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Updated: June 16, 2018

Free Traffic from Social MediaPreamble

The free traffic from social media is of interest to many Internet marketers and it is an important part of Social Media Marketing (SMM) in general, as it can substantially advance the business.

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On the other hand, the simple answer to the question, how to get free traffic from social media, is severely difficult due to the fact that this is a very big topic, which is complicated by the fact that each of social media websites has its own features, which significantly effect on the social media marketing strategies used.

But still, getting a big and free traffic from these websites is possible through the targeted activity on the following key social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

On this page, we mainly consider the initial steps needed to be performed to start to get free traffic from social media (which are common to social media marketing strategies realized on different social media networks). For a more in-depth application of the social media marketing strategies you’ll still need to use special programs developed by experienced marketers.

So, here we discuss:

  • Free Traffic from Social Media Networking
  • Social Media Marketing Plan to Get Targetted Traffic
  • Increase Your Social Media Presence to Get More Traffic
  • Automatic Tools to Get Free Traffic from Social Media
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Free Traffic from Social Media Networking

free traffic from social mediaIn a few words, social media marketing is the process of taking part in social media networks in order to further create a brand and improve marketing communication. This type of Internet marketing makes utilization of a range of social media communication methods and strategies, including email and instant messaging, blogging, participation in forums, and much more.

Many of these techniques have been around for a while, but only in latest years have businesses begun to fully take advantage of the prosperous possibilities open to them within social media. Before you take the jump into the ocean of social media marketing, learn how to use the tools to get free traffic from social media for your benefits.

What are the Benefits of SMM?

While many of the best known social networking websites (such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter) were originally created as platforms through which people could share with each other, these platforms are rapidly turning into a beneficial tool for businesses in their initiatives to enhance their brand and reach out to potential clients. SMM provides a number of other advantages, providing businesses with the chance to:

  • Assist people through information, resources and helpful tools.
  • Build brand recognition.
  • Gain confidence in the online community.
  • Get followers.
  • Turn your followers into website targeted traffic, and into real customers.

The attractiveness of SMM is that it is a low-cost way to reach out. Any person can do it at any time. On the other hand, to get the most from these business tools, you’ll need to invest some time in forming a plan of action and for learning how to properly start, and maintain visibility with your audience to get success.

2. Social Media Marketing Plan to Get Targetted Traffic

To receive free traffic from social media is not so easy. Of course, it is necessary to have a sort of action plan in order to avoid wasting time. By getting close to social media in a disciplined way, you can significantly impact your visibility and your reputation, and also enjoy the communications along the way.

At developing the action plan you should consider the following key points:

  • Set objectives. What action do you want your network or your blog readers to take? What do you want them to get out of their social networking experience with you?
  • Determine your audience. Most businesses invest a great deal of time, money and energy during their startup to determine who their prospects are. Put this to good use in focusing your social media energies on the right target audience
  • Know what image you wish to project. Are you a pal, and authority or the go-to guy? Determine what real-life profile fits you and convey that image — that brand — in every social media/networking activity
  • Choose your format (s). Post blogs through blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and others
  • Decide how you’ll execute your plan

Will you do it yourself or get help? While input and insight from you is essential to projecting the brand and the image you want your audience to see, a company with expertise in online marketing can assist with the technical aspects of setting up profiles, posting, linking and using search engine optimization and to make your communications more visible to search engines.

Getting Started

It is important to go into SMM with the right attitude, right off the bat. Yes, SMM can be a wonderful way to touch people, make friends and contacts, and influence them to follow you to your website, but it is a subtle art. People can spot insincerity and ulterior motives in milliseconds, even online, so approaching SMM unselfishly is a must.

“Give and you shall receive.”

It’s a mantra you’ll likely hear over and over in the social media world, and it may well be the most important (and challenging) concept to master. It can’t be stressed enough: Every blog, every article post, every interaction with your social networking contacts should be focused on how it benefits your audience – not your business.

With the expectations about your motivations properly set, it’s time for you to begin introducing yourself to the Web community. You can choose one SMM method only if you wish, but a more effective approach is to use a variety of tools to expand your presence.

This resource focuses on three:

  • Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Content Sharing

a) Social Networking

You may already be using social networking sites to keep up with friends and family. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Bebo, Friendster are among the most popular right now; they’re user-friendly, ubiquitous and are equipped with a variety of applications and gadgets that make using the sites enjoyable. There are also a number of SMM websites that are especially great for business purposes (Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon to name a few). Contacts you make through social networking will also often recommend a few of their favorite SMM websites.

Invest some time up front in the construction of your profile, including biographical information, a photo, objectives, interests, expertise and other professional and personal associations. Use these topics in the social networking site’s search tool to locate people and organizations who’ve share interests and associations. Rather than lie back and wait for the conversations to start, introduce yourself. Just as you would extend a warm handshake at a party or business convention, offer your hand to the online community.

Whether you’re using a personal account or a business account or both, be open and transparent, and encourage your new-found friends in the online community to consider you a good neighbor and a resource.

b) Blogging

Blogs are a staple for businesses looking to build a presence. Use blog posts on WordPress and other sites as a resource for others by regularly offering up fresh, original information that is of interest and is
useful to others. Your contributions to your blog will be far more meaningful and credible if they focus on giving information and resources to others, rather than hawk your own products or taut your business’
Indirectly, though, these posts allow you to establish your authority in your industry and also provide readers with a reason and means visit your site. In addition to providing links to valuable resources, give
readers a convenient way to reach you for additional support and guidance.

c) Content Sharing

This differs slightly from blogging, in that it encompasses not just sharing ideas and information through posts, but also sharing content via other methods and content sharing sites:

  1. Articles
  2. News releases (PRWeb, eReleases, PRNewswire)
  3. Photos (Flickr)
  4. Videos (YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Google Video)
  5. Whitepapers (
  6. Presentations.

With each of these methods, be smart about linking. Use your blog, social networking page or content sharing platform to link back to your website, but also link out to these SMM resources from your
business website.

3. Increase Your SMM to Get More Free Traffic

Depending on the amount of time you can set aside for SMM, it can take a while to build up a following and see real-world results (read “conversions”), but with regular effort and patience, all that “paying
forward” can pay back in a big way.

If possible, set aside time daily, even if it’s a few minutes, to maintain your social media presence. You may wish to enlist the aid of a friend, coworker or an online marketing partner to manage your SMM campaign for you on a regular basis, or at least keep up with it when you’re out of town or bogged down. Some services can provide everything from simple blog posting services to copywriting services so you can get professionally written content as well.

If it helps, have a checklist of tasks you want to tackle:

  • Monitor blogs and social media for activity.
  • Respond to comments, questions and wall posts.
  • Post new blog about a chosen topic.
  • Search for and add new contacts.

Results won’t happen overnight, but SMM is to some degree a “you get out of it what you put into it” proposition. The more you can invest in the proposition, the greater the likelihood that you’ll realize
positive business benefits.

4. Automation Tools to Get Free Traffic from Social Media

The most difficult work in getting free traffic from social media is to prepare the interesting content for the readers and its timely distribution (posting on your network’s pages). Content must be not only interesting for the readers but also unique, to let you raise your website ranking in search engines, as this will also increase your website getting free traffic from search engines.

Fortunately, in order to facilitate the work the special WP plugins developed, that allow you to find the right content and post it automatically. But it must be remembered that the very advanced tools (that you can trust on 100%) does not exist. This means that the automatically prepared content should be first checked and only then published, no matter what tool you use.

To use of such tools is simple, and they are arranged identically.

  • First, you perform all the settings according to instructions (basically you enter the details of your social media networks accounts, data for affiliate URLs, data for control modes, etc.)
  • Then you enter the keywords that are used by the tool to search for relevant content from different sources and to prepare content for posting. For the preparation of the required number of content versions to be published, plugins are using spinners, like Spin Rewriter, TheBestSpinner, Content Professor, etc. This ensures that no duplicate content will be posted on your social media networks pages
  • Once this is done, the content or immediately published on your social media networks pages or supplied to turn on preview (this can be operated from the control panel)

Typically these tools provide the ability to use spinners of a good level for the preparation of original content.

5. Conclusion and Notes

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