Product Launch Traffic Methods


Product Launch Traffic Methods

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VII. Own Products Creation

Lesson: 70

                   Product Launch Traffic Methods


1. Talking About Product Launch traffic Methods

In this lesson, we will be talking about product launch traffic methods.

In the previous lesson, we discussed some methods and strategies for affiliates for promoting your product. That is going to be, by far, the best traffic source. You are going to get the most traffic as well as the most quality of traffic.

You want to focus on recruiting your affiliate partners. There is no upfront cost. You only pay them after you have made a sale. That means you do get paid money first in the process. Press releases is also another way to get traffic for your launch. You can type into Google “submit press release free”. You can also look at examples such as

You will find updated lists and fresh lists of press releases when you do Google searches. A good way to get your information out there is through as it has been around for a very long time. Blogging is another strategy to consider. You can create high quality articles to offer content for your niche. You can use tools like to come up with keyword ideas.

What does is goes out there and pulls the keywords that people search for within Google. As you put info into a search box, Google will suggest ideas. The tool here is going to identify those that people have put into the Google search box. You can sign up for a free account and enter your niche. You will see the current keywords that people are looking for. Then you can create blog or video content around them.

We got one step ahead, to go back to the press release. It is a good way to distribute information about your brand. You can use it to build up your credibility. With blogging, you can use Google or Bing search recommendations. You can find phrases or people that have been searched for at the bottom of the page. This will help you to find additional content for your blog.

We would recommend that you do your blog on or They are both good blogging platforms that are free. They enable you to go out there and pre-sale your content. You can generate some traffic and a following. On the side bar, you can also send those that opt in to your products. These are options you should incorporate in addition to recruiting affiliates.

Squidoo is also a great resource to use. You can create a lens that has relevant content at People in your niche market are hanging out here. Create a lens or a hub that is relevant to your product. It is a highly popular site with lots of traffic. You will get lots of results and you can use a combination of your keywords and search ideas to create a lens around them at Squidoo.

The content is going to include short articles and videos. Post that content and in the resource you can create a link to your sales page for your offer. You can also link to your own landing page or squeeze page. Take videos, polls, interact with comments, and do what you can to really build value on those pages. All of these are good sources of traffic.

There are some other resources to consider for content marketing:

A really good way to brand yourself is at the end of an article to have a link to your squeeze page or your product. These articles are loaded with your niche audience. You are going to find tons of people here that have an interest in what you offer. You can also do a Google search for the phrase “(your niche) submit content” or “(your niche) submit articles”.

Video marketing is an option, and it involves creating videos from your content for the purpose of marketing. There are tons of videos out there that you can use to maximize your content. Create small, short videos that relate to your content. They should answer questions that your niche market has.

The videos can also be controversial. You can talk about a hot button on the news so that you can draw attention. Be careful there, you don’t want to go too overboard. However, there are some things you can do to really get out there and get exposure.

Social bookmarking of your content is also a good idea. You can do this with your articles, videos, and so much more. Go to for an updated list. This tool is going to help you finding the most current links that you can submit to. You can tweet your content as well for faster indexing. We highly recommend having a Twitter account.

You can take your video link and you can create a tweet about it. Community involvement is very important too when it comes to getting more traffic. Find new blog posts within your niche market and comment on them. You will find this gets your content out there. You don’t have to sell yourself, but you will be getting exposure due to the niche people that are following that content.

Get involved in forums in your niche. Ask questions and get answers. Put a link in there if you are allowed to through your signature link. That will allow people to go to your free blog or your sales page. Then they can opt in and join your email list. These are just the elements, it is now time to get out there and apply them.

Do at least a couple of them. Create a press release and send a tweet so that you get information indexed. Work on getting consistent traffic. Create really good content so that it is able to appeal to your users. Some of them will come across your information from one source and others from another. It won’t matter where they come across it – they will find they want to get more information about what you offer.

Get out there and create good content! Start making things happen!

3. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Own Products Creation

These products are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your product launch basics, know how to start getting your information product and how to promote it:

24 Hour Book

K Money Mastery

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
Paul Counts –
Jeff Wellman –

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