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You have to add website to directories, as submission of your website to web directories is an effective way of creating big number of incoming links. In many cases you can submit to web directories free, but some of web directories are paid. Fortunately, a large portion of web directories is for free, you just need to use a good quality list and to choose the most suitable web directories for your online business.

The presence of your business website in many web directories is important because search engines consider the number and quality of links to your website at ranking procedure. The more links (and quality links) to your website you have, the higher chances of getting a high level of PR you’ll have, and, therefore, the higher chances to get more visitors to your website from search engines. In addition, search engines like to browse web directories to find information about the websites.

Despite the fact that the importance of web directories has substantially declined, some of the people yet like to view them. If you’ll add website to directories in great numbers and place it in a right category you’ll increase your chances of getting visitors for free, and it’ll be a targeted traffic.

So, here we discuss:

  • What are the web directories?
  • Why to Submit Website to Web Directories?
  • To What Web Directories to Submit Website?
  • How to  Submit to Website?
  • Services to Add Website to Directories
  • Where to Start My Submissions?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. What are the Web Directories?

Initially, these web directories were created with a view to organize web sites by category and to help users to search for information. But with the development of search engine’s algorithms and technologies dealing with web directories reduced. After that, web directories have found other purpose – for most websites they have become the main source of backlinks. So, to add website to directories is a good idea to get higher rankings at search engines.

Execution of the works on a website submission to web directories is much more cumbersome than submission of a website to search engines. This work requires more attention and good planning. If in the case of search engines – in general, they all find themselves, in the case of web directories – you should be recorded at each site to place your URL, and in some cases you may need to perform additional requirements before to add website to directories.

2. Why to Submit Website to Web Directories?

First of all, we need frankly to say that the traffic your website will get from most of the web directories will be insignificant, it will be like a very small trickle. Internet users rarely use the web directory to search for information, they more often prefer to use search engines to find needed website and information. So, in connection with the development of power of search engines web directories importance has declined substantially.

Then why marketers need to submit their websites to the wed directories? Virtually by singe reason – wed directories help search engines to understand better what a specific website is about, this improves the relevancy. Some directories are very trusted (for example, DMOZ), since each website is verified by a human, not by machine.

It is necessary to understand the difference between human search engine submissions and spider (crawler) search engine submissions, it is not the same.

A human search engine (such as DMOZ, Yahoo directory, Best of the Web, etc.) uses and depends on people for listings. Your website will not be listed in a directory if you do not register. Usually directories are divided into categories. You must submit your website (URL) to the category which is more in line with the content of the website. A crawler search engine uses special highly intelligent algorithms (programs) for documents searching (web pages, which are mainly XHTML documents), they use specified keywords and, as a result, return the list of documents.

So, if you want to increase the credibility and relevancy of the search engines to your website you need to add website to directories, especially to the major web  directories.

3. To What Web Directories to Submit Website?

a) Submission to a small number of web directories

As of today, the total list of web directories is very impressive. Large selection and various types of web directories complicate the choice for website submission. Online marketers usually have to spend lots of time to compile a list especially for their needs (to find proper web directories).

But, ultimately, listing your website on directories in today’s age of SEO depends on two key things.

  • Do you increase the chances of your website getting seen by more customers?
  • Better yet, will a listing on this site deepen consumer trust in your business?

Below is a list of directories that can guarantee you a large number of site visitors:

  1. BOTW
  1. AboutUs
  1. Blogarama
  1. Google My Business
  1. Bing Places
  1. Yahoo
  1. Yelp
  1. Foursquare
  1. Yellow Pages
  1. Chamber of Commerce
  1. HotFrog
  1. Superpages
  1. MerchantCircle
  1. Better Business Bureau
  1. B2B Yellow Pages
  1. Nextdoor
  1. eLocal
  1. DexKnows
  1. Alignable

This approach is not very traditional and this is due to the fact that today, Google’s algorithm is a lot more complex. While links are still one of the top ranking signals, Google no longer views all links equally. For example, links from a web directory listing are a lot less influential than a super relevant contextual link from a high-authority site in your niche.

For a more detailed look at each of these directories visit Web Directories That Still Have Value to draw up a quality web directories list for you. This source is very well organized and provides information on web directories in a systematic form.

b) Submission to a big number of web directories

So, to what web directories to submit your website? Of course, to those which have a high PR (page rank) and are free for the URL placement!

Some of them, for example, you can find at the list to submit to directories free. Also, you can use the free general web directory list of Directory Critic

If you decide to submit your website to a small number of web directories (8-10 directories) you just need to accurately perform a simple job: to join these directories (register) and place your website URL. Most of web directories ask to place on your website the link to their website (text or small banner).

If you do not want to clutter up your main website page, you can create a separate page for this purpose, and place there such things. In some cases, they request a web page URL to make sure that the link is placed.

If you decide to submit your website to a big number of web directories you will probably need an automated submission tool, otherwise you will drown in the works on your activities performance and record.

The automated submission tools are good because they include a ready list of web directories, help to make automatic registration and URL placement, indicate the current status and update information about web directories.

Have a look at Cyberfetch Website Submitter. This is a great tool, it submits to message boards, web directories and search engines! Also, read about the Submite Qualizer tool ( it has a hand-picked list of 2050 directories and classified sites to quickly and easily send your website).

So, the second case is associated with some costs, but if you intend to have a significant number and quality of links to your website – it can justify the cost.

When carrying out the works on submission of your website to web directories do not forget to pay attention to the PR of the directory, try to submit to high PR directories. Some of such directories are free and some are paid, submit to directories free as much as possible.

Also do not forget to submit your website to DMOZ directory, very large and categorized directory of websites and pages on the Internet. Every website and page that is added to the directory DMOZ has to be manually reviewed before it is included, submission is free. This has some significant effects for websites that are listed in DMOZ. Google, Yahoo and other search engines like websites listed at DMOZ and rank them higher.

You should also know that many of the paid web directories provide an opportunity to add website to directories by using reciprocal links. The reciprocal link – is a link from your website to the web directory.

If you place such links on your website, it gives you a good chance of a positive review of your website for free and its inclusion in the directory.

If you plan to frequently use such web directories, you should find a place on any of your web pages for the location of such links and to use the URL of this page when filling the data for the reciprocal link at making website submission to web directories.

A short list of web directories which use reciprocal links:

4. Services to Add Website to Directories

Add Website to DirectoriesTo add website to directories is preferably to perform manually, but it is very time consuming. But if you have limited time, you can use special services that can do it right!

What does it mean to do it right?

This means not to submit your website to more than to 100-120 web directories in a week (or in 10 days), otherwise, your website may have problems when been evaluating by search engines. Also to perform your website submission to web directories with the selection of the most quality directories and with the correct selection of the relevant category in each web directory.

If you choose to use services for website submission to web directories, we advise you to use GreatDirectories  service, which can submit your website to 1000 web directories / 10 days / for $95.00. So, you can get backlinks of high quality from 1,000 directories simply by submitting your website to this network, which can be done in a couple of clicks.

This network provides some considerable advantages over all other similar services: its backlinks have a particularly high popularity rate, permanent one way placement occurs, reciprocals are not needed and all directories to which the backlinks are created are search engine friendly. Most primarily, this website enables you to create high quality backlinks to a huge number of search engine friendly websites at an amazingly low price.

5. Where to Start My Submissions?

Start with this list of free directories and expand it later:

You need to add your website to directories on a certain plan, using the web directories lists or submission tools, recommended above.

This simple work should be done gradually, just do not forget about it. It is better to use the free or paid submission tool, as it’ll provide the information where to submit your website and you’ll have correct submission records on your website submissions to web directories.

Make submission to DMOZ  directory. For your business website will be very useful to be listed in DMOZ  directory. It is highly valued by search engines and increases the credibility of the website. At submission – choose the category carefully.

6. Conclusion and Notes

So, one of the useful techniques for advertising your business online is having your website show up in varied listing directories around the web. Search engines include these directories in their search algorithm, and factor in a website’s appearance in those listings when displaying results.

As Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine scans the latest make-up of the web, the directory listings help point to websites that basically exist and are in good standing. In other words, listing your website in directories shows to search engines that your website is genuine, operating, and is worthy of traffic. So, add website to directories.

What do you need to pay special attention in addition to the above:

Make sure your website is 100% ready before to add website to directories. Web directory publishers are under no responsibility to index your website. Do not submit a website if it isn’t 100% ready and skilled looking. Also, try to submit your website manually.

Don’t do something that looks like a spam. As with other SEO methods, as spammy practices will do you more damage than benefit. It’s in your best interest to manage link integrity while submitting to directories and other listing websites. This indicates that you should avoid from submitting the same link numerous times, or posting irrelevant links in user-generated websites. People don’t want to read spam, and search engines definitely don’t want to serve it.

Follow the submission recommendations. Carefully read and adhere to the guidelines set out by each web directory. Submit to the most appropriate category. Double check out every detail. Make sure there is no spelling or writing errors. Make sure the contact details you enter in the submission form suits the details on your website.

Resuming where to submit a website, consider submitting to a regional directory (or category. If you have a regionally specific website, think about submitting it to the appropriate regional directory or category. Regional submissions have a much better chance of getting in, and in a much quicker time, as those publishers are more interested in building up their guides. If you submit to a regional directory, your website will still accessible for searching in the main directory. So, add website to directories smart way.

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