How to Upload a Video to Your YouTube Account


Uploading Your Video

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Part V. Video Marketing

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                   How to Upload a Video to Your YouTube Account


1. How to Upload a Video to YouTube

In this lesson, we want to show you step by step how to upload a video to your YouTube account.

This process works perfect if you are uploading 10, 20, 30 or more videos to promote your product. It also works to upload casual videos here and there to promote your services. To do this, just go to and click on upload in the right corner.


how to upload a video to your youtube account


By this time, you should already have a YouTube account set up. It could entail a Google account too so if you already have that in place, then you have to what you need. Go to Upload and choose Upload As and it should show your name. You can create a new YouTube channel for your public videos if you want. Then click OK.


how to upload a video to your youtube account


Next, click on Select Videos to Upload.

This part of it is very, very simple. We are going to choose a public video and pick the video from where it is located on the hard drive of our computer. We are using this MP4 video as an example. It will take time depending on the length of the video. While the video is uploading, you will see the progress bar.


how to upload a video to youtube


While it is uploading, enter the main keywords that are targeted around your video. Type in the title in the box provided. We will use Natural Acne Cure Solutions. In the description, you can enter your website. For example, if you have a free website on Blogger, then add a description of what your video is about like in this example: Learn natural acne cures here with these proven solutions. You can finally defeat acne with these naturally effective methods. Let us know your thoughts by commenting or liking this video. For more information visit


upload a video to your youtube


You will need to type in at least 1 or 2 sentences. Try to enter a paragraph if you can get it in. The more you can include, the more keywords and content you offer. Where you send them in the link, have some good information for them to benefit from. That could be your website (where you have a review), or your affiliate link. Also. you can promote it through a squeeze page, a blog post, a free website, or straight to your sales page.

It is very important that you include the http:// part of that URL there. Tags are the next section and you want to include all you can. For this example, we will add acne, natural acne cure, acne remedies, etc.

Spend some time on finding your keyword phrases. You know your niche market well enough to do so. Place a comma and a space after each one. Then it will bring up more spaces for additional keywords.

upload a video to your youtube


The video thumbnail option is a good source for adding a thumbnail onto your slides. When it asks for you to choose a thumbnail, choose the one with a picture. That will draw more people in if they are just casually browsing around YouTube.

In privacy settings, make sure your video is set to public. Under advanced settings, make sure you allow comments. That is how you will get the information that people are offering as feedback. For licensing, pick the standard YouTube licensing. For caption certification, click that it has never aired on TV.


how to upload a video to your youtube account


Click Allow Embedding and then click Save Changes. Go back to Basic Info so you can choose a category. For this example, it can be science and technology how to and style. Then select Save Changes. Once you do that, your upload should be completed with the video by then. You can select for the video to automatically go to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus if you want.


how to upload a video to your youtube account


There you have it – that is the process for getting a video up on YouTube. It is very simple and very straightforward. There are other tutorials out there if you are struggling with it. Once you are inside your account, click on the star feature and go to Dashboard and you can actually view your video. You can also edit your description.


how to upload a video to your youtube account


So, now you know how to upload a video to YouTube.

Tere are plenty of tips and strategies offered from YouTube as well. This is how it works in a nutshell. Now it is time to get your videos uploaded. It is time to use YouTube as a great platform to promote your content. You can also embed your videos. To do this, click share and then embed. This allows you to embed it on your free blog or your free Squidoo lens. There are so many ways you can share your video to get it more natural views out there.

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