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The quality email list building is desirable for many Internet marketers (we might say that it is obligatory), so build email list as a component of your online business. The technology and tools for email list building are well-developed and they are easily mastered, but to create a quality email list the constant and serious effort is required.

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Email lists of customers are formed by use of squeeze pages and autoresponder software. The process is largely automated. The main principle of email list building is simply by itself. You create a squeeze page which is connected to your autoresponder and drive traffic to it. If the visitor enters his data in an opt-in box of the squeeze page (usually name and e-mail address) you have him as a subscriber to your e-mail list.

The effectiveness of the email list building mainly depends on the skill of traffic submission to the squeeze pages and the ability to make interesting offers to the customers. For the business purposes, it is beneficial to have only email lists with real buyers.

So, here we discuss:

  • General Provisions to Build Email List
  • Email Sales Funnel Building
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. General Provisions to Build Email List

build email list, FresponderIf the marketer has a big and targeted email list of customers – it is not only very effective for the business, but it also significantly increases the reliability of the business, as in this case the business is less dependent on changes in the algorithms of search engines.

In order to build a mailing list, you must have four main things: attractive squeeze pages, reliable autoresponder services, the interesting offers to the customers, and stable traffic to squeeze pages. Creation of the squeeze pages and managing of the autoresponder software – are enough simple tasks, ensuring the targeted traffic to the squeeze pages – is a more difficult task and it is a defining factor for email list building process. You should also keep in mind that there are many techniques to build email list fast.

As for the offers, it is determined by your ability to find the most interesting offers in your market niche and to offer them in a timely manner to your customers. By use of autoresponder software you can send a single message (you can send it immediately) and follow-up messages (delivery on schedule).

If you are having difficulty to build email list, you can use Cash Siphon System or Freesponder and get access just to a very large set of tutorials and database on paying customers!

2. Email Sales Funnel Building

build email list, Optin ProfitsBefore you start to build email list you should construct a specific system, which is often referred to as – sales funnel.

This system allows you collect email addresses of the people and send them email letters with different offers. It is advisable to ensure that your email sales funnel is in good extent automated, as it will simplify the work with it in the future.

So, here are the main stages for email sales funnel building:

  • Choosing and Mastering Autoresponder
  • Squeeze Pages Creation
  • One Time Offer Pages Creation
  • Giveaways (Learning About PLR Products Use)
  • Preparation of the Offers to the Consumers
  • Working-Out a Strategy for Follow-Ups Mailings
  • Working-Out a Strategy for Newsletters Mailings
  • Traffic Submission to Squeeze Pages

Let’s briefly look at each of the email sales funnel components.

a) Autoresponders

An autoresponder is the software that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Autoresponder software can be very simple or quite complex.

By use the autoresponder software are of two types:

  • Outsourced model (ASP) – these autoresponder software operate on the autoresponder services provider’s server and are configurable by a web-based control panel. The customers pay a monthly fee to use autoresponder services. This is the easiest way to implement an autoresponder
  • Server-side – enables the user to install the autoresponder software on his server. This requires more technical skills

For today the best autoresponder services to build email list are AWeber and GetResponse. Autoresponders of a high level let their users to manage different advertising campaigns and to build different mailing lists. This allows users to work with different market niches at the same time. If you want to get the most favorable terms of payment at the initial stage of email list building, then you should use MailChimp or MailerLite.

b) Squeeze Pages

build email list, Optin Profits

The Squeeze Page is a regular web page created to solicit opt-in email addresses (sometimes also the names, phone numbers and other data) from prospective subscribers.

Typically, squeeze pages include the information presented in a summary form to ensure that page visitors are not distracted by the unimportant aspects of the offer. At the top or at the bottom of the squeeze page the box for opt-in email address and name is placed. If the offer is interesting for the visitor, he enters the data in the opt-in box, and the data fed to the autoresponder.

We recommend you to use Squeeze Ninja for creating squeeze pages and email sales funnel. Their squeeze pages are of high quality.

c) One Time Offer Pages Creation

The OTO page is one-time-offer page. This is the page that appears in between two pages. For example, as soon as your visitor registers to your email list (or completed the payment for something from your website) the visitor comes at the second page where one-time-offers (OTOs) are available. Often, OTOs are of very reasonable prices for products (at a significant discount and in a package).

So, by OTO pages marketers  offer several extra products at good price for visitors. The fact is that most clients like to make purchases at OTO pages. Of course, the products and services offered at OTOs should be in accordance to customer’s specific interests like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, and others related marketplaces.

d) Giveaways

One of the most popular and effective methods to attract visitors interested in subscribing to your email list is to place PLR products on your squeeze pages and to give them as the gift to subscribers (PLR reports, PLR eBooks, PLR articles, PLR templates, PLR graphics, PLR videos, etc.). People like getting something useful for free, so they more quickly decide to subscribe. If you will use this technique to build email list, you need to have sources for new and high-quality PLR products.

e) Offers to the Customers

Your offers should be interesting to your customers and should well-cover the market niche for which you build a mailing list. If you work with different market niches you can create separate mailing lists and manage separate advertising campaigns. Do not send more than 4-5 massages per week (as people will feel molestation). The most important offers should be repeated 2-3 times, accompanying them with fresh comment.

Keep continuous communication with your customers, try to identify what is most important to them. For this you can conduct surveys every 2-3 months. In addition to proposals to buy something do not forget to send from time to time some free and helpful information, some useful and free reports, some gifts, etc.  People like it.

If you just start your own online business and do not know where to get products, you can use the following sources:

  • Get Products from Best Marketplaces
  • Get Products from of Your Subscriptions
  • Get Products from Competitor’s Websites

f) Strategy for Follow-Ups Mailings

Email Follow-Up lets you send emails to your subscribers on schedule. This allows you to send series of letters which you have prepared in advance. It is very convenient approach and allows you to develop a Strategy for Follow-Ups Mailings and use it in order to most effectively serve your email sales funnel.

Any of the known autoresponders has the Follow-Up option, which is very easy to use. But for your email sales funnel successful use is important other circumstance – what quality stuff (content and products) you put into follow-up e-mails. Make sure that all of the material of follow-ups corresponds to the maximum to the chosen market niche for which you build email list and to the interests of your subscribers.

g) Strategy for Newsletters Mailings

The newsletter mailing is the most common option at sales funnel use. This autoresponder option allows you immediately send a letter to your subscribers (small delays do not count). Using Newsletter Mailing in conjunction with Follow-Ups allows you to create any flexible strategies and schedules to send messages.

You should not be abused by use of Newsletter Mailing! For example, do not send too many messages a day, it can annoy people (1-2 messages a day – this is the maximum).

We recommend you to send no more than 5-6 mails per week. Also, making a strategy for all mailings for your sales funnel it is desirable to write emails yourself. Your subscribers will get used to your style and this will increase your credibility on the part of your subscribers.

h) Traffic to Squeeze Pages

Of course, the methods and approaches of traffic driving to squeeze pages do not enter directly into the sales funnel, but understanding the absolute importance of this issue for email list building, we include them in consideration at the discussion of this issue.

To build email list you need to provide traffic to your squeeze pages. If the task to build email list is your main task you need to drive all the traffic to your squeeze pages.

The ways and methods of delivery traffic to the squeeze page are the same as for the other regular web pages, but there are some specific approaches especially used for squeeze pages traffic submission, for example, Ad Swap approach. Ad Swap is the ads exchange with other person who has the email list mostly in the same market niche.

We discuss these methods at our – build email list strategies page.

3. Conclusion and Notes

So, one of a business’s best marketing investments is a healthy email list. While right managed and used it will generate income greatly.

Fortunately, there is a number of simple and effective ways of building an email list, including traditional online and offline techniques, as well as growing strategies, such as paid search, direct mail, events and special offers. The challenges to maximize list growth are: Using these tactics sensibly, Complying with all legal requirements and Respecting subscriber preferences. By applying the email channel properly, marketers and consumers can continue to benefit from this cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method.

Please, read and follow some basic principles to build email list:

Use only the reliable autoresponder service. If you want to build a huge database of loyal subscribers or customers, then you should certainly invest into a powerful and reliable email autoresponder service, which will give you the capability to easily catch subscribers and send them follow-up messages instantly.

Drive all the traffic to your squeeze pages. For example, as for a free traffic, you can use forums that are relevant to your niche, making sure you post the link to your opt-in page in your signature (to let people visit your squeeze page first). Or, as for a paid traffic, you can use Solo Ads, paying someone to mail to their list for you.

Try as much as possible to take into account the interests and needs of customers. Your emails should include proposals that are actually interesting to your subscribers, otherwise the email open rate will be low and the quality email list building will not be achieved.

Create the emailing plan and make sets of emails on the most important topics. it is necessary to prepare proposals in advance (emails’ text). As for the news, just include only the significant events.

Use gifts to stimulate the interest of your subscribers.

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