How to SEO to Get Free Traffic

Updated: March 26, 2021

How to SEO to Get Free TrafficPreamble

The first method of getting free traffic – is to ensure good quality of On-Page SEO for your business. So, how to SEO, is a very important point for any Internet marketer.

You know very well that when anyone is looking for something online, where is the first place that you think they would go – search engines.

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For a long time, search engines have been at the center of the heart of the Internet, as the main navigation method of choice. All that has changed in the last years is the popularity of various search engines. Over the years, Google has dominated and. Whether we like it or not, we have to take this into account.

This specifically means that in order to get more free traffic from search engines your website must first be well-received by Google search engine. For this, at least, it is necessary that all the pages of your website strictly conform to the main SEO rules.

Whether you need to study in detail the SEO rules?

Not necessarily, as some WP SEO plugins are so well designed and easy to use, that by adhering to the given recommendations it is very easy to make a high quality On-Page SEO for each web page almost automatically.

So, here we discuss:

  • Getting Traffic from Search Engines
  • On-Page SEO Making
  • Best Complete SEO Applications
  • Using Best WordPress SEO Plugins
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Getting Traffic from Search Engines

How to SEOGetting big amounts of free traffic from search engines is not an easy matter and is recognized as a great art (aerobatics) among the Internet marketers. Unfortunately, the quality performance of On-Page SEO is not enough.

You still need to have a quality and original content on your web pages and consistently provides a big number of links (backlinks) to your website (better of good PR level). Namely, these are the main features of getting traffic from Search Engines and this is exactly what is search engine optimization.

Therefore, if you want to receive significant traffic from search engines, you at list must have 3 main works done:

  • Quality and Constantly Updated Content
  • Excellent On-Page SEO for each web page of your website
  • The big number of backlinks to your web page (quality of PR is important)

It should be noted that On Page SEO is the easiest of these three challenges and if you use a quality SEO tool, it can almost become a technical problem with easy resolution.

2. On-Page SEO Making

The meaning of On-Page SEO in the aspect of getting the free traffic for a website is simple – just create your all web pages by the SEO rules. This will allow search engines to find, analyze and rank your pages. All this will increase your chances of getting free traffic. Below we briefly present the most important stages to emphasize the importance of the On Page SEO for your business website.

Stage 1

Make a Plan for Your Web Page Content

Try to imagine in more detail what do you want to put on your new web page (text, images, etc.). It will be very useful to prepare some drafts for your content. The material should be presented logically and comply with the subject you want to present to the people.

If you plan to use someone else’s material, then do not forget to remake it, as search engines prefer original content (for this you can use spinners, for example, Content Professor, it provides a Free option also),

Try to imagine in more  detail want do you want to put on the new web page (text, images, etc.). It will be very useful to prepare some drafts for your content. The material should be presented logically and comply with the subject you want to present to the people.

If you plan to use someone else’s material, then do not forget to remake it, as search engines prefer original content (for this you can use spinners).

Stage 2

Keyword Selection

This is a very important moment of how to SEO, as the choices of keywords affect the receipt of free traffic. You have to choose one primary keyword and 4-5 secondary keywords, relevant to your web page content. It is desirable to use the primary keyword in the web page title (so, it will be inside the page URL).

The choice of keywords should be based on their competition, which can be observed by using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The more competitive keyword you use, the harder it’ll be to break through and hold on the first pages of search engines, but that’s what your goal is.

Many experienced marketers believe that it is necessary to start with less competitive keywords (not more than 6.000 searches per month on Google) and then to move to a more competitive keywords use. This is a very efficient approach. But remember, that if you have used the primary keyword in the webpage URL and then change it, you can lose backlinks to this page, thus this approach should be used very carefully.

Stage 3

Use Quality Keywords Tools and On Page SEO Tools

In order to do On-Page SEO quickly and correctly and get get free traffic for your website you need to have at your disposal two tools:

  • Keyword research tool
  • On-Page SEO tool

You’ll use the keyword research tool – to find the best keywords for your web page content and you’ll use On-Page SEO tool – to do SEO works for the web page in the compliance with SEO rules. Thus, the answer to the question how to SEO to get free traffic for website, basically consists of the ability to select those tools and the ability to use them effectively.

a) Free SEO Tools

On the Internet there is a certain set of keywords and On-Page SEO free tools. But, unfortunately, the capabilities of these tools are very limited. Even a well-known AdWords Keyword Tool may not be very useful, as, from one side – it provides a lot of useful information about keywords, but from the other side – it does not give any advice on what exactly keywords should be chosen.

But if your budget is limited and you are forced to use only available free tools, below we recommend some of them.

Best Free Keywords Tools:

AdWords Keyword Tool

SEO Book’s Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool


Best Free On-Page SEO WP plugins:

Yoast SEO

All-In-One SEO Pack

The Platinum SEO Pack

HeadSpace2 SEO

b) Paid SEO Tools

The paid tools give much more opportunities and freed from many manual works. If you often have to deal with keywords and SEO, and regularly publish web pages and posts, then you should consider buying a higher-level tools.

Best Paid Keywords Tools:

Long Tail Pro

Market Samurai

Keyword Researcher



KW Finder

Best Paid On-Page SEO WP plugins:


3. Best Complete SEO Applications

use best keyword research toolsIf your website is not on the WordPress platform, or you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool to perform SEO for website, we advise you to pay attention to Traffic Travis and Market Samurai.

These tools are competitive, of high quality, and very popular!

The Traffic Travis is an application, created to help online businesses increase their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click tracking and niche market study.

It provides keyword research, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign research and tracking, as well as, executing general website evaluation. The Traffic Travis has a free and paid version.

The free edition of this application is the one, that is greatly promoted, instead of the more comprehensive paid version. Most likely, this is simply because the designers are positive enough about the functionality and overall efficiency of the free version. With this free version you can find keyword ratings, keep track of keywords, check backlinks for the web pages, check page ranks, and a lot of useful to know how to SEO and get free traffic for your website.

Besides being able to carry out On-Page SEO, they provide a wide range of other useful options on how to make SEO for the website, like:

  • Website overview and status
  • Quick competition research
  • Advanced strategies for finding relevant, high-traffic, high-quality keywords in your market
  • Create keyword lists
  • Discover links from competitors
  • Track search rankings
  • and much much more …

4. Using Best Paid WordPress SEO Plugins

Working with a particular web page content, there is a need to ensure the SEO quality level just from the beginning. So, it is good to have a tool, which peeks over the shoulder and monitors the process of creating content, to ensure the SEO quality and let you get free traffic for your website later after the web page publication.

We consider that one of the best in terms of price and quality is SEOPressor.


use best keyword research toolsThe SEOPressor is also among the best On-Page SEO tools. It is easy to install, understand and use. It’ll point you particularly about SEO errors you have made and will force you to correct them. The price for the single-site license, one domain, free lifetime updates, and priority support- is $9.00 per month.

SEOPressor plugin will help you optimize your website or blog pages. It will also create an overall SEO score for your performance. It is also easy to use and recommended for a wide range of WordPress platform users.So, it will show you in detail how to SEO to get the free traffic for website.

What benefits will you get by becoming a user of this tool:

  • You will have the opportunity to Optimize up to 3 Keywords and the webpages with tend to rank better on search engines. So, you will amplify your content’s thematic signal for better search ranking by optimizing up to 3 keywords.
  • You will get On-point SEO suggestions in a very convenient and understandable form, as SEO is messy and confusing, and most of us do not even know where to start. So, SEOPressor solves this by providing you with systemized, prioritized and actionable suggestions so you know exactly what to do next.
  • The SEOPressor measures your website semantic quality with its built in semantic analytic block (called SemantiQ Engine). Through calculating and measuring your websites data, it is able to suggest you how to strengthen your contextual signal for precise search engine interpretation.
  • It maximizes the readability of your content defining the markup of your website clearly will enable search engines to categorize your website more accurately. So, your website will be able to achieve better search ranking and you will have better chances to get free traffic for your website.
  • Also with the SEOPressor plugin you will crush the competition.

5. Conclusion and Notes

So, in order to get free traffic for your website from search engines, you need to thoroughly implement SEO for each page and post, moreover, that it is not difficult and does not take much time. The WordPress platform especially makes it easy to meet the challenge of providing a quality SEO for website content (On-Page SEO), even without detailed knowledge of SEO rules.

For this purpose, adhere to the following:

Just download the free WP plugin All-In-One SEO Pack and, during its use, do not forget to fill in the columns: Title, Description and Keywords (comma separated) for each of your web pages or posts. By this action you will perform a significant part of on page SEO. The items to fill data the All-In-One SEO plugin will show at the bottom of the page you are working.

To perform the rest of the work to ensure the content SEO, it is desirable to have a special WP plugin, for example, SEOPressor, which will suggest you how to SEO. Simply follow the instructions carefully.

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