How to Improve Website Monetization

How to Improve Website MonetizationPreamble

Knowing how to improve website monetization can significantly increase your website conversion and on this basis will increase your earnings.

Certainly, the main indicator of the successful selection of best website ads (chosen website monetization approach) – is the resulting conversion. But you should remember that to assess the real conversion, a certain period of your website operation is required. Also, you should have some stable traffic for this period, for example, at least 80-100 of targeted visitors per day for a new website.

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And one more important thing – typically, website visitors make the decision to buy only after the 7-8 visits. So, consider these important factors when making the evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising for your website.

If your website is not converting (no sales), or conversion is very low, begin to change the ads on your website, but do it in parts, performing thorough accounting of making ads changing. By doing this step-by-step and by detailed account, you’ll gradually get the favorable combination of ads for your website.

To know better how doing website monetization improvement, please, read our FAQ.

FAQ for Website Monetization Improvement

1. What is Website Monetization?

Monetizing your website means – creating profit from Internet marketing campaigns by placing various ads on a website. In this case, the resulting website traffic converts into revenue.

Of course, there are different ways to monetize a website. If you place ads yourself, you have to find the best website ads to increase your conversion. It comes by making tests on advertising and by getting experience.

So, knowing how to improve website monetization – is the way to know how to make money using your website!

What are the Main Approaches to Monetize Website?

The main ways for website monetization are:

  • Contextual Ads – you get paid when your website visitors click an ad to visit another website, motivated by contextual relevancy. This is the easiest approach for website monetization. Google AdSense is the leader for such services, also there are some  good alternatives
  • Affiliate Programs – you get a commission payment when your visitors buy products or services from another website. You place affiliate links on your website, visitors may click on these links, and you get paid only when one of your visitors in fact converts on another website. You can get affiliate links from the marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc.) or directly from the seller’s website.
  • Sell own Products or Services – is the hardest business model, but has the greatest potential reward. It is used when thinking about how you can scale your website for maximum progress and monetization. This is a very serious answer to the question how to monetize website.

How Do Contextual Ads Work?

The main principle of using these services is simple. After you open a free account they place their special banners on your web pages and, analyzing the keywords of the specific web page, they select an advertisement for it. If your website visitors click on these buttons, you get paid to your account.

One of the very popular ways to get ads for website is to involve a third party ads program (also called Ad-Share Programs or Content-Sensitive Web-Based Marketing) like AdSense, MediaNet, RevenueHits, Bidvertiser, Chitika, etc.

AdSense is the most powerful and popular, and they actually provide the best website ads. But when you use their services you can’t locate many of other advertising on your web pages (otherwise your account will be closed).

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate programs are the systems by which marketers can receive commission for selling someone’s products. When you sign up as an affiliate for a specific product, you will be provided with a link (URL) that includes your ID. You locate this URL on your website to begin to receive commissions. The product owner will either have an affiliate program (built into their own website) or use affiliate networks (for example, such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, JVZoo, PayDotCom, etc.).

To use affiliate programs is not difficult. After registration at any online marketplace websites learn carefully the affiliate menu options, and you’ll find everything you need to advertise on your website. You even can find free widgets and plugins, developed to search and place ads automatically.

Why Using Own Products for Website Monetization?

The website monetization by using own products (especially, own products of high-quality) is one of the most effective and prestigious of making money online.

Many of the most successful Internet marketers have made at least some of their income by marketing their own products. If your product is prosperous and well-known you stand to make a great income from it. You also have control over all the details of the product and its pricing, which is not the case if you are advertising a product as an affiliate. Plus, having your own product is excellent for branding yourself as an expert on a particular subject.

The very short answer to this question is: The own product of high-quality has the most significant unlimited income potential!

What are the Best Marketplaces?

Of course it depends on the market niche in which you work!

Nevertheless, for a variety of physical and digital products, we believe that such marketplaces are – Amazon and eBay, and for the digital products such marketplaces are – ClickBank, Amazon, JVZoo, Warrior+Plus and PayDotCom. These marketplaces provide the best products to advertise and have the clear and reliable payment terms.

In addition, for these marketplaces developed many high-quality tools to automate advertising for your website, like WP plugins WP Robot, Easy Azon, ClickBank Ad Rotator and other.

How Choose Best Products from Marketplaces?

The Internet marketers mainly choose products to sell from the marketplaces. The marketplaces, as a rule, provide a range of product characteristics in order to facilitate selection of the desired product to let marketers (affiliates) make the best choice for them. So, choosing the best products from marketplaces is accompanied by making an analysis of the set of characteristics, like: Initial $/Sale, Avg Rebill Total, Avg $/Sale, Avg %/sale, Avg %/Rebill, Gravity, and other.

Also, the marketplaces provide filters for choosing products. Filters are programs, which help you to select products on a number of indicators, like: vendor name, product sales price, the average commission rate, billing type, product release date, other. Use filters to select best products from marketplaces according to the given parameters. And remember, a good selection of products is the basis for the website monetization improvement.

How to Perform Ads Placing on Web Pages?

First, you need to choose an approach (method) for website monetization.

a) If you chose to use the ad-share program (for example, AdSense), the program will do most of the work automatically, you just need to:

  • Open an account at ad-share program.
  • Decide on what web pages and in what places of the web pages you want to place ads (you’ll need to place a special code).
  • Create advertising companies and track them.

b) If you chose to use other approaches you’ll have to:

  • Make a list of marketplaces from where you’ll get ads.
  • To select the best website ads from marketplaces manually or using automated tools (WP plugins and widgets) and place them on your web pages.
  • Track the advertising results.

What is Automated Ads Placing on Website?

It is the use of special application programs for automated ad selection from one or more marketplaces and placing them to a specified location of the web page. For WordPress these application programs are performed in form of WP plugins and widgets. To download and use these tools, it’s very easy. The right choice of this kind of WP plugins and widgets can almost completely solve the problem of automated ads search and placing on website.

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