Product Launch Basics


Product Launch Basics

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VII. Own Products Creation

Lesson: 53

                   Product Launch Basics


1. No Cost Product Launch

In this lesson we will be talking about the No Cost Product Launch.

This is part #1 which is all about niche selection. One of the most important parts is what niche market you choose to go into. We will discuss the whole part of that process and how to go about finding the niche market to create your digital product around.

Here is a quick overview. You’re going to learn how to launch your own digital information product. This means you are going to launch your own e-book or perhaps your own video. We will discuss the different options as this course goes on.

You are going to have the ability to launch your very own product. The beauty of it is, since it is a digital product, the profit margins are unbelievable. You can get affiliates to promote for you very easily, and there is a lot of potential there for growth with a product line. Product launches are a way for you to make some income rather quickly. With these methods, I think you are going to be very pleased with the results, if you take action.

Learn every step of the process from the niche selection, which is what this lesson is going to be about, through how to create the product. You’ll learn how to recruit your affiliates and the basics of sales copy. Then we will discuss all of the free methods used for this method to work. We will also discuss which free autoresponders you want to use in order to collect your buyer leads. Finally, you will learn how to scale this up with the paid solutions.

Product launch step #1 – this is where you choose your niche market. We are going to focus most of the attention in this lesson on selecting your niche market. That is so important. What is a niche? The niche is a group of people that all share a common interest or problem. You are looking for a group of people that have a similar interest or they all have the same problem and they need a solution.

The ultimate way to generate money online is to connect with people who have a problem and offer them a solution. That is really how most money is made on the internet. Here are some examples.

  • People may have a need to lose weight
  • want to improve their golf game
  • earn extra income
  • eliminate acne
  • better relationships
  • help creating a resume
  • want to get into better shape
  • need help creating a website
  • tutorials/cheats to conquer video games

People are out there looking for solutions to problems. If you are very good at video games, you can create a “how to” guide to help people get through to the next levels. A person may be suffering from back pain and need you to supply information to help them. Keep in mind; you don’t have to be an expert on any of these topics.

You don’t have to be extremely interested in the topic, but it does help.  I will speak from experience, once you start generating some revenue from a niche market; it’s all going to seem like a hobby. You are really going to enjoy it. As long as it lines up well with your morals and your ethics, then you definitely need to make sure you choose a good market. It needs to be potentially profitable for you.

You will be much happier when you start seeing some profits. Too many people though get stuck in a rut. They are struggling to find that perfect niche market that makes them happy. They find out sometimes though that that particular niche market doesn’t necessarily generate income for them. It simply doesn’t have the following that they want.

Don’t spend way too much time on this part of the program and process. It is important to follow this lesson and the steps. Do try to pick something so you can get started. The worst thing you can do is put off the niche selection part. The next thing you know, you are sitting on days, weeks, months, and nothing has been accomplished.

I really want to encourage you to select that niche market, whatever it may be. Starting the process is going to really help you. Do you enjoy chickens? There are niche markets for chicken coop guides, how to take care of chickens properly, etc. There are people that make a lot of money with chickens at the topic.

There are people that need help with parenting. You can connect them with a solution. We’ll talk about those solutions. And what you can offer them as we continue on with this No Cost Product Launch program.

Woodworking is another area where there is a niche. There are e-books and e-training programs that teach people and that make a lot of money. You can make money by teaching people how to make different things with wood. This can include how to design various types of furniture or items for around the house. If you are good at working with wood, you may be able to make money teaching people as well.

If you enjoy traveling or you are good at finding good travel deals, there is a demand for that as well. People want to be better prepared in case of disasters. That is a big thing now, especially with the economy going downhill. Many people are concerned about what is going to happen next. Will there be a big disaster? A financial meltdown?

The disaster preparation niche market is brimming with potential. If you know how to be prepared for disaster or you are willing to do some research, there is a huge option for making money out there in this particular niche. You can provide people with solutions such as food items that are non-perishable and they can store them for a long time. You can be an affiliate for this type of solution.

More importantly, you can train people about how to become more prepared. Train them about what to do, how to store their stuff, train them about what items they will need to have on hand. This is really a big, big market.

There are people interested in learning how to run a full time business from home. This niche is huge! I am actually doing a video course right now, training you how to run a business from home. This is a perfect example! Products like this, teaching people how to do tasks on the internet can be a successful business.

Even if you aren’t an expert, if you are willing to learn, you can provide some excellent information about a given topic. If you know there is a niche market out there, it makes sense to do your research and compile the very best information for them to benefit from. You will find that there are people hired out to create the information too. They may be asked to create a PowerPoint.

I didn’t do that with this course. I created it all on my own. However, there are a lot of people out there selling courses online on topics such as internet marketing that they outsourced. They have a writer or creator that they turn to. Some have a research assistant. My point in telling you all of this is that you don’t have to be an expert on a topic to make money with it. If you are willing to put forth a bit of effort, the research can help you to see some results.

A very, very hot topic out there is people trying to drive more traffic to their website. You can target people locally with your own product. There are lots of possibilities to consider. Everyone needs website traffic, from a local business to the main Fortune 500 companies.

Another big topic is people trying to get better at social media and connecting on Facebook and Twitter. They may wish to learn about Pinterest and Instagram. You can create videos to teach them how to do it. You can even teach a course on how to create better videos. Perhaps you are good with graphics and you can use that skill to teach others.

These are all just examples, but pick a niche market you feel you can do well with. Some other ideas for choosing your niche market:

  • Your life experience – you don’t need to be an expert, but some knowledge helps. Maybe you are a good parent. You have had some struggles but got through them and you can share how you did that.
  • Remodeling your kitchen – Maybe you are a do it yourselfer, and you completely remodeled your kitchen from start to finish. You can teach others how to do it. Talk about what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you recommend to them.
  • Teaching experience – Maybe you teach people music or art. Maybe you teach Language Arts or history. There are certainly plenty of elements present there that you can expand into. In fact, there are several teachers that are doing very well with internet marketing today.
  • Leadership – Do you have leadership skills and experience?
  • Weight loss – Do you have a weight loss story you can share? Maybe you lost 60 pounds in the past 2 years. You feel better than you have in a long time. You can talk about your weight loss journey. What did you do to work out? What types of foods did you eat? How did you cook it?

These are all phenomenal ideas for products. Keep in mind that you have something to share. You have some life experience that you can actually turn into a product! I know it sounds crazy to many people reading this. People will buy anything that offers them valuable information. If you have a story, use it to promote.

Maybe you were in a long distance relationship that ended up working out. You can create an entire product of how to effectively make a long distance relationship work out. You can do that very easily. Social media success is also something to share. Maybe you are really good at using Pinterest. Maybe you can get people to follow your boards like crazy.

You may be very good with a Facebook fan page. You didn’t know that you could actually use that to make money from! Think about social media success stories. How did you get 1,000 Twitter followers in 2 months? Those are the types of stories that you can use to turn into an actual product.

Did you overcome an illness? Did you do so using natural solutions, for example? Did you overcome some type of disease or combat symptoms? Do you know someone who did so? You can really inspire others by sharing such a story.

Think about your passions and interests. Things like hobbies and sports (golf, racing, basketball, baseball). These are all things you can use to turn into a course. You can create training tutorials on such topics.

The next part as far as niche selection, and I am just giving you lots of ideas. Now I want to show you some website examples. They will help you to pick your niche just by using some popular sites.

The first is ClickBank, Click on the Marketplace icon located on the top of the page. Once you get into the Marketplace, you will notice on the left hand side that there are different categories. Every one of these categories offers potential products that you can promote. The lists also give you good ideas of what people are buying. Clickbank is, by far, the largest internet retailer of digital products.


finding the niche market to create your digital product


It’s a market place where people can promote as affiliates. It’s loaded with buyers and with digital information products. That is exactly what you want to research when picking the niche market you will use before you start creating a product to promote.

As you look into Clickbank, you will see different niche markets. Just in the e-business and e-marketing categories, you have everything from affiliate marketing to article marketing. Each of the topics is a sub category of that main one. As you can see, there are lots of possibilities.


product launch basics


product launch basics

Another terrific resource is EzineArticles,

how to start getting your information product


On the homepage, you will see Article Categories. Every listing is a possible niche market for you to explore even further. Perhaps you want automotive as you are really good at fixing cars. You can make videos and that is an excellent product.


how to start getting your information product


Maybe you are good at offering legal advice. Maybe you are experienced at a particular element of an online business or social media. Whatever the case may be, any one of them can be a hot niche market. There is one for pets listed here. There are lots of products for how to teach people the right way to train their dog.

People will buy information, even though plenty of it is readily available online. You will find tons of articles and videos online. However, people are willing to pay for the convenience. They want to have it all in one area. They are paying for your research time and your expertise. They will pay for the knowledge you can provide to them so that they don’t have to go out there and hunt all over the internet. It would take them hours to come across all of the information you provided for them.

Keep that in mind and it will help you to create information products that do well in your chosen niche market. Don’t worry that someone won’t buy that information because they can get that information for free. They will pay for the convenience.

Back to EzineArticles, it is one of the most popular article directories on the internet. If you click on any of the categories, it will expand. I clicked on Health and Fitness and there are 29,850 articles that relate to the subcategory of acne. This tells you that it is a huge problem, and if you can offer a natural solution for people with acne concerns, it can be a great selling information product.


how to start getting your information product


You will help people by saving them money. They won’t be wasting money on products that didn’t work. They won’t be spending money to go to a doctor or dermatologist. There are plenty of choices out there for each category. Maybe you have and an addiction that you overcame. You can share details with others about the techniques that helped you to overcome it.


finding the niche market to create your digital product


You can get an idea here of the number of articles and the internet that people have. This is a great resource that will help you to identify the niche markets that are out there. Go out there and find the niche market you feel comfortable with. This will allow you to create the very best information product that you can. You will also know that there are people out there interested in that information so that you can sell your product.

The stop smoking market is a good one to consider. Women’s health is another. If you have natural solutions to stop snoring, that can be a great information product. Choosing your niche isn’t hard, and EzineArticles is a great resource to help you. The internet marketing/make money online niche is huge.

There are plenty of affiliates out there, and you can find them rather easily. The key point here is to pick one niche and narrow it down. It can seem overwhelming though as you want to pick so many of them. Start with one, and once you have this process in place, you can do it over again and again.

Consider Amazon,, if these other options don’t work for you. Look for the Kindle Books category. You will notice business and investing is a large category. Click on any category and you will get the subcategories. You will find topics and get ideas for the types of courses you can do. Health, fitness, dieting, computers, technology, all these types of products can be a great way to earn money.


finding the niche market to create your digital product


Check out, More than likely, you will recognize the concept as they are all over the bookstores. These are a series of tutorials for everything you can think of. There is Crocheting for Dummies and so much more. Every single one of these books can give you a possible niche market.


finding the niche market to create your digital product


If you can find a topic at, then there is a huge niche out there for it. They spend a great deal of time and money researching the niche markets that are out there. Then they create these products for them. They know what people want, and when you explore the site, you will too.

LinkedIn for Dummies is one of the newest that has been offered. This shows that people are interested in learning how this form of social media can benefit them. Even if you aren’t an expert on a given topic, you can invest some time researching material.

One other great site I want to mention is This is a surefire way to pick a winner, and so are all the others. The left side shows a list of categories. You can click any topic and get subcategories. This site shows you all of the potential magazines that are out there. If there is a magazine out there about a given topic, then there is a niche for it. The cost of creating a magazine is expensive.


how to start getting your information product


If you are at a loss of what category to go into, check out what is listed at You will find plenty of magazines relating to various topics here so that you can narrow down that niche market. I encourage you to select that niche market so that you can take action. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to pick a niche so that you can start creating content around it.

Once you have picked your niche, you should think about sub niches. Doing so will help you to target your niche market even better. For example, if you click on Business and Finance, there are tons of topics within that listing. This can include investing, Forex, leadership, etc. These are all sub niches.

Weight loss as a whole can include dieting. However, sub niches can include high protein diets or fad diets. It can be fitness for seniors or fitness to lose weight. These are ways to take further steps to target people even better. Golf is a big niche market, with plenty of products. Improving your score can be a sub niche topic that is very specific. Others can include cure your golf slice or increasing drive distance.

The next topic is internet marketing. This can be further narrowed down to sub niches such as affiliate marketing, SEO, and paid traffic. You also have list building, autoresponders, and all types of options. You will notice that this is an internet marketing course, and we have 5 marketing methods to consider. Sub niches really involve narrowing it down.

Relationships are a great topic. You can talk about getting your ex back or maybe improving your marriage. Beauty can be a great category but it can be broken down such as how to reduce the signs of aging. Social media is broad but you can break it down into specific niches such as Facebook or Twitter.

The key is to select the niche for your market. In the next lesson we will cover steps for how to start getting your information product out there.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Own Products Creation

These products are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your product launch basics, know how to start getting your information product and how to promote it:

24 Hour Book

K Money Mastery

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
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Jeff Wellman –

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