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Squeeze Page CreationPreamble

The squeeze page creation and use is an important stage of email list building process, as through the use of squeeze pages the client data (the subscriber data) are received by autoresponder and later is used for mailing messages to subscribers. Squeeze page creation is not a complicated process, this is more about selecting (or constructing) a squeeze page template and making a summary of the main nature of the offer, which is placed on a squeeze page.

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The appearance of your squeeze pages should be of the same style (preferably as the style of your website), and be very attractive to visitors. If you can easily create squeeze pages, but you have problems with their attractiveness, it is better to buy a couple of squeeze page templates (or to find them for free in the net) and use them as a basis, as attractive squeeze pages bring more subscribers. Of course, you’ll find some good resources on this topic on our website also.

If you are serious to your email list building – learn how perform squeeze page creation by your own, moreover, it is absolutely not difficult. This will make the process of your squeeze page replication effective and operational. In addition, you’ll not have to pay for it or constantly to ask someone for help.

So, here we discuss:

  • Squeeze Page Creation Ways
  • General Provisions to Squeeze Page Creation
  • Best Free WP Plugins for Squeeze Page Creation
  • Best Paid WP Plugins for Squeeze Page Creation
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Squeeze Page Creation Ways

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince, cajole, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most sought-after and coveted pieces of personal data: the email address.

So how do you create a squeeze page? There are a few different methods:

  • Build a squeeze page manually
  • Using a Squeeze Page Generator
  • Using WordPress Squeeze Page Plugins

Each of the methods can be effective, it all depends on your knowledge and experience.

2. General Provisions to Squeeze Page Creation

squeeze page creationSqueeze page creation can be successfully performed both with the knowledge of the HTML code, and without it. Knowledge of HTML code gives certain advantages, but if you do not know it you can easily create squeeze pages by using WP Plagins. They are free and paid. The choice of WP Plagin for squeeze page creation depends on the diversity of the types of squeeze pages that you want to create and use, as well as of the variety of their design.

In order to master the process of squeeze page creation, you should start with the simpler cases and with the use of less bulky tools, moving sequentially from simple to complex. The most important thing is to create your first squeeze page, then everything will be easier to master.

Do not forget that before you run your first squeeze page, your must have your autoresponder setup, as you’ll need your autoresponder code to be placed in a squeeze page! Also, the selected WP plugin for squeeze page creation must be installed and active!

On the Internet you can find a lot of free and paid tools for squeeze page creation, especially for WordPress websites. To facilitate your search, we have prepared a short list of tools that you can safely use. These tools are free and paid WP plugins that are very easy to install and use. These plugins to some extent automate the process of squeeze page creation and help produce more original squeeze pages. Paid plugins provide significantly more opportunities, for example, they provide a large number of attractive templates.

If you want to seriously use e-mail marketing and to build quality lists it’ll be better at the first step to buy a high-productive and powerful plagin that will help you to get the right amount of attractive and well-functioning squeeze pages.

3. Free WP Plugins for Squeeze Page Creation

Use the list below in order to pick up a free squeeze page creation WP plugin. We present in this list only the most popular and high-quality free WP plugins which can help you to improve email list building.

a) Impact

The Impact is a very powerful. This template editor will help you to create landing, squeeze, sales, affiliate, thank you, marketing, product or any other creative web pages in minutes and without changing your website theme. The template editor has the capacity to place customized code like HTML, Javascript, PHP or CSS at any place on your page template. Impact template has 4 empty hook varieties: In header, Before Content, After Content, and In Footer. You can use these to place everything you like from WordPress Widgets to custom Text, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

This tool is very reliable, easy to learn and use for squeeze page creation. The paid version of Impact is also available, which is more advanced.

b) Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page

The Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page are one of the best among the free squeeze page creation WP plugins. You can add logo, add background images, set page background colors, add titles, headline and description text, control fonts on the page, Google fonts integration, and more.
The plugin is very easy to download, customize and use.

c) WP Options

The WP Options plugin will help you easily create custom squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages and review pages with minimal effort. You can customize everything with multiple designs and options: texts, videos and graphics. The developer provides a step-by-step video tutorial for squeeze page creation from where you’ll learn how to add autoresponder, images, opt-in forms and much more. Plugin is very easy to use and is completely free.
If you are a beginner, then this plugin will help you to get started with a squeeze page creation and email list building more easily. You’ll basically need to  to do only two things: to insert your autoresponder code and to choose the template before creating a squeeze page, plugin does everything else automatically.

You can also use free WP plugins: Landing Pages PluginEasy Sign Up Plugin and Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator.

Other good quality WP plugins for squeeze page creation:

WordPress Squeeze Page

4. Conclusion and Notes

So, in conclusion, it should be noted that you have to pay attention to the whole squeeze page creation approach to really make sure it will very seriously carry out for you. You can’t just mix together a poor one material and expect to have people lining up for it. You, also, can’t just point it out once and expect it to be more than enough. You require to include squeeze pages in the whole marketing process from getting started to finish, as a way to bring new people into your pipeline, and to drive them to your other points of contact (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other) for those that aren’t ready to purchase.

Please, read and follow some basic principles for squeeze page creation:

If you use the templates for squeeze page creation, choose just the modern and attractive ones, as people are increasingly paying attention to something original. Also, use only the responsive squeeze page templates to extend their use of various devices.

A great squeeze page will be brief, will get to the point promptly and won’t load the visitor down with extra words. It will tell people what’s in it for them, and what to do to get it, nothing more. Your squeeze page should have a clear objective before it’s created (including, who do you want to attract, what do you want them to do, what is your action plan for follow up).

Be confident in your message text during the squeeze page creation. The clearer you are about who you want to attract, the more easily it will be. Your call to action should be obvious, specific, express value and create a good sense of urgency.  If you can’t achieve this, you will miss the valuable prospects.

If you often create new squeeze pages for email list building (or often update the existing pages), you should use the squeeze page creation tool, as this will reduce the time and improve the quality.

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