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Choosing Best AutoresponderPreamble

Choosing best autoresponder is an important step, as in order to build an email list, the autoresponder is needed, which should be reliable, have the right set of options, and to be user-friendly. At choosing best autoresponder you have two options: either to use the autoresponder services from the best providers, or to buy and install the autoresponder software on your server.

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The first way is most acceptable (at least at online business starting), because it requires less skills and it is easier to implement. Here we must emphasize – use only high-quality autoresponder services, so you do not have to face difficulties in going from bad to good, as there may be a great loss for your email list.

After subscribing to the autoresponder services carefully examine all the options, instructions, and guides. It will be a good training for you in creating email lists. Because of a strong competition the autoresponder services companies are constantly expanding their services, including video training material, webinars, etc. Use this to your advantage.

So, here we discuss:

  • Variety of Autoresponder Services
  • About AWeber or GetResponse
  • Other Quality Autoresponder Services
  • Main Tips on Choosing Best Autoresponder
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Variety of Autoresponder Services

On the Internet you can find many varieties of autoresponders, which can be divided into three types:

  • Remotely hosted – web based autoresponder systems (programs) served by the operator
  • Locally hosted – autoresponder scripts that can run from the host server or your personal server
  • Desktop hosted – autoresponder scripts that can run from your computer

Of course you can do some research and choose the type of autoresponder, which is more in line with the requirements of your business.

But, if you are new to using autoresponder systems we recommend that you use remote hosted autoresponder services provided by operators, in other words – the best autoresponder services like AWeber and GetResponse. The range of services, quality and prices of these systems is about the same. Nevertheless, it is desirable to learn them in more details in order to choose the best for you. For example, GetResponse can be used for free of charge while the number of e-mail list subscribers of the user will be no more than 100 subscribers.

Also, on the Internet there are many autoresponders for free, but we do not recommend using them for several reasons. They are less reliable, in many cases, they add their ads to the member’s messages, and, which is more important, customers may pay attention to the services you use. If the customers see that you are using the low-quality autoresponder services they can be not serious to your proposals, and even unsubscribe from the list. So, strive to use only the best autoresponders.

2. AWeber or GetResponse

We recommend you to make a choice only from the best two autoresponder services systems: AWeber and GetResponse. Below we provide a short review for each of the them to help you make more correct choice.

Both providers offer discount: AWeber – provides one month (first month) of using their services for free, GetResponse – provides their free services until your email list is less than 100 subscribers. So, if the costs for autoresponder services are very important for you, it is better to choose GetResponse – from the assumption that the possible earnings from the starting size of your email list and your e-mail campaigns can be used to cover the costs for the use of autoresponder services.

a) AWeber

Price: $1 – first month, up to 500 subscribers – $19.00 per month, up to 2 500 subscribers – $ 29.00 per month. Further price increases as the list growth.

choosing best autoresponderThe Aweber was started in 1998 by Tom Kulzer, who was just searching for the answer for the better email follow-up services. Since that time, Aweber has expanded extremely and now is on the on top in the market of best autoresponders. During the operation of the service added many new functions, which basically has become an autoresponder software with greater benefits. Now every marketer should take this into account when choosing best autoresponder.

The system is very easy to learn and use, also Aweber provides over 150 templates (HTML). If you have received emails that looked elegant, with graphics inside the email, and you were impressed, the Aweber’s templates will give you that potential. With their email editor, it’s very easy to personalize your emails or newsletters with your logo, pictures, custom color techniques, etc. Basically, once you have received your template set up the way you like, you can save that, and just add content from that point on.

It is well known that deliverability of emails is the most essential element of any of autoresponders. If your email messages are not getting delivered to your clients, then what is the point to deliver them. AWeber gives near 99% of sending out emails because they established good relations with suppliers and have a very strong anti-spam coverage. That is why it is the most high-quality autoresponder on the Internet of today. Every time you build a new emailing list, you can use the mailing campaign set-up guide, which is easy to learn and use. You’ll just need to fill up in all fields of some initial forms. The handy tips will appear at each phase of the process, showing precisely what you should do. In addition, in depth video for each step of action is offered. Creating opt-in forms with AWeber is fairly easy, but very powerful. It uses the built in wizard that enables you to personalize your own choice. A variety of templates for opt-in forms are provided. The knowledge of HTML or CSS code is not needed.

AWeber can help you get some Social Media Integration. You can publish your links to your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. This will increase your email readership essentially. You can also have awesome List Segmentation.

You can deliver emails only to the very specific parts of your email list based on a number of unique criteria. For example, you can deliver e-mails only to those persons who registered your list before or following a certain date, from certain places, time areas, even whether they select to open your last email or not, or clicked a link within your email. There are many of segmentation variables that Aweber makes accessible for you.

You’ll also be able to know your list analytics. Speaking of conversion rates, it’s difficult to increase conversions if you don’t know what your conversions really are. With Aweber tracking capabilities you can keep very careful watch on the activity of your list subscribers, and know exactly how they are reacting to emails. You can analyze open rates, income generation, unsubscribe rates, and other. This will show you exactly what you should do and should not do within your email marketing.

As a result, at choosing best autoresponder, we can say with confidence that AWeber is the best in many respects.

b) GetResponse

Price: up to 100 subscribers – free, after – $17.95 per month. The first 10,000 subscribers included within the price, $17.95 per month. For every additional 5,000 subscribers, you would pay an extra $4.50 per month.

choosing best autoresponder

The GetResponse is the biggest competitor of AWeber and is a service owned by Implix company. Both Implix and Get Response were created in 1999 by Simon Grabowski, marketing pioneer who wanted to help small business owners to improve their marketing programs.

By use of GetResponse you can begin creating email campaigns and add contacts to your e-mail lists. You can select from 350 templates to create your email campaigns (or generate your own from by the use of blank template). If you are comfortable with HTML code, you can use the HTML Editor to place your own code. If you are more comfortable applying design components, you can work from a format that seems more like a Word document. The design features will allow you to customize templates to indicate your brand. Of course, you can change colors, fonts, text size, etc. The GetResponse email marketing template will check the spelling of your messages (or you can run an extra spell check for the massage).

As a result, we can say that GetResponse is an excellent email marketing service if you want to enhance the success of your email marketing activities. With GetResponse, you can generate emails very quickly and that include links, video, social marketing buttons and more. Also, you can transfer contact lists and you can search the database for names if you need them. You can segment lists to send marketing emails to the specific groups of individuals, and you can set up GetResponse autoresponder emails that automatically go to your clients when they sign up. It is a worthy competitor for AWeber.

To give preference in choosing best autoresponder for someone from AWeber and GetResponse is very hard. GetResponse also provides the most reliable services available for today and presents the large set of options for developing email lists. To use the program is very simple and it is easily mastered by the customers, as it is organized very logically. The range of possibilities and settings for the emailing campaigns is very extensive. For example, it allows to carry out companies by use of PDF, video or audio content. GetResponse very well resolved the question for planning to send emails. They provide a large range of options to communicate with your clients. For example, you can send letters instantly, or on your schedule (made for a few days, weeks or months).

3. Other Quality Autoresponder Services

FlutterMail, MailChimp, MailerLite

For many online marketers the price of the autoresponder services may be an important factor, in addition, the requirements for email list building may apply to small businesses and may not be associated with the need to create the big email lists. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the services FlutterMail, MailChimp and MailerLite.

a) FlutterMail

choosing best autoresponder

The FlutterMail is email marketing for small businesses. It provides the fastest and easiest way to send beautiful emails and profit from the results. (Price: up to 1000 subscribers – $10, 1001 – 2500r: $14 per month, …, 25001 – 50000: $119 per month. The trial account is – $1).

FlutterMail is a part of MailHQ Ltd, a company founded by New Zealanders Charles Abrahamson and Simon Slade. They have a small but dedicated team in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and they also present supports to customers from all over the world.

The system reliably covers all the basic functions of the classical autoresponder service. It is actually a great deal for the economical price and it is an effectively created product that truly performs it offers totally support. A wide range of businesses and companies have used and trusted Fluttermail. This service might be what users need to do a successful business and make their real profits online. We can say with certainty that it is one of the best autoresponders, which can make your e-mail campaigns very effective.

So, if you are looking for the autoresponder service for your business on the basis of price / quality, the Fluttermail will be a very good choice, as it has the basic features of the market leaders, but provides autoresponder services for a lower price.

Often it happens that when choosing best autoresponder many Internet marketers are looking for the cheapest service, especially at the initial stage of email list building, or when it does not bring the expected return. In these cases, it is good to have a free autoresponder service until the list grows up to 1 000 – 2 000 subscribers and will allow to cover the costs using income.

b) MailChimp

best email marketing toolsThe MailChimp autoresponder service offers the great features that can help improve your email marketing campaigns. It has a permanently-free option under 2,000 subscribers (maximum 12,000 emails/month). The further costs are – $10/month for less than 500 subscribers, and $15/month for less than 1000 subscribers.

Also, with the MailChimp autoresponder service, your subscribers will be capable to easily connect to social networking pages in order to promote your email marketing campaigns. You’ll be in a position to use social networking in combination with your email promotion. In one click, you’ll be ready to send out an email campaign and update your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Delicious, with your latest information. You can see who has tweeted about or preferred your business.

с) MailerLite

The MailerLite is the simplest email marketing tool for small business and it is simple to use and anyone can create and send beautiful email newsletters, manage subscribers and track results. Up to 1,000 subscribers – it is free, and further the starting price is – $99.00/per year.

Creating your first marketing email couldn’t be easier. Just type in a subject and a sender, and use the web-apps drag and drop functionality to design the newsletter you’d like to send out. Upload your company logo to create a custom header, select the background colors and formatting that fits the overall look you’re trying to convey. Select subscribers, and click send.

So, choosing best autoresponder pay attention to the MailerLite autoresponder.

4. Conclusion and Notes

Choosing best autoresponder service you should match your intentions. For example, if you plan to build big email lists of 50,000-70,000 subscribers, then you should use the autoresponder services from the leading groupe: Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, CostantContact. If you plan to create email lists of 10,000-15,000 subscribers, and you want to have lower costs of autoresponder services, you can use the autoresponders from the second group: FlutterMail, MailChimp, MailerLite.

What should be considered when choosing best autoresponder services:

When choosing best autoresponder, consider first of all its Credibility, Deliverability and User Interface. This simply indicates that the chances of your email getting noted as spam will be significantly reduced by sending emails from their server. When choosing an autoresponder service first look for how long a company has been in business. Don’t pick any provider that has not been in business for at least the last 6-7 years. Most email marketing service providers offer a free trial or a 30-day trial fairly inexpensively, so use it.

Remember, if you plan to move from one autoresponder to another (for example, from less expensive to more expensive), then you are likely to incur a loss in subscribers, perhaps even more than half of your email list. Therefore, it is better to start using solid provider for email list building and get quality email campaigns just from the beginning.

Do not use very cheap or free autoresponders, as all they are usually of low quality, the deliverability is small, you have all kinds of restrictions and there might even be advertisements there. It’s no pleasure to work with an autoresponder like that. That’s the reason you are changing it and, it’s also way more difficult to make money with those autoresponders, primarily, because you are just getting started and you don’t have the practical knowledge.

If you’re still looking for a combination of a solid provider and low prices at the beginning of email list building, then MailChimp is more in line for choosing best autoresponder.

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