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Updated: February 2, 2021

List Building FAQPreamble

List building is desirable for many Internet marketers (we might say, that it is obligatory), so build a list as a component of your online business. The technology and tools for email list building are well-developed and they are easily mastered, but to build an email list of good quality takes time and serious effort.

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As an advice, we want to tell you that the most important thing in building an email list is to create and use the Email Funnel System, which will help you make money mainly on autopilot.

If you’ll manage to create such a system for your market niche and you’ll continually improve it, your Email Funnel System will work for many years for you and bring a stable income.

And remember, your Email Funnel System will require constant attention, despite the high level of automation. Pick carefully the offers, which you make to your email list subscribers. The offers should be targeted to your market niche to the maximum extent.

Finally, check out our FAQ for building a list, possibly, you will find some email marketing tips useful for you and you will know better how to build a list. We would appreciate if you leave your comments.

Build a List FAQ

1. What is Email List?

An email list is a list of names and e-mail addresses of the clients. You use email lists to send offers to the clients. The offers include ads (or/and own products).

Subscribers read the letters and pay attention to the ads. If there is a purchase, you earn a commission paid by the advertiser. If build an email list qualitatively, and for a specific money niche, it can generate revenue of $ 0.6-$0.8 per subscriber/month. So, an email list with active subscribers and by the size of 5,000 subscribers, can provide you form $3000 to $4000 per month.

ConversioBot picture2. What is Email List Building?

List building is a process of collecting names and email addresses of the people with the aim to turn them later into the customers. For email list building the squeeze pages and autoresponders are used.

The squeeze page includes an opt-in form and is connected to autoresponder by a special code. When the visitor inputs his name and email addresses in this opt-in form, the autoresponder registers the data and automatically sends the first letter to the visitor with the request to confirm subscription. If the visitor confirms subscription, you have him as a subscriber to your list, and can send him emails with your offers.

Also list building includes some techniques and tricks to provide traffic to squeeze pages and to make the visitors to subscribe.

3. What are Autoresponder Services?

The autoresponder services are the services, which let you build a list on the server of an autoresponder service provider (company) by use of provider’s autoresponder software. Of course, you can have a copy of your list at any time and it is your own list. There are free and paid autoresponder services.

Paid services are of better quality. Usually, the size of the payment is $15-20 per month at a list size of 1,000 subscribers. As the list increases the payment also increases, $4-5 per month for an additional 1,000 subscribers. If your funds are limited – use MailChimp, it is free up to 2,000 subscribers.

4. What are the Best Autoresponder Services?

The best autoresponder services are those which provide the best email delivery to the consumers. We believe that for today Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and FlutterMail are the leaders, as these services have good relations with the main email service providers in the market, especially with Google.

Google carries a very strong anti-spam policy and not many autoresponder service companies can meet its requirements. In addition, these companies have well-developed and powerful autoresponder software and high level of service. Also, the training material for the users is well-developed and includes detailed descriptions of many stages of building an email list.

5. Can I Have My Own Autoresponder?

Yes, you can buy a package and install it on your server, but you must take into account three very important points. First – you’ll need to think well, if you can meet the requirements for an anti-spam policy of email service providers, otherwise your email delivery may be a big problem.

By the way, this is one of the main reasons, because of which many marketers use third-party autoresponder services. Second – your hosting service provider may get complaints about spam. You’ll need to discuss with them the possibility of placing autoresponder software on their server.

And finally – if you’ll are not being white listed as a trusted autoresponder source, your email delivery may not be effective at all. So, better to build an email list using the trusted autoresponder service.

6. What is Autoresponder Opt-in Form?

Visually – it is a small box with the options to enter the data of the subscriber, most often the name and address. At the level of the programming the opt-in form code – is a piece of program that the autoresponder provider gives you and you simply place it on your squeeze pages. This piece of the program provides the connection of your squeeze pages with your autoresponder.

7. What is a Squeeze Page?

This is a usual web page on which the autoresponder opt-in form is posted. Often the box of the form is located at the top right or the bottom of the page. Typically, squeeze pages contain a small but specific text, as well as one or more pictures of the product. Marketers eager to make squeeze pages very attractive, because it affects the willingness of the visitor to enter or not his name and email address in the opt-in form. In many cases, to create attractive squeeze pages the templates are used. This is one of the main instruments for building a list.

8. What is a Squeeze Page Template?

This is a completely finished squeeze page that you can customize, changing text, images, etc. Of course, you put in your original autoresponder opt-in code, which you get from your autoresponder service provider. You can easily find on the Internet the free and paid squeeze page templates.

9. How to Create a Squeeze Page?

Having a WordPress website, you can choose one of two ways for squeeze page creation:

  1. To make it as a usual web page and to locate on it the autoresponder opt-in code
  2. To use WP plugin that automates the process of creating squeeze pages.

If you often create new squeeze pages, and also often change the content of the existing squeeze pages, then it will be better to use special WP plugin for squeeze pages creation and editing.

10. What is One Time Offer (OTO) Page?

The OTO page is a one-time-offer page. This is a page that you make it appear in between two pages. For example, as the visitor finished subscribing to your email list (or paid for something from your website, etc.) he arrives at a web page, where the one-time-offer proposal or proposals are available.

You can often see such OTO proposals, when joining someone’s newsletter. Usually, on the OTO pages the marketer offers to buy products or services at a special price (reduced price), that is not available at any other time anywhere else on his web pages.

11. What are PLR Products?

PLR means – Private Label Rights. PLR products may be of different formats: PLR reports, ebooks, articles, templates, graphics, videos, etc. So, PLR is an Internet marketing concept on how to make, buy, sell, distribute and remake PLR products.

This activity is licensed. The license indicates specifically what you can do and what you can’t do. Typically, when you buy the PLR product, the license rights are very wide, up the point that you can put your name on the product.

12. Why I Need PLR Products at Building an Email List?

When building a list, you can use PLR products as giveaways to attract visitors and turn them into subscribers. You can place PLR products on your squeeze pages, offering them as the gifts to the visitors.

This is one of the most effective ways to get the visitor attention and make the visitor interested in subscribing to your newsletter.

13. What is a Strategy for Follow-Ups Mailing?

The autoresponder software permits you to send a series of emails on the schedule. For example, you can prepare 10 letters and paste them into autoresponder, specifying the sequence of sending them (for instance, to send each subsequent letter after 3 days).

This procedure is called – Follow-Ups Mailing. So, with this feature, you can make various mailing strategies, depending on your goals.

14. What is a Strategy for Newsletter Mailing?

The marketers very often need an immediate sending of email, as, for example, it may be associated with important news. The autoresponder software provides this opportunity and it’s called – Newsletter Mailing. You need to have the strategy for newsletter mailing, which will include: how often do you send newsletters, how do you repeat the newsletter’s mailing, what is the size and style of the newsletter’s content, etc.

Of course, both strategies should be coordinated, so that no more than one letter sent in 1-2 days.

15. What is Email Funnel System?

In general terms, email marketing sales funnel – is a system, which provides a permanent collection process of customer email addresses and allows you to regularly send offers to email list subscribers to ensure sales.
The basic (mandatory) elements of such systems are:

  1. Autoresponder (registers subscriber’s data and manages e-mailing process on a given plan)
  2. Squeeze page (allows collect e-mail addresses and other data of subscribers)
  3. Stream of e-mails (letters, that you send to your subscribers, including therein business offers)

When designing sales funnels the additional elements may be used. For example, Thank You Pages, One Time Offer sales pages (OTO), Redirect pages at Swaps, etc. Email funnel makes list building and its use very effective.

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