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Niche finder and evaluation tools are required to use for any online business marketer, as they allow automate the process that is extremely difficult to perform manually. The choice of such instruments is not so big. But, however, there are some of niche finder and evaluation tools which are suitable to obtain adequate results with minimum effort and cost.

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It should be well understood that any big mistakes at market niche evaluation procedure should not be admissible, as it can make questionable the whole business in the future.

Therefore, this work should be done without any hassle. Also it’ll be useful to visit several key business forums, for example, Warrior Forum, to find out what people are talking about particular market niches. To do this you just enter your primary keyword and some secondary keywords in a search box and you’ll find many things about niche ideas.

So, here we discuss:

  • Market Niche Detailed Study
  • Best Market Niche Finders
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Market Niche Detailed Study

If you followed the steps recommended in the previous section (1.2), you probably could see the bulkiness of actions. Yes, all actions are simple, but analyzes for a large number of keywords are difficult to account and are time consuming. You also probably noticed that almost the analysis of  business niches is reduced to the analysis of keywords which describe it. So, to effectively move forward, it is reasonable to use the automatic tools for the market niche keywords find and analysis.

What is the main problem, which forces the Internet marketers to use the automation tools for niche finding and evaluation?

It consists of the following. When you have targeted a specific market niche and have compiled a list of keywords, you have a need to choose the best of them from the list. Some keywords from your list may have a low level of competition, some are very high. And this is only on one criterion – the competitiveness of the keyword.

But there are many other tangible characteristics of a keyword (you may have a look at AdWords Keyword Tool to see the main of them). So, performing manually a study for a big number of keywords with the account of 8-10 of main characteristics of keywords, is just a headache. This is the main problem! The better the tool solves this problem, the better the tool is, because it is the root problem.

We would not like to overload our readers with the abstruse words, but this is a multi-criteria optimization task and to try to solve it manually is simply ridiculous. Better to buy the right tool and get a decent answer to the question – What keyword is the best for my market niche? (just in minutes and, of course, under certain conditions, which you assign).

2. Best Market Niche Finders

So, below we give a brief description of several business niche finder and evaluation tools, which we consider most appropriate.

a) Niche Reaper

Price: $67.00/month payment

Niche ReaperThe Niche Reaper is new software (niche finder) developed by Matt Garrett and Gary Prendergast and it is much more functional than other keyword research tools out there.

Generally, this tool has been designed to help newbie and also mid level experienced marketers who are getting trouble getting profitable keywords and money niche markets, and would much rather have an automated software program doing all the challenging work for them.

The system also has a great potential for training, and practically, helps you not only to quickly find a profitable niche, but also shows a variety of methods for its effective use.

You will get instant access to over 8 step by step, watch over my shoulder, case study training videos on every aspect of developing profitable niche websites and fanpages, as well as the best possible ways to get profit.  So, you will find out hundreds of other ways to profit from the amazing keyword research revealed within Niche Reaper including: Affiliate Marketing, List Building, CPA Offers, etc.

So what does Niche Reaper will help you to do with this niche finder:

  • You will discover lots of hidden keywords. You will have access to over than 20,000 brand new fully investigated keywords uncovered every single day
  • You will have the possibility to dominate entire markets, as keywords are grouped into niches. So, you can build authority websites, not just keyword landing pages
  • You will not need any Keyword Research more! You simply need to log-in and pick a color-coded niche and the tool will provide all the hard work done for you
  • The tool will remove uncertainty. So, you will exactly know the dollar value of each niche before you risk your valuable time and money advertising it
  • You will save time and earn more money. The tool will let you easily filter the predicted earnings at killer niches. So, you will have business niche evaluation in time
  • Rank faster via Google. The system will find out hundreds of new keyword domains every day with a virtually confirmed first page ranking
  • You also can join The FaceBook Gold Rush.  This will allow you to build FanPages and improve their value with thousands of accessible keyword-rich Facebook URLs
  • You will learn about of very many cash strategies. You will find out hundreds of other ways to profit from the amazing keyword research revealed within Niche Reaper including: Affiliate Marketing, List Building, CPA Offers, etc to put more income in your pocket!

The keyword research and niche marketing are actually the base blocks of profitable online marketing. If you don’t select the right niche to target, your will be in danger of coming to practically nothing. So, all the study involved in good keyword research, though important, is extremely time-consuming.

That is why we are truly amazed with Niche Reaper. The work it does and the way it provides the results to the user is something we haven’t seen in the market before. In our opinion, this niche finder eliminates the hit and hope element of market niche marketing.

You actually can log in, find a niche which has already been analyzed for you and then pick an accessible keyword domain to target the niche within minutes.

b) Jaaxy of Kyle and Carson

Price: Free – 30 keyword searches, PRO- $19/month, Enterprise = $49/month

JaaxyThe Jaaxy is an advanced keyword tool analyzer released by Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate). They used this tool for the members of their Wealthy Affiliate program, and now made it available to other users.

The tool allows perform research for keywords and perform market niche search analysis. Bu use of it you can also check out the competition inside the niche and even search for same affiliate programs related to keywords.

What distinguishes of Jaaxy tool from other keyword tools is its rich set of useful options, especially the presence of ‘Affiliate Programs’ and ‘Brainstorm’ options. With the help of these powerful options you can get quality advice on what to offer for sale in your market niche based on analysis of specific keyword.

Jaaxy main features:

  • Quality data output
  • Quick workflow
  • Related keywords data output
  • Data on competition output, plus SEO potential of keywords and keyword quality indicator
  • Search for domain name and purchase
  • Management of keyword lists
  • To Do list
  • Hot trends, plus best seller’s finder
  • Product finder for your market niche
  • Many training videos

The tool is easy to learn and use. You’ll not need any other niche finder to perform keyword research and business niche evaluation. It is also a great tool to get niche ideas.

Jaaxy is not just a keyword tool, it is a research/market/niche/affiliate/article/SEO tool!

Other Niche Finders

You can also read about these tools, which are good for business niche evaluation:

Ultimate Niche Finder

Niche Laboratory

Micro Niche Keywords

Conclusion and Notes

The use of the niche finders for the business niche evaluation (or to find the niche ideas) is characterized by the fact, that niche finders of a good level are able to make a decision! This is because these tools are equipped with the algorithms for decision-making on a number of tasks: profitable keywords search, money niches search, niche size definition, niche competition level evaluation, etc.

With this in mind, we note here two aspects:

Using the niche finders is beneficial in all respects, especially when you consider that it saves time and effort. For comparison, many of the keyword search tools give you a lot of information in graphical and tabular form, but they do not make the decision for you. While the niche finders give you the ready-made solution, which can be extremely difficult to make for the many marketers, since it requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

The niche finder, as a tool armed with the intelligent algorithms, can give you some new ideas on the money niche make out. It is very convenient, as you can immediately start developing these ideas and strengthen your presence in the new business niches.

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