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Choosing Online MarketplacesPreamble

Choosing online marketplaces can be embarrassing, as there are dozens of Internet marketplaces where you can sell online or set up a shop. But which online marketplaces are worth your time?

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Of course, finding the right ones will depend on what you are promoting, who you are seeking to reach, and what you are ready to buy or sell. The leaders like Amazon and eBay still dominate, but you may perhaps also come across sales on smaller online marketplaces with narrow focuses. Also, the experienced marketers assert, that it’s hard to say how many e-commerce platforms really exist, because new websites are always going up.

Online marketplaces are developing rapidly, improving the old and generating new services. Some of these services of marketplaces have created the whole new categories of commerce, which were not even a few years ago. For example, the Fiverr, just increased a further $30 million in business capital and has produced a whole new class of online micro services, where clients can pay as little $5 per service for a community of freelancers in over 190 countries. So, Fiverr is now one of the best online marketplaces for micro services.

To facilitate your choice of the marketplaces for your niche, we have compiled a list of recommended online marketplaces. It consists of two parts: Marketplaces for a Wide Range of Products and Marketplaces for Digital Products.

So, here we discuss:

  • Marketplaces for a Wide Range of Products
  • Marketplaces for Digital Products
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Marketplaces for a Wide Range of Products

In this section the best online marketplaces for a wide range of products are presented. For the big number of online business intentions this list of marketplaces may be enough, as the number of products in these markets is simply huge, and can satisfy almost all tastes for business website ads.

a) Amazon

AmazonThe Amazon today is widely recognized as one of the biggest e-commerce platforms worldwide. Its main competitor is auction eBay. It was originally planned to trade books, but today Amazon turned into a giant supermarket, where you can buy everything from baby clothes to television, from plumbing to jewelry. Amazon will allow you to find and pick up any item and place an order in a matter of minutes. The most popular branches of the Amazon are in the United States, which came first. Then, with surprising regularity for the competitors branches began to appear in other countries: Canada, Japan, Germany, Britain, China and France. Who are the sellers of the goods offered on Amazon? Seller of the goods may be the Amazon company and other people that offer Amazon products on their websites. You can register for free on their website, pick the products and earn commission from their sales. Amazon is a safe e-commerce network and you can get profitable business website ads from it.

b) eBay

eBayThe eBay is the next largest marketplace in the world (with over 230 million users). Besides the fact that it is a fantastic place where you can buy anything you like, smart businesses realize that eBay can be a valuable component of a variety of e-commerce strategies and the perfect place where to get the business website ads. Despite the fact, that eBay is highly competitive by its own, in order to make your sales successful for today, it is required much more than just to connect the product photo and text to your website. It is necessary to make your business stand out from the others and to have it professionally arranged. The sales strategies are to be optimal and the quality programs for the best sales management should be used. You should also be able to choose the eBay best ads for website.

Alternatives to Amazon and Ebay:


Google Shopping


This enterprise is part of a global community of Japanese-owned marketplaces with sales in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The membership is charged at $99 a quarter and commission ranges from 8-15 percent depending on the product category. The fee per item is 99 cents, billed only when an item in fact sells. Sellers can make products accessible to the Japanese market at no additional charge and can create their own labeled storefront.


The Sears website provides three unique services to third-party sellers: Advertise on Sears, Sell on Sears, and Fulfilled on Sears. The promotion service is based on cost per click. Sellers only billed a fee when a customer clicks through to the seller’s website. Fees range from 15 to 75 cents. Sellers deliver the products they want to sell on Sears (to one of the company’s warehouses). Sears stores it, and fulfills orders via its distribution system. There is a monthly fee of $39.99 and storage fees start at $0.45 per cubic foot.


Etsy is the biggest online marketplace for made by hand and old-fashioned items. It is promoting unique hand-made masterpieces along with small-batch manufactured products. Each item outlined on Etsy costs sellers 20 cents when the listing is published. The listing continues for four months or until the item is sold. Once a sale occurs, Etsy collects a 3.5 percent transaction fee on the item’s sales selling price.

As alternatives may also be interesting:



2. Marketplaces for Digital Products

In this section the best online marketplaces for the digital products is presented. The sale of digital products is very popular and profitable. All listed below marketplaces have affiliate programs, so join them and get the best ads for website.

a) ClickBank

ClickBankThe ClickBank is the largest and most well-known online marketplace for digital products. You can find there the best ads for website. It provides an opportunity to its customers to open a free account and accept credit card payments. ClickBank has more than 10,000 items of products that you can buy, or you can sell them as an affiliate and get commission of near of 50% and even more. In our opinion, the use of Clickbank online marketplace is one of the best ways to enter the home based business. Its products are selling well and by the price usually are not bigger than $100, making them easier to sell. In addition, it offers a money back guarantee for 60 days at the request of the buyer. This circumstance attracts more customers, vendors and affiliates.

b) Commission Junction

Commission JunctionThe Commission Junction is an online promoting service (company) working in the affiliate marketing sphere. The company is the biggest among the affiliate networks in North America and runs their service worldwide. Among the TOP 500 merchants which are using 3-rd party affiliate marketing application, 62% are managing by Commission Junction platform. Commission Junction is more a community than a network and it is very rich in best ads for website of different business profile. It is very powerful website. They have a lot of product’s categories, provide information about the sellers and give detailed statistics on your activities and on selected products. If you want to increase your affiliate marketing then Commission Junction would be a sensible place to use. Sign up as a publisher (it is free) and get promo links without any manual approvals. They pay by checks and have a reputation of closing inactive affiliate accounts.

c) JVZoo

JVZooThe JVZoo is an e-commerce platform that makes it possible for sellers to create a quick affiliate program for their products and services. You can sell your products anywhere – website, blog, forums, etc. Or you can create your own web sales page using their editor (WYSIWYG). You can evaluate JVZoo to other e-commerce platforms,for example, like ClickBank. But once you start using JVZoo, you’ll see that there are far more seller pleasant features than ClickBank provides. The first and most evident difference between JVZoo and other marketplaces is the cost of services. ClickBank charges $49 to list one product, WarriorPlus charges $19 per product. JVZoo is totally free to list all products. Also you can create sales buttons and build your own affiliate program for free. The free option, combined with the quick sales web page generator, is an excellent way for those who want to start their business fast and get many interesting business website ads. In less than a few minutes you can have a search engine optimized sales web page and built your affiliate program to promote.

d) Zaxaa

ZaxaaZaxaa is a platform where product owners can sell their products without handling any payment. Your sales funnels will be set up giving you more time to concentrate on what matters. It also includes an email automation tool to make your marketing effort fruitful. Making more sales and money. Choosing online marketplaces remember that Zaxaa has two levels: Premium Automation and Ultimate Automation. The monthly fees for these two levels start at $77 per month and $99 per month respectively. Fees go up from there depending on how many contacts you have. There is sliding calculation tool on the site to help you quickly estimate your fees. The platform has the advanced mailer system, where Zaxaa will automatically add your buyers to their built-in mailer. (This is only available if you choose the Ultimate Automation plan.) Alternatively. You can instantly subscribe buyers to the autoresponder of your choice.

e) ClickSure

ClickSureThe ClickSure is a digital products marketplace which offers similar products to ClickBank and is its direct competitor. It seems that in fact they gradually are taking many products away from ClickBank. As ClickBank made some important improvements to their guidelines and will no longer accept specific products that don’t meet their marketing criteria, some people have decided to move their products to Clicksure. For the end of 2012 over 50,000 affiliate marketers where using ClickSure affiliate network for digital products promotion. ClickSure is on the stage of evolution and the time will show how successful it will happen. For today they only accept payments through credit cards and do not use PayPal. They also have a long time to wait for product approvals, but in many cases it is useful, because it encourages quality and you can get best ads for website. Their website is well designed and it is easy to use.

f) Warrior+Plus

Warrior+PlusThe Warrior+Plus is a help and affiliate marketing website of Warrior Forum and it is a marketplace for WSO (Warrior Special Offers). This is a great system to get interesting digital products and to promote them on your business website. It is very easy to use ant it has an affiliate program. The affiliate program allows you to sell other people WSOs and to receive commission. Once you have selected the product you should ask permission from the WSO author to promote it (to make request), and as it is approved you get you promotion URL. This marketplace engages a considerable numbers of the visitors everyday from all over the world. This confirms the advantage of working with the Warrior+Plus.

g) PayDotCom

PayDotComThe PayDotCom is one of the world’s biggest and best growing online marketplaces with the catalogs of thousands of items and services (both digital and physical products). Today, they join over 25,000 vendors, who currently sell products from this platform, and have over 600,000 affiliates, that promote products now. The affiliates can earn sales commissions up to 80% by linking their consumers to the PayDotCom products and services. Within each product or service in the marketplace you’ll obtain needed information on the affiliate program. You will also get all links and the promotion resources from the Vendor’s affiliate tools when you select the item. Then you can track all your stats. They provide the widget which can automate your business website ads placement.

3. Conclusion and Notes

So, when choosing online marketplaces, remember, that the correct choice of the online marketplaces determines your income. The selection process should be divided into two parts: first – determine the type of products that you will advertise on your website; second – pick the best marketplaces for your niche for these types of products.

Some notes to help:

Make a list of marketplaces for your business website and familiarize with the possibilities to get business website ads from each marketplace. Typically, Internet marketers use several marketplaces in order more fully capture the market of products and services of their market niche. The purpose of this step is to find and use best online marketplaces to make more money from advertising

Carefully study each marketplace in order achieve the fullest use of its capabilities. You have to learn how to choose the most profitable products to advertise on your business website. Also, learn the ability to automate your advertising, many marketplaces often offer their free WP plugins and widgets. Also, choosing online marketplaces stage should finalize with the list of marketplaces for your niche!

If you’re just starting your online business, we recommend that you use: Amazon – for a wide selection of products and ClickBank – for digital products. Moreover, that for these marketplaces there is a very good choice of WP plugins and widgets for ads automated posting

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