Product Launch Copywriting


Product Launch Copywriting

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VII. Own Products Creation

Lesson: 59

                   Product Launch Copywriting


1. Product Launch Copywriting

This lesson is all about product launch copywriting.

It is essential to any type of product launch, anything you sell on the Internet. Even small items that you sell on Amazon for example. You need to have written copy, it is a way to persuade people to invest in what you offer. This is step #3 where you launch your product.

The first part was to choose your profitable niche market. The second part was to go over which kind of product you want to create and to create that product. At this point in the process, you should already have your niche market selected. You should have your product created. You can’t create your copy without having a product created and ready to sell.

This is how you persuade visitors to buy –with your copy. Anyone can become a great copywriter with practice. You don’t need to have a literary degree; you don’t need to be a Linguist expert in different languages. You can become a good copywriter with just a little bit of effort and practice. Perfecting good copy will help you to go far with your online business.

In fact, it has been said by many great Internet marketers if you really want to get good at one thing, it needs to be good at copy. This enables you to convert browsers and visitors to buyers. If you can do that, the world will be your oyster when it comes to making money online. In this lesson, we’re going to cover the elements of writing good copy.

The beauty of this is that with these principles, you are going to be able to start writing really good sales copy for the product that you just created as part of the No Cost Product Launch. There is also no cost for you to get started writing your own copy. At the very end, we will get you started writing your own copy. You will have enough information to do so, as we are going to show you the process we use to write very good copy.

To get started, we are going to look at the AIDA copywriting basics. AIDA is the basis for all good sales messages. It is an acronym, it stands for:

  • Attention – You must get your market to read your information. Your headline needs to be able to draw them in. The top paid copywriters admit that they spend most of their time on the headline. It is extremely vital to the overall success of a sales letter. If you don’t have a powerful headline, they won’t listen to the rest of the copy. Niche research helps you to know what your audience wants.
  • Interest – Grab them with a compelling story. The reason why you created the product or that you put the materials together. Think of a reason to get them into your product. Let them know right off the bat why they need your product. That is going to get them to look at it closer. What types of benefits can you offer them? Will they have better relationships? Feel better? Sleep better? Have more energy? It makes a big difference.
  • Desire – Paint a picture in their mind of how their life will be better. If their dog is barking all night, and your product helps to cure that, they will wake up rested. They can finally get a good fully night rest. They will be happier and they will be more successful at work and even in personal relationships. Be very specific with the examples you use to help you paint that picture of what they gain with your product. You also want to offer a guarantee of some sort. That is going to give your product more credibility. They are going to know that they don’t have anything to lose. You can’t guarantee that they will get results such as making a certain amount of money or losing a particular amount of weight as that can get you into trouble with the FTC. What you can guarantee them is that they are happy with the materials you presented. If not, they can get their money back. That takes away the risk that they could lose their money if the purchase doesn’t work out.
  • Action – You want to encourage your audience to take action and to purchase what you offer. All of these pieces work and the formula will help you to be successful. This is the main principle and basis for all of your copy throughout the course.

Here are some copywriting questions that you want to ask for this step #3 of the No Cost Product Launch:

  • Who are your prospective customers?
  • What issues are they struggling with? What is their biggest problem?
  • What are their desires, occupations, etc.?
  • How is your product or service different than what others offer?

You need to be able to answer all of these questions before you write your copy. Review other pages of copy in your niche market. Then you can use them as an example to help you create very good copy for your niche market. Review the sales page of similar products so you know what is out there. Then think about ways you can make it better!

Why should a prospect have faith in you? Be sincere and professional so that you can sell to them. You need to have credibility so if you don’t have the expertise, use expert interviews to help you build that credibility.

Talk to your audience just like you would talk to a friend. Be calm, cool, and collective. If people feel like they are being sold to, they won’t have any part of it. If you talk to them like you do a friend, it will be better received. They will be inclined to take the desired reaction. Empathize about their needs so that you show you understand what they are going through. Let them know that you understand and that you want to help.

Persuade your audience with benefits. Give them logical and compelling reasons why they should buy. Give them all the benefits in the world that you can think of that will help them to see why they must buy your product. You want them to feel like they just can’t do without it!

This method works with anything you can think of. It works with getting your dog to stop barking, relationships, internet marketing, improving your golf game, etc. Any niche you decide to go into, this is very important to include. You need to be able to persuade with good benefits in your copy.

Prove that you can be trusted. Use testimonials, pictures, and other materials. They won’t buy if they don’t think you are credible. Here are some more questions that you should ask yourself before you write copy:

  • What are all the benefits that the product offers? Benefits are what a person gets from your product, not the features so don’t confuse the two. Benefits can include financial freedom, confidence, weight loss, more energy, etc. Features include the number of pages in the e-book or the length of a training video. Talk about the benefits much more than the features.
  • Does my headline do a good job of pulling people in? It is important so that they will continue to read your sales letter. Paint an image of your customer’s life so that they feel that this product is exactly what they need.
  • What might your customer’s objections be? Walk in their shoes for a moment. Think about the types of questions you have before you buy products. Is there a guarantee? What is the turnaround time? You can point out negatives that you see within your market and spin it into a positive. Research your market in forums so that you can find what customers are objecting to.
  • Why should your prospect act now? That is a really important question. What will encourage them to buy NOW? Will they get a lower price now? Will they get a bonus if they act fast? They can’t keep suffering from their problem so give them a reason to take action immediately.

It does take effort to write your own sales copy. You need to be willing to put forth this effort. Take this slowly if you need to, don’t rush it. Be steady and work on it consistently so that you are moving forward.

As we move onto part B of this, we are going to talk about some sales page tips to keep in mind with your copywriting. We are going to break this up into a couple of parts so it won’t get too long for you or become overwhelming. I want you to be able to continue moving through the process of getting your sales copy written.

2. Sales Page Tips

Now we are going to discuss sales page tips.

Things to keep in mind as you write your copy. Some elements you want to have on your page after you have written really good sales copy. The first thing is you always want to use a reader friendly font. Some examples include Arial, Verdanda, Courier New, Times New Roman, and Tahoma. The font for these reports is Arial, size 14.


product launch copywriting


These are really good fonts that are easy on the eyes. You want to stay away from script and cursive types of fonts. If it is difficult for them to read, they aren’t going to continue to read it. Offer a black font on a white or light colored background for the best results. White or light gray is a good option. Avoid a black background with a white font or a red background with a black font.

Highlight your hot buttons. These are the phrases that really drive home a point to your audience. These words should stand out on your sales page. Often, people are skimming sales copy so by highlighting them, you can draw them in. They should stand out so that their eyes will naturally stop at those locations in the sales copy. It will suck them in deeper to find out the problem and what the solution is.

You can make those phrases stand out with bold, italics, highlighting, or making them a different font size. This will make them jump out at people. You want to make sure your headline pops out at people. We already covered that earlier, but we want to go back to making sure that is happening. It is vital to your conversion success.

Try to promise some type of benefit or reward for reading that page. Lure the reader into our copy. In the headline, use red font for example so that things pop off the page.

Bad headline example: Send Large Files to your Friends
Good headline example: The Easiest and most Trusted Way to Send Super Large Files or This Makes All Other File Sharing Applications Obsolete!

What you’ve done is let them know that there is an easy and trusted method to send their files to their friends. Those headlines are going to draw in those that feel like they are missing out on something. They want to ready your copy to find out what you are talking about. They want to find a solution to their problem.

A bad headline is merely a feature of the product. A good headline helps to drive home the bigger picture of what is being offered. You have instantly drawn people in. You also want to create reader friendly paragraphs. Try to restrict them to 4 to 6 lines each. You don’t want to have long copy that is 10 to 20 lines per paragraph. That is just too hard on the eyes.

People aren’t going to read it if the headline doesn’t pop at them, if the font isn’t good, if the hot buttons aren’t in place, and if you have long paragraphs. These are all factors that work with each other. Vary the length of your paragraphs but keep them short overall. Limit them to no more than 6 lines. Sometimes, have a 1 line sentence that will flow naturally and that will attract the eyes.

Another thing to do is to use sub headlines so that you can continue to draw people’s attention to your copy. Use bold or different colors so that they will jump out at them. Use bullet points so that you can make a list of what your product does. They can drive home a benefit of the product or what they will get out of your training.

A numbered list is also a good choice. Try to center the list or the bullets. Try not to over use these options though. If you do, it renders them useless on the page. If they are being used over and over again, they no longer draw attention.

Create hope for the reader. Offer them convenience, comfort, and freedom from what is a problem for them. Create the hope that your product is the solution they have been looking for. Create sense of urgency as you do your sales page copy. Offer incentives so that they will take faster action. Possibly take away a bonus if they are slow to act.

Let them know about a future price increase. The price can go up and that will encourage them to take action now. Be the authority! Drive home that you are there to help them, that is really important. You are the expert and you can help them. If you can portray that to them, they are going to pay attention to you.

Study effective sales copy to become better at writing it. Study what top copywriters have done, it is key. Research Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Bob Bly. These are some of the best copywriters out there. You can do a Google search and find various examples of their sales letters. You can Google old sales copy from old ads to find very good material that still works today.

Good copy stands the test of time. It may seem all very mundane at this time, when your goal is to get your product out there. However, good quality copy is going to help you get your sales accomplished. If you can do it yourself, it won’t cost you any money.

Take the time to proofread your copy as bad spelling/grammar will crush your credibility. Proofread it before you send it out to make sure there aren’t any errors. Be unique with your selling proposition or USP. What distinguishes you from the crowd? Is it the way you found your solution? Is it the way you offer the materials? Think of creative ways to differentiate yourself when possible.

Encourage them to buy from a competitor, with the confidence that they will come back to buy from you. That is a very bold statement to make that they will notice. Tell them to go to the competition and that you know they will come back. It is edgy but it shows that you have confidence in what you offer.
The last part of the sales page is to test how your copy works. Get traffic going to your sales pages so you can test conversions and sales. Another thing to offer is a money back guarantee of at least 30 days. That is going to eliminate all risk, and we covered that in a previous lesson. It takes away the doubt in the reader’s mind.

So now we are going to move on into part #3 of this training. We are going to pick up with the sales copy from start to finish in the next lesson. I am going to go over each and every element so you can get a live example of what your sales copy should look like when it is completed.

3. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Own Products Creation

These products are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your product launch basics, know how to start getting your information product and how to promote it:

24 Hour Book

K Money Mastery

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

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