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Freelancing Forums

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VIII. Freelancing Using

Lesson: 78

                   Freelancing Forums


1. How to Leverage Forums with Your Freelancing

This is part we will be talking about how to leverage forums with your freelancing.

Forums are just one more way that you can find freelance work. We have already talked about micro job sites and micro gig sites. We talked about freelance sites and even getting your own website. We have covered a multitude of ways to find freelance work.

Forums are one more way to get even more jobs that are out there. High traffic sites with webmasters seeking services are an ideal place to go. Again, high traffic means there is lots of volume and potential work that needs to be done. These forums will have the work you are looking for. They need content, installations, etc. You name it, they will need it.

Conduct a Google search for webmaster forums. In quotation marks enter “buy, sell, trade” webmaster forum. That will bring up only webmaster forums that have these exact words in them.


freelancing forums


A really popular one with a good buy, sell, trade section is It has been around for a while.


freelancing forums


Inside the buy, sell, trade forum, there are all types of things. There are design contests that take place. You can submit and throw yourself in the ring so to speak. There are services you can offer including writing and graphics. You can go through them and show what types of services you can offer. See if there are projects you can bid on. Submit your own work as well.


Posting Fiverr Gigs


Another popular one is It is a great buy, sell, trade forum where you will find opportunities. There are lots of postings for services here.


freelancing forums


For example, a web hosting site. There is a posting for buying a description writer. This is someone to write descriptions for various projects. No one had replied on it yet, and you could become the first one to reply on this job offer.

This type of work doesn’t take much effort. You can go through and look for what people are buying and see what you can offer. You can sell your own services on here as well. There are so many sites that will come up when you do that Google search we mentioned. The most popular one is the They have a special section for those posting services and one for those looking to hire.


freelancing forums


The warriors for hire section is great once you have made some money. You can go there and demonstrate what you can do. The members that are looking to hire you is a place where you can go in and browse. See what types of jobs people need. They are looking for game writers, journalists. You can possibly find jobs and opportunities here.


how to leverage forums with your freelancing


Find a job on a forum and job some of them. Find a job that works for you. There are so many possibilities when it comes to making money from freelancing. Take advantage of those options. If you really put your nose to the grindstone and apply the principles in this training, you will find those opportunities.

2. Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
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