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Updated: June 22, 2018

How to Use OTO PagePreamble

How to use OTO page starts with a question – What is the OTO Page?

The OTO page is a one-time-offer page. You should know how to use OTO page, as it is an effective way to increase sales from your business website. If you do not know what is OTO page, this is the page that appears in between two pages. For example, as soon the visitor register to your e-mail list (or paid for something from your website and finalizes the paying) he arrives at the second web page where one-time-offer (OTO) proposals are available.

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You can often see such proposals (OTO pages) when joining someone’s newsletter. Usually on the OTO pages the marketer offers to buy products or services at a special price (reduced price) that is not available at any other time anywhere else on his website pages.

So, the OTO web page offers various additional products and services for sale. The fact is that most customers like to make purchases at OTO web pages. Of course, the products and services offered on the OTO Pages should be according to customer’s specific interests like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, and others similar.

This technique is widely used in Internet marketing, as it encourages undecided website visitors to buy products or services, and it lets you to obtain the cash flow quickly.

So, here we discuss:

  • How to Create OTO Page?
  • How to Use OTO Page?
  • How to Provide Products for OTO Pages?
  • How to Automate OTO Pages Use?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Creating OTO Pages

Creating OTO Pages includes two aspects – technical and semantic.

As to the technical aspect the OTO page is created as a regular web page, but you have to feel good about its style, size and content. It is very similar to the squeeze pageб but does not contain the autoresponder code (the opt-in form is not included). Instead, it includes The ‘Order Now’ form and the URL to redirect the visitor (for the case if the OTO it is not interesting to the visitor).

how to use oto pageSo, if you have some experience in creating squeezes (or splash pages), you will not find technical difficulties at OTO pages creation. You can use OTO page templates to create your original OTO pages, like OTO-Templates.

The semantic part of OTO Page creation is much more difficult, as you have to find interesting products to your visitors and with a good discount. Unfortunately, this is not always possible to be performed quickly and easily, as for that you need to have extensive data on the discounted products in your market niche. If you have no such information, then most likely you will have to use third-party services.

When creating an OTO Page, it may include one or more products, and they may be offered for sale as separate products, or in the package. For each product, you must include a picture and a brief description. The description should describe as accurately as possible the purpose of the product and its effectiveness.

2. OTO Pages Use

You can use OTO pages in two ways:

  • As a component of your e-mail sales funnel
  • As individual web pages to which traffic is supplied

As an example of the first case, maybe the redirection of the visitor to the OTO page right after registration to your e-mail list (or you can use other places in your funnel for the OTO page layout, but the above is the most traditional).

Regarding their use as individual web pages, it can be very profitable, especially when you have a nice package of high-quality products with attractive discount.

Many marketers drive traffic directly to OTO pages and also add these pages to their websites. If the products included in the OTO have good conversion, this technique may be very effective.

3. Providing Products for OTO Pages

There are two main approaches for solving the problem of providing products for OTO pages:

  • To pick yourself the interesting products from various sources that you meet as you work.
  • To use ready-made OTO product packages for your market niche.

Both approaches can provide good results.

The first case is most suitable if you are active enough to find quality products at a good discount. This occurs when you frequently visit marketplaces or regularly receive and view the large volume of correspondence on your business market niche topic.

But this approach can take a lot of time and, in addition, you may not have much confidence that selected products will be of interest to the visitors. These are the biggest problems.

So, if you’re constantly faced with similar problems, it is better to use special services for automated filling of your OTO pages with the products which are precisely interesting to the visitors.

4. OTO Pages Automated Use

In order to fundamentally solve the problem of automation of the process of compiling and using OTO Pages, we advise you to use OTO Gold Mine to use oto page

What is OTO Gold Mine?

The OTO Gold Mine is a system that allows you to automate the receipt of completely made OTO Pages filled with the popular products, including their description. The system is very easy to use and it works reliably. Thus, using this system you have no loss of time and it will show you how to use OTO page to the maximum effect.

Under this system, users are encouraged to choose from a few packages of products that are automatically placed on OTO page. The price for packages is from $9.00 to $67.00. You can always change package within your campaign. Each package has great products that are really irresistible. These packages are proven to get 3.0% – 3.5% conversion rate.

All you have to do is just set a campaign by selecting a package and you’ll earn 50% – 75% commission every time somebody buys that package from you.

So, you just:

  • Click to create a Campaign.
  • Click on OTO package you like (it’s already prepared).
  • Fill in the redirect link (to let people choose to continue to the next page).
  • And lastly, put the OTO link (URL) into wherever you want (after SignUp, buying a product from you, so on).

So, One Time Offers are one of the most powerful marketing techniques to come along in ages and you have made is dead simple for anybody to easily create their one time offers page, giveaway offer, 404 pages, and much more. The OTO Gold Mine system enhances the capabilities of this technique and makes it fully accessible for you. Using this system, you will forget about the issue how to use OTO page. You will receive a finished OTO page in a few minutes and the issue is closed!

5. Conclusion and Notes

So, the OTO page is the sales page that website visitors see right after they’ve signed up and entered their email address, where you offer products at an attractive discount for a limited term. The OTO for email list building is a proven way not only to get subscribers, but also to increase sales at a discount.

Please, read a short list of tips for using OTO for email list building:

You can use or not use OTO Pages in your online business (at your email list building or as a separate business model). If you decide to use OTO pages, then try to master the concept well and think where you’ll get products for your OTOs.

On the OTO page is necessarily to advertise only a quality product (products) at a good discount, as this will create a positive feeling from the new subscriber. If you have no such products (or you just do not know where to get them), then it is better not to use the OTO page in your email list building funnel.

Examine carefully the OTO Gold Mine services. Look at the contents of all the offered packages, as they are versatile and suitable to promote on many market niches. This is the best proposal for the OTO automation on the market today! Bypurchasing a package for little money you completely automate the OTO process and you’ll receive additional revenue from your e-mail list building. Visit OTO Gold Mine website to know better how to use OTO page.

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