How to Find Quality Offers


How to Find Quality Offers

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part IV. Affiliate Marketing

Lesson: 15

                   How to Find Quality Offers


1. No Cost Affiliate Marketing System

This Lesson is the part of the No Cost Affiliate Marketing System.

In this part, we are going to discuss how to find quality affiliate offers to promote. The first part to realize is that big, well known sellers online have affiliate programs. It is very easy for you to dive into what they offer. They have good marketing and advertising systems in place. That is why they are effective and big companies. That gives you the chance to be marketed for such businesses.

Normally, in the footer of the website you will come across if they have an affiliate program. For example, has a button that says Join Associates program. Each of them has a different way to state it and to promote it. Find that and you can be part of using that platform. So, find the big name retailers and become part of their affiliate programs.

Promote at stores you shop at or services that you use. This makes it very easy to promote them. Maybe you are big into shoes and you can go with many of the online shoe companies you have used. You can become and affiliate and promote for them and you have already used their products and solutions.

Maybe you have read lots of e-books and you have found a solution for something you or your family suffered from. Find a vendor that offers that product or service and you can advertise it as an affiliate. Look at ailments that you can have a passion for in solutions so that you can help to share that. You don’t have to be completely passionate about a market. The money will follow where it makes sense.

If you love sports, you can promote licensed apparel or ticket solutions. That may be a good interest for you that is also a profitable niche market. You don’t have to be passionate about it though to make an income. The large affiliate networks can connect you with plenty of offers. For example, ClickBank has tons of digital products.

Keep in mind that there are different types of offers. There are traditional commission offers where you earn a percentage of each sale. There is also a Cost Per Action (CPA) offers where you get paid a set amount. You can also get paid based on the leads, zip code submissions, or the number of email addresses submitted. You will find those within various affiliate networks and solve the problem on how to find quality affiliate offers for your website.

2. Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are some popular affiliate marketing networks to check out.

a) Commission Junction

One of them that is really good is

Commission Junction, how to find quality offers

It used to be known as Commission Junction and now it is called Affiliate by Conversant. They will have sale listings and they will have requirements that you need to follow to know how to find quality offers. They do want a working website, so you will need to work on having your own affiliate page. You can get that for free.

b) Share a Sale

Another option is and they don’t have strict guidelines.

how to find quality affiliate offers

There are tons and tons of ways that you can make a commission on just about anything. If you can dream it up, there are ways for you to make money with it.

c) ClickBank

One of the popular sources we have mentioned throughout the lessons is The Clickbank Marketplace brings up many categories on the left hand side.

quality affiliate offers to promote

Every one of these products is easy for you to start promoting. You can start making a nice commission by promoting digital products on Clickbank.

d) JVZoo

If you want something that you can get started with quickly, go to

They are lenient and they have lots to offer with digital products. You do need a PayPal account here and you will get paid instant commissions.

popular affiliate marketing networks


e) PeerFly

One that isn’t difficult to get into is They typically deal with only CPA type products (Cost Per Act). You will get paid a set amount per action. For example, when someone enters their zip code to get a quote for insurance or something like that. You will find plenty of offers out there with this site.

how to find quality offers

If you are struggling to find products to promote, these sites will give you plenty of samples.

f) Max Bounty

Another to take a look at is and it is also CPA.

There are lots of offers once you click on Become a Publisher and create your account. You may need a website there but it depends on their terms. We will talk about getting your free website set up later in this course.

how to find quality offers

g) CPA Way

Another popular one is CPA is

They work with some really good programs that you can promote. Click on Publisher and it will allow you to create an account. You will publish links to generate commissions. They are an up and coming network that is doing very well.

how to find quality offers

The sign up for these sites is basic. You will provide your name, address, phone number, and email. This is how they will verify who you are and they will get you paid. Some of them offer various payment options and you can pick such as direct deposit, a check, or Paypal.

If the form asks if your marketing involve offering incentives, select no. This would refer to giving someone an offer that you are paying for in order to take part in such affiliates. We don’t advise doing that right now. It may be something you want to look into later on down the road as an advanced feature.

how to find quality offers

Be very thorough with your information provided when it comes to applying to become an affiliate with any of these sites. Let them know how you plan on getting traffic. Show them that you have a plan in place to promote. Let them understand who you are so that you increase the chance of getting approved.

3. Additional Interesting Opportunities

a) Point Click Track

A good website to look at is

They offer a combination of types of affiliate offers and there are so many. It is just a matter of settling on them and deciding what you want to promote. Then you can move into the traffic part and getting your website up for the rest of the process.

how to find quality offers

b) Affiliate Bot

One more to look at is They don’t have as many barriers to entry as they aren’t as well known. They are good quality though and that is important. You should take a good look at them.

how to find quality offers

Now I recommend that you go back and revisit this lesson again if you need to.

Then choose a few offers you can promote. Let’s start setting in on that niche and the products to offer. Then you can offer content and a website. The information is going to funnel traffic through your affiliate links so you can start making money with the No Cost Affiliate Marketing system.

4. Resources for You

a) Recommended WP Plugins

These plugins are useful to facilitate the selection of quality offers:

Easy Azon

Easy AzonThe Easy Azon is an excellent tool to integrate your Amazon affiliate links directly into your web pages in an automated style.

It is extremely easy to understand and use. There are some configurations that need to be tuned only for the first time and you’ll never have to feel it once again. Based upon on your visitor’s analytics, and also the products you’re promoting, this might recover a good amount of product sales for you right off the ground.

If you plan to use Amazon ads on your business website the WP Easy Azon plagin will be a very good solution.


ClickBank Ad Rotator

WP Robot

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –

Paul Counts –

Jeff Wellman –

* * *

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