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100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part V. Video Marketing

Lesson: 33

                   Promoting Your Videos


1. Ways to Promote your Videos

This lesson is a part of the No Cost Video Marketing System.

In this lesson, we will explore further ways to promote your videos. The first thing you will need to do is promote your video as soon as it is loaded. You want to do this on a variety of sites, and that is why we recommend you have:

  • Twitter account
  • Facebook account
  • Google Plus account
  • LinkedIn account

At the very least, have Twitter and Google Plus if you want to help get your video indexed. If you post the link on Twitter, it will help the search engines find your video quicker. You will rank up there faster with your keyword phrases. You will also have some views that can take action on your plus. The same with Google Plus, it helps you get your information out there faster.

Join Facebook groups that relate to your niche market. Find groups on Facebook and then share one of your videos out there. Tell them about tips or videos you have found if they allow you to post video links on there. Don’t do it with every video, but with a few of them. Let people in that niche market review them.

Post your videos on social bookmarking sites such as This is a content aggregation type of website. You will find all kinds of information out there. This is a good way to kick start more exposure. It is a good strategy to put in place.


promoting your videos


If you have a free blog such as through you will have the opportunity to embed your video. The same if you have a Squidoo page, that is a perfect opportunity. Use these and other platforms as they give you additional sources of traffic that you may be missing out on through YouTube. The more views you have, the better your video will rank.

You can have a well-oiled marketing machine that works for you if you are willing to do some diversification. Let’s say you have a blog and all these video strategies as well, you will get more exposure for your videos. Plus, videos get exposure and help your pages rank higher. Instead of using someone else’s videos, you may as well use your own.

Another option is to create a press release for some of your videos.

You don’t have to do it for all of them. You can offer a press release about your business name, website, even your name. Talk about the video series you have and what it offers. You can have a link back to your YouTube channel. Every little bit of traffic helps with getting you ranked higher in the search engines.

The other tool we mentioned using is which helps you to get likes and comments without spending money on it.


promoting your videos


A good example of a press release site is  It is a good one though that can get you some good traction.


ways to promote your videos


So, promoting your videos is time to get out there and start getting some exposure. Just because your videos are loaded, it doesn’t mean that the process is done. You want to keep trying to prime that pump using different ways to promote your videos.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Video Marketing

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your marketing efforts:

YouTube Thumbnail Creator
Content Samurai

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
Paul Counts –
Jeff Wellman –

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