Places to Get Products to Offer by Email List

a) Get Products from Best Marketplaces

There are a lot of marketplaces on Internet where you can find really great products for your business niche. Of course, you can’t cover everything. But getting the 2-3 most appropriate marketplaces for your business niche you can and it is not hard.

So, become a regular customer of marketplaces that you have chosen, watch for new products they have, use their advice on product selection, etc. For example, for digital products for your niche you can use ClickBank, Warrior+Plus, JVZoo, PayDotCom and ProductPay. This set of marketplaces will be enough to select the products and regularly offer them to your email list subscribers.

If you want to offer a wider range of products, including physical products, use Amazon and eBay. They are the largest online marketplaces in the world.  For example, Amazon, which was originally planned to trade books, today turned into a giant supermarket, where you can buy everything from baby clothes to television, from plumbing to jewelry. Amazon will allow you to find and pick up any item and place an order in a matter of minutes.

Each of the marketplaces provides the option for new products and gives some data for sales performance. You can use it for product selection.

b) Get Products from Your Email Subscriptions

You certainly are a subscriber by yourself and you certainly have some favorite marketers from your niche, whose letters you often read. Use this information to prepare proposals to your subscribers. This approach is very affordable, does not require a lot of time and usually provides the fresh information.

If you are going to use this opportunity, it is still desirable to alter the text of e-mails you get (to honor your style to which your subscribers are used to).

c) Get Products from Competitor’s Websites

This approach to find interesting products is very significant, as competitors, ranking first page at Google, seek to promote the best-selling products in the niche.

So, use Google to make a list of 10-15 competitor websites for your business niche and regularly browse what they are advertising. To compile such list, use your primary keyword for the niche. Browse these websites 1-2 times a week and you will get a picture of the advertised products.

The rest is very simple.

Once you have selected a product (s) that is interesting to you, look through which marketplace (or website) the selected product is sold. Sign up at this place, get your affiliate link (URL) and other advertising material. The advertising material, usually includes a few examples of text messages that you can use to write your letter.

d) Use Forums to Check the Quality of Products

One of the biggest problems of email marketing may be the lowest percentage of massages open rate and a big percentage of unsubscribe rate. This can occur for many reasons, but most often it is due to the low level of trust to the quality of information sent to subscribers (mainly not qualitative and not interesting offers).

You’ve probably noticed from your experience as a subscriber that to some email senders you trust and to some do not trust (and even need to close subscription). Therefore, try to inspire confidence among your subscribers, the more that you need to turn them into loyal customers.

In order to have a high level of confidence among subscribers the information in your email messages should be of high quality, especially for business proposals and paid tools. So, to do this, before you send the proposal you should see what people write about this proposal on the main forums of your business niche. For example, if you make a proposal regarding digital products, have a look at Warrior Forum.

Also on the forums you can find interesting offers for your subscribers.

3. How Frequently to Offer Products to Subscribers?

In our opinion it is desirable to send not more than 5 emails per week, as people do not like to be overloaded with emails and do not like very intrusive proposals. And remember, you should only submit quality information in a short form. The offer to purchase the particular product must be organically inscribed in the text of the message.

The contents of these 5 e-mails it is desirable to include:

  • 1 email/per week – gift (for example, free PDF report on the main topic of your niche).
  • 1 email/per week – news (for example, launch of new moneymaking program in your niche).
  • 3 emails/per week – advertised products (on the main topic of your niche).

So, by this plan, you need to select no more than 3-4 products a week in order to offer them to your subscribers. The most interesting products can be proposed repeatedly, changing and enhancing the text of the messages.

Free products such as Business Reports, Books, Guidance, etc must necessarily be mailed, as by this way you take care of your subscribers and they appreciate it. Customer care and planning exciting offers – will allow you to keep the interest to your offers and reduce the percentage of the unsubscribe rate of your list.

We remind you that the responsive email list provides an income of about $1.00/subscriber/month.

This is certainly very profitable, so for the technical realization of email marketing plans  – use only reliable autoresponer services (the best are AWeber and GetResponse).

Use Follow-up and Newsletter options of autoresponer services to manage your mailing plan and to create email marketing campaigns. Follow-up – allows you to perform the planned sending emails. Newsletter – allows you to perform immediate sending emails.

4. How to Build Relationship with Your Customers

Developing a connection with your subscriber lists is quite simple!
Here are a few simple ways to develop a powerful connection with your record:

  • Send only appropriate e-mails. If you requested them to “subscribe to get new posts”, only deliver them new material and nothing else – but only when they believe in you.
  • Send at least two e-mails per 7 days.
  • Avoid delivering too many e-mails even for the best products to sell in a niche.
  • Provide them with useful material, sources, guidelines, video clips, programs, free stuff or anything that provides value.
  • Always discuss personal experiences. Tell them what you are doing, what are your programs, how you may invest your Monday to Friday and Saturdays and Sundays etc.
  • If you haven’t used an item yourself, don’t suggest it to your subscribers. Only suggest items that you have individually used, examined or analyzed.
  • Selling is a bad addiction instead give them discount rates, discount rates and rewards.
  • Don’t deliver your marketing e-mails to persuade them to buy an item instead tell them that you have bought and used the item yourself, and you just love it. Share outcomes with them.
  • If you have to offer something, make sure that you don’t do it too often.

Remember, it is all about believing in. You have to make a connection with your subscribers, which is difficult to do without believing in, and to make believe in, you have to do one and only one thing – be sincere and will.

5. Conclusion and Notes

So, in preparing the email messages to your subscribers, you have to choose products to promote through the text of the email messages.  There are thousands of possible choices and the first step to finding products to sell online is to be able to identify the various opportunities that exist for discovering the best products for sale.

What can we advise you to quickly gain experience in choosing profitable products for sale using your email list?

Try to feel and strictly adhere to the basic interest of your subscribers in a specific niche segment, trying to avoid a large spread in the type and quality of the advertised products or services. If you are experiencing a big problem in finding what are the best products to sell in a niche, look what your main competitors advertise (signing up for their newsletter).

Stay clear of offering something very excessive. If your subscribers are buying the $20-$40 products or services, you should not offer them products in the price range of $120-$150. Also, you should prevent products that outclass the original purchase.

Try to avoid offering too many alternatives or duplicate products, except in cases when the new high quality products appear in your market niche.

If you are lucky and you have found a group of well-selling products to your subscribers, it is advisable to add a small amount of emails with the instructions and tips for this group of products, to have them as the best products to sell in a niche for a long term.

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