Freelancing Basics


Freelancing Basics

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VIII. Freelancing Using

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                   Freelancing Basics


1. Freelancing Basics

In this lesson, we will cover freelancing basics.

We will help you to understand what types of services you can offer so that you can generate revenue with no cost freelancing. The basics involve you getting paid to work for someone else. A freelancer isn’t a regular employee with regular hours.

Instead, you get paid to do work for someone else. You may work for them 5 hours this week and 50 hours the following week. It just depends on the type of work they have for you. Keep in mind, freelance work can be short term. You may do only one short project for someone. You may have 10 projects going at once, and you will need 2 or 3 hours to complete each of them.

Typically, with freelancing, you will work with many clients. You set your hours; you work on your own terms. You typically work from your computer at home or where you have internet access. Many successful entrepreneurs do freelancing full time. It is how they make all their income. You can make very good income as a freelancer. In fact, many people have a 6 or 7 figure income from this type of business.

You will find this with those that make good sales copy. They make huge amounts of money. So do those that do well with SEO or with creating websites. The better your work is, the more clients you get and the more money you can earn. This doesn’t have to be a means to an end. Instead, it could become your full time work.

The beauty of this is that you can get started with absolutely no money up front. Once you learn some of these methods and things you can do for other people, you can do services for potential joint venture partners. Let’s say you created your own project and you want others to promote it, the best thing you can do to get their attention is to do things for them.

Figure out what you can do to help them. Maybe it is updating their website or updating their sales letter. You can do freelancing to make money but you can also use it to earn credibility and respect. Then someone can start to do something for you. Think about long term profits. You may not make money right away, but you will for the long term. You may need time to set yourself up to work with potential partners.

To get started, you need to pick the types of freelance services that you offer. We are going to go over each of those that you can offer and services you can provide for others so you know how this works.

  • Writing services – e-books, reports, articles, blog posts
  • Graphics – PhotoShop services, create e-covers, banner ads
  • Video services – recording, editing, screen captures, tutorials
  • WordPress – setting up blogs, integrate themes
  • Posting content on blogs – want a good writer that can do it often
  • Web design – build and update websites
  • Social media services – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, comment on things, create content
  • Forum posting – ask questions, answer questions, get exposure for them
  • Consulting – Help with a particular subject or task
  • Technical set up – create sales pages, squeeze pages, HTML, payment buttons
  • Recruiting JV partners – You can get paid to take care of the recruiting
  • Business plan creation – Help them get a loan, expand their business
  • Resume writing – find a job, better job
  • Tutoring – any topic
  • Care/tip advice – coupons, lawn care, golf, etc.
  • Travel planning – save money on travel, book adventures
  • Critique – Listen to speech, public speaking and give them feedback
  • Bookkeeping – Keep the books for a company

Think about what you are good at as the options are virtually unlimited. Think outside of the box. What do you do every day? What Type of tasks do you already do at your job? If you are human resources, you can be good at writing resumes. You can tell people what a business looks for that stands out. Do work that won’t violate the contracts of your current employer.

As long as you have the free reign, you can do what you do on your regular job without sharing your employer information, you can do it. You can get started with freelance work from home for extra money or as job.

We gave you some good examples, but check out and you will see all the different categories. Each of the above mentioned categories have subcategories that you can look at. These projects are in demand and people need help right now. Press release writing is something that people really need help with. PowerPoint development can also be something you make lots of money with.


Freelancing Basics


You can create videos for people. You may know how to use software for movies and editing. You can become an expert. You can take any of these platforms and learn more about it. Go to Google or Bing and practice. Get advice from people in the industry. Then start selling your services. You don’t have to be an expert right now to start out.

Customer service work is a good one – technical support, phone support. Transcription is another very big service. This is to show to you that there are so many different options for you. There is no reason for you to be an expert. Anyone can become a good writer – it is in great demand. Find tips and tutorials online.

Business owners are paying for all types of services through freelancers. You know what you are good at. Most of you can become a great content writer. If you have certain software, use it. You may be good at PhotoShop – use it to make money. You may have QuickBooks that you use daily at the office. On the weekends, do freelance work and use those skills. The key is to visit this lesson again. Think about what service that you can offer to the market that you can provide them as a value added service.

Decide what you would like to do. If you need to revisit this lesson again, do so. If you need to think about it, take some time. Everyone reading this though can potentially offer services without leaving home. From the comfort of home with internet connection, you can make money. The purpose is to find something. You can create reports, articles – anyone can become a good writer. You can make good money doing so.

Now we are going to move to the next part. How to make money being a great freelancer using no cost methods.

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