Best Approaches to Monetize Website

Best Approaches to Monetize WebsitePreamble

In the case when the use of third party advertising services like AdSense and others is rejected for any reason (or accepted as a non-core), the marketers are looking for other best approaches to monetize website, and very often, they come to the use of a combined method, which consists of several approaches to monetize website.

Clickbank Ads

As an example of such combination of approaches to monetize website use might serve the case, when the marketer uses at the same time: the banner rotator in the header area, the banner rotator in the widget area and the ads posted in web page area generated, for example, by ClickBank Ad Rotator, or by Easy Azon, or other tools, depending on web page content relevance. Such combinations of website monetization ways can be very beneficial, as they are flexible and very easy to automate. Also, if you monitor your website monetization carefully, you can quickly find the best combination for your content.

Taking into account that in this combined approach the promotional material is mainly taken from the marketplaces, you should choose the most profitable marketplaces, products and tools for ads display. Fortunately, on the market, you can find the WordPress plugins that can almost completely automate the process of selecting  and placing ads (including selecting ads by using keywords).

From the foregoing, it is clear that as the basis for the website monetization combined approach – serves the affiliate marketing.

So, here we discuss:

  • How Affiliate Programs Work?
  • How to Choose Relevant Affiliate Programs?
  • How the Affiliate Programs Work?

1. Affiliate Programs Use for Website Monetization

a) How Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate programs are the systems by which marketers can receive commission for selling someone’s products. When you sign up as an affiliate for a specific product, you will be provided with a link (URL) that includes your ID. You locate this URL on your website to begin to receive commissions. The product owner will either have an affiliate program (built into their own website) or use an affiliate network such as ClickBank, JVZoo, PayDotCom, etc. So, how to monetize a website in this case is very easy to control.

using third party advertising servicesIf you want yourself to place ads on the website you’ll need to find online marketplaces related to your business and choose the best for sale products and services. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of online marketplace sites for diverse products and services, like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc., best of them you’ll find at our list of resources.

In order to not be in bulky classification we divide all online marketplaces into two groups: with a wide range of products (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and only for digital products (ClickBank, Amazon, PayDotCom, JVZoo, etc). So, if you have the need to advertise on your website clothing, shoes, audio and video accessories and so on, then you should consider the first group of online marketplaces, and if you have the need to advertise, for example, SEO tool software, then you should consider the second group of online marketplaces. But remember, the marketplaces from the first group may also include digital products.

To use online marketplaces is not difficult, as they all are affiliate programs. This means that you can register for free and receive a commission from the sales of their products and services from your website, and in some cases, the payment for referrals. After registration at any online marketplace sites learn carefully the affiliate menu options, and you’ll find everything you need to advertise on your website. You even can find the widgets developed to search and place ads automaticall.

b) Choose Relevant Affiliate Programs

The affiliate ads are the pay per action, which recommends that readers will require to click on the ad and then either sign up or register for something, or make a purchase previous you get paid for the action. The more relevant the ad is to your content, the better the chances the visitors will click on the ad and execute the preferred action.

So, what type of affiliate program will deliver the most relevant ads for your website or blog? If you’re targeted on a specific topic, you will want to join affiliates specifically related to your content. For example, if you have a sports bike website, you might apply to be an affiliate with a sports bike equipment dealer.

Many marketers get started with Amazon Associates since Amazon offers millions of different products that are most likely to be a fit for most marketers. Amazon will pay commissions of 4% to 15%, based upon volume and product type. Also, very popular are the marketplaces for selling digital products – ClickBank, JVZoo, PayDotCom, ClickSure, Warrior+Plus. In these markets you can find many affiliate programs to get the best website monetization realized.

To find specific affiliate programs, check out the well-known affiliate resource websites, such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, and ShareASale. All three platforms offer access to thousands of affiliate programs, but you must apply individually to each one.

While you should choose programs relevant to your content, you don’t have to feel limited to stick too closely to your niche. Think about what other types of products and solutions your audience might be interested in. The more accurate you select an affiliate program, the best website monetization level you’ll achieve.

c) Consider an Affiliate Aggregator Service

If your website subject areas are more diversified, you might consider a system such as VigLink, which automates access to more than 30,000 affiliate programs and monetizes the links on your website. This is a very interesting way among website monetization ways!

For instance, if the marketers are writing about the new Boys’ Closing they observed on Zappos, rather of having to sign up with Zappos affiliate program straight, they can use VigLink, which will automatically add the affiliate code to the link and pay the marketers their gained commissions. VigLink normally keeps 25% for this service.

In addition to automatically monetizing current links, VigLink can also additionally insert the new links,  probably none existed before. For example, if the marketers refer to a product, brand or store, they don’t have to get worried about linking it on their own – VigLink will take care of that with its link insertion technologies, which optimizes for both user experience and profits.

Any marketer can try VigLink and find the most success if their website content is geared toward commerce.

d) Create Content That Sells

Of course, the affiliate marketing is one of the best approaches to monetize website, but in order to use it you need to have a piece of content on your website to insert the affiliate links, and, also, the content must be relevant to the advertised products and services.

Actually, more often, many marketers write content (for example, reviews on products and services) with affiliate marketing in mind, as this gives the power to the website content more easily to aggregate loyal visitors for the market niche topics.  Also, it gives more hope that visitors will click on affiliate links.

So, preparing content think of affiliate ads as additional resources that complement your content. Don’t put up a list of your favorite products and services (for example, eBooks, PLR Reports, and others) hoping your website visitors will click on the affiliate links and purchase the products or services just because you listed them. Take some time to write detailed reviews and use affiliate ads in the right place of your content, to help people to act on your information.

Where to get a piece of content on specific affiliate program?

The most affiliate programs provide promotional material for their affiliates, including  the products and services description, the text for emails, banners. Use this material to create your content on a specific topic, but don’t forget to rewrite it at least partially. We recommend you pay particular attention to the text for emails, as normally, it is ready made content for the marketers. Just rewrite it on 50-60% and use.

e) Integrate Affiliate Links Properly

If you do add affiliate links to your website content, make sure you maintain a balance between approaches to monetize website and user experience. One way to do this is to keep the majority of your content ad-free. In other words, do not overload your web page content with affiliate links (ads).

For example, it is desirable to have the affiliate link at the beginning of product review and at the end of product review. Not more, since the website visitors do not like intrusive ads.

Also, you can have the web page content which does not contain any affiliate links (ad-free). However, in this case you need to link to those pages from your sidebar, footer or somewhere else, that will give them a lot of visibility from the other pages on your website. The goal is not to monetize every page, but for every page is to be a potential gateway to approaches to monetize website.

2. Combined Approach for Website Monetization

This, perhaps, is one of the best approaches to monetize website, because it provides you more flexibility. On the one hand, you can place yourself ads that are most beneficial for you (for example, using best website monetization tools like Easy Azon, WP Robot, ClickBank Ad Rotator, CBproAds and other), and, on the other hand, you may allocate some spaces on your web pages to accommodate ads of the ad-share program (for example, Infolinks, Adversal and other).

Moreover, a combined approach allows you to sell items online from different marketplaces, selecting the most profitable. Typically, marketers use many online marketplaces at the same time. For example, same ads on their websites can be from ClickBank, JVZoo, and others, and some from Amazon, eBay, and others, depending on the relevance of content. So, as your business website works you’ll know what website monetization ways are best for you.

The important point for the implementation of the approaches to monetize website is the use of quality tools to automate the monetization process. Fortunately, for the WordPress websites developed many free and paid WP plugins for monetization. Also, there is a big choice of banner rotators and widgets. Some of these tools are shown in the resources for website monetization list. You can monetize not only your text, but also pictures, using ConvertPix WP Plugin.

3. Conclusion and Notes

In order to successfully implement website monetization, you first need quality content, that you can create yourself, or use high-quality resources for its creation, for example, Article Builder.

Having content prepared for monetization, normally the Internet marketers take into account two main factors when choosing best approaches to monetize website: Laboriousness and Level of Earnings.

So, carrying out the work on your website monetization, you should keep in mind the following circumstances:

If you have no time to perform a high-quality search for products to promote (or have a little knowledge of how to get ads to promote on your website), then ad-sharing programs use will be the best approach for your website monetization. But remember, this approach makes less money and requires a bit of time to create content and manage advertising campaigns. In this case the best service to use is AdSense

If you have time and you are able to find profitable products to advertise on your website, then you have no need to use any ad-share programs, since you can earn much more without using them. Just find the best affiliate programs for your website content and use quality monetization tools

If you are at the initial stage of setting up your business website (or you are a beginner), and want to create a website that focuses on AdSense, then for you will be very easy to do this using HyperVRE. This program will provide you content and guides you through the monetization using AdSense techniques to get best approaches to monetize website

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