How to Get Free Traffic to Website

How to Get Free Traffic to WebsitePreamble

The vast majority of Internet marketers always intends to know how to get free traffic to website in big quantities.

It should be noted that the successful solution of this task is considered as aerobatics in online marketing. But you must understand that the free traffic really does not exist, as you put work into it, and the work worth money. Therefore, you should always weigh the labor and money when it comes to free traffic submission.

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Once your business website is created and submitted to the main search engines and web directories you have to take care of driving (submitting) traffic to it. If SEO works for your business website were performed qualitatively, then your website will start getting some free traffic from search engines (some organic traffic). This traffic can’t be large, since the web pages of your website still have a low level of search engine page ranking (PR), mostly 0 or 1.

In order to gradually increase the volume of free traffic to your website, you should use methods (ways) of its stimulation. To do this you need to know the main ways of free traffic submission which exist, and which of them can be most effectively used in your case. In fact, you need to make a program of free traffic submission to your website using these ways. It should be well understood that not all ways of free traffic driving can be equally good for you, you will have to experiment to find the best of them for you. There are many ways to stimulate free traffic. Below are listed the main ones. Learn them and use regularly.

So, here we discuss:

  • Make Your Strategy to Get Free Traffic
  • Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
  • Frequently Updated Content of Your Website
  • Use Social Media Networks
  • Use Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Get Links from Other Websites of Your Niche
  • Use Article Marketing
  • Make Comments on Websites from Your Niche
  • Use Forum Marketing to Drive Free Traffic
  • Use Press Releases to Get Free Traffic
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Make Your Strategy to Get Free Traffic

The free traffic from search engines and social media networks as a rule is targeted and for this reason it is very valuable. In order to receive it regularly, you should have some strategy for getting free traffic and stick to it. To make this strategy working, you should carefully examine the main ways for free traffic submission and test them for your case. Of course, this can’t be done in one day, as this is a result of systematic work.

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On the formation of such a strategy will affect your particular circumstances and preferences. It is clear that some of the free traffic submission ways you’ll fit and enjoy more, and some will not cause you much enthusiasm to use. For example, you may hate to write articles on a regular basis, but you can easily write regularly the brief press releases or you can post comments on websites and blogs from your niche. The existing big number of free traffic submission ways enables marketers to pick up not only the most effective techniques and methods, but also to take into account their preferences in order to perform the work with more pleasure and make a strong strategy suited to a serious question on how to get free traffic to website.

On our website you also can read about some of the most effective ways of targeted free traffic submission:

Traffic from On Page SEO
Traffic from Creating Backlinks
Traffic from Publishing Articles
Traffic from Publishing Press Releases
Traffic from Blog Commenting
Traffic from Social Media
Traffic from Video Marketing
Traffi from Ad Swapping

At drawing up the strategy, except selected ways for free traffic submission you should pay special attention to the following important aspects: Keyword Focused Writing, Social Networking, Backlinks and Internal Links, as these aspects in a varying degree are present in almost any technique of free traffic submission.

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Answering the question of how to get targeted traffic it is necessary first of all to emphasize that search engines are among the main ways to get free traffic. So you have very carefully to make do your homework and optimize your business website for SEO, so that it reaches good rankings for targeted keywords. Good SEO level is still the most effective way to get traffic for free from search engines and you really have to spend some time and effort to optimize your website for it.

Good SEO level for website is provided by high-quality works for:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO – this is what you are doing inside of your website to ensure that your web pages comply with the SEO rules . If you are using WordPress platform for your website then it will be good for On-Page SEO works to have installed the WP SEOPressor plugin. In this case the process will be quite easy.

Off-Page SEO – this is what you are doing outside of your websiteis, basically it is a process of creating links to your site from other sites (preferably from your market niche). This is a big and planned work. To accomplish it is advisable to use special tools, for example, SEO MOZ. Below, in paragraph 5 we’ll have a closer look at the issue of building backlinks as a powerful way to get free traffic for website.

3. Frequently Updated Content of Your Website

This is trivial, but works very well. One of the first steps in getting free traffic is to have quality content and update it frequently. In terms of SEO content is a king. So, if your content is good and frequently updated, you’ll not only build a loyal audience of recurring visitors (who often return to your website to see what is new), but the search engines will also love your website more and more and you’ll get targeted traffic from them.

a) Write Some Content Yourself

If you know well your business topic and can write well, writing content by your own would be a good solution. In this case, the content will be original and attract more visitors. Unfortunately, it can take a long time, but the result is worth it.

b) Use PLR Products (PLR Articles, PLR Reports, PLR e-Books)

how to get paid traffic to websiteTo rewrite the PLR article is not so difficult. Initially read everything to get the whole picture. Then reword the first and last paragraphs, which typically take the form of introduction and conclusion (you can also use this portion of the article for a description of your website). Sometimes internal paragraphs can be changed. Such simple steps are usually more than enough to make the new content informative and unique for search engines. But it is better for this purpose to use the powerful spinner. We can recommend you to use The Best Spinner or Spin Rewriter to spin (rewrite) PLR articles and other content. These are the best spinning tools on the market for today.

c) Use Article Directories

Of course, you should use the best ezines, as they have more stringent test of originality and quality of the articles submitted for publication. We advise you to start with EzineArticles. Just enter the phrase in a search bar and you’ll get a big list of articles. Select the article of your interest, rewrite or spin it and publish on your web page.  To make your list of article directories use the list of best ezines, as it is constantly updated and contains Google PR and Alexa Rating.

d) Use Content of Competitor’s Websites

Competitor’s sites are good sources for content. Of course, we are not talking about the primitive transfer, we’re talking about the possibility to rewrite (spin) the material. Competitor’s websites is easily to find, simply type the keywords in Google search box. Do not stop on the first list of search results, look deeper and you’ll find a lot of material for rewriting.

e) Use Ordered Content

Of course, the quality of ordered content and price are important issues, but you can start with a $ 5-7 or less per article and see the results. You can use Upwork and Textbroker. On these sites you’ll find qualified writers, but the cost of items can be higher. If you have a small budget, you can start with Fiverr. Just browse categories at this site and you will find people for content writing.

f) Use Content Syndication Technique

The Content Syndication Technique – is basically a way of making your content accessible to various sources of the Web. This makes a form of power that gives you the capability to create your content once while increasing your visibility on the Internet by distributing your content in numerous places. For this purpose special platforms are used, like Quora, Medium, SlideShare, Facebook Business and other.

So, Content Syndication is the process by which third party websites republish content that originally appeared on your website. Syndication is especially useful for content publishers just at the start of a new marketing strategy. Syndication network websites can publish your articles, videos, and graphics as native content, giving you credit and links to your original post.

In addition is good to have a quality spinner to be able to distribute different versions of the same post made on your website.

4. Use Social Media Networks

Use Social Media Networks, preferably: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google+. Social networks are very powerful way to get traffic for free. If you reach the popularity on networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google+, you’ll get from there even more free traffic than from search engines (including traffic from Google). It is true that building a wide network of followers on these networks can take a lot of time and effort, but the overall result is worth it. You also will have to have to study in detail the features of each listed network to know better how to get targeted traffic from them.

If you are in search of new clients, need to spread your marketing messages more intensively, or just are looking for information about something –  refer more often to the social media networks. Below is a list of six influential social media networks which are most favorable to the business: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Plus.Google, Digg

5. Use Social Bookmarking Sites

A bookmark is basically identified as a locally stored URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). These days, people who are frequent web users share interesting links with others causing in social bookmarking. Web browsers permit users to save their links as preferred (or bookmarks). Social bookmarking allows people to gain access to all their bookmarks on the web even from a computer which is not theirs. So,  social bookmarking sites like Reditt, Delicious, Digg, Buzzfeed, Bizsugar, Tagza, Diigo, etc allow people with similar interests to share interesting information with one other, discuss it and rate content.

Social bookmarking websites can give your business website additional visibility. People who keep checking out these websites to find interesting bookmarks can come across your website and simply click to view it. There are some other people who like more to search on bookmarking websites than to search on search engines. Your website can be interesting for these individuals as well. Also, when you bookmark your link on a website that has a higher page rank – your website will rank higher on search engines providing you more targeted traffic.

Websites like reddit, diggstumbleupon, delicious, technorati, slashdot, pinterest  can carry you a lot of traffic. Getting to the front page of these websites is not as difficult at struggling for free traffic for website.

Also it is very good to use Social Content Sites, especially squidoo and hubpages.

Social Content Websites permit you to sign-up for free, create web pages, add content, RSS Feeds, etc. from your website and from other networks, like YouTube and Flickr. When you create a page they add some promotion units such a Google Ads to your web page. To make the partnership work, they share the earnings generated from the web pages you create with you (the Publisher). These pages are well perceived by search engines and let you get free traffic for website. This is one of the good answers to the question – How to get free traffic to website. Many successful marketers already have pages on these Social Content Websites that greatly benefit them.

6. Get Links from Other Websites of Your Niche

how to get paid traffic to websiteWe have already addressed shortly this issue at Paragraph 1. Here we have a closer look at this question, as it is very important to answer the question how to get free traffic to website. So, another way to get free traffic – is to get traffic from other websites of your market niche.

Getting links from other websites in your niche is also good for your website SEO, especially if you manage to get a link without ‘Nofollow’ attribute (since they are useless for SEO). If you manage to place a link in a visible place on the website with lots of traffic, you can get thousands of hits for your website. If you need a list of websites where you could get backlinks, use the backlinks building tools (Backlink Builders), for example, Backlink Beast.

Unlike other so-called automated link building programs, Backlink Beast does not require you to sit and watch its every move. With other programs, you need to wait for accounts to be created, enter decaptcha forms, wait for verification emails to be sent, wait for approval from sites. etc.

Backlink Beast eliminates this hand-holding experience completely with:

  • Automatic account creation.
  • Automatic submission of your content!
  • Automatic anchor text diversity.
  • Automatic Link Reports generated for you after each successful submission.

However, be careful when exchanging links, because links to bad sites can do you much harm.

Backlinks is not advisable to buy, but if you still do it (or you use tools to automate backlink building), then do not create a big number of links in a short period of time, as Google may accept it not natural. Do it gently!

7. Use Article Marketing

The article marketing is one of those evergreen strategies for generating free traffic, which works well for very many years. This is a fairly simple strategy, the essence of which is to pick a keyword and write an article about it and publish it. There are hundreds of article directories, so the selection can be challenging. Some of the greatest ones, which we recommend, are: EzineArticles, GoArticles, IdeaMarketers (study the list below).

Like many other free ways to get traffic this method does not give quick results, it takes time and the regular publication of the articles, preferably 2-3 articles per week for at least at 15-20 major ezines. The first (original) version of an article should be posted on your website. Other variants you get by remaking (rewriting) the original version of the article and after you make submission of these variants to the selected ezines. For article rewriting you can use a spinner. Now you understand why the quality of the spinner is important.

To submit your articles you’ll need to have a list of article directories. As you work, the most suitable list for your case will be formed. You can use other people’s lists to create your own, for example, Top 50 Article Directories. You can also use the list of Top 50 Article Directories presented below.

This list is compiled with the maximum traffic in mind.


You can also strengthen your Article Marketing by use of Free E-book Syndication Method. It is another excellent way to re-use your content and its main meaning is that you can combine your articles into an E-book and submit it to all of the top E-book directories. This is an extremely powerful technique that very few marketers are taking advantage of.

Here’s a list of the most popular E-book directories where you can submit your free E-book:


8. Make Comments on Websites from Your Niche

One more nice technique to get free traffic is to find websites and blogs in your market niche and post comments as frequently as feasible. Just be sure to have a link to your business website in the signature box. Posting comments on other websites and blogs is an great way not only to build connections with other but also to build backlinks. Usually you are asked to include a link when you post a comment, and this link should generally be to your website.

Commenting on other websites and blogs most specially of the same market niche has the trend of drawing free traffic if done properly. Give truthful and honest comment either in form of advice or question. Be sure you understand the article (post) you want to comment on so as to give correct and credible view.

When you do this frequently, you’ll find out that people who read your comments will want to find your website. The reason is very simple. They would want to get more or try to find out your stuff. Setup a Gravatar to show your picture alongside your comment automatically. This will improve the desire to link back to your website.

Where to find the most reputable websites and blogs from your niche to make comments?

A specific list of such websites and blogs you can create yourself using keywords and search engines. But if you want to get the most complete list of reputable websites and blogs suitable for comments for your market niches – you can use backlinks building programs (software), for example, SEO Profiler.

9. Use Forum Marketing to Drive Free Traffic

Even in the face of Internet giants, for example, like Facebook or YouTube, forums are still a huge force to be reckoned with in the field of online marketing and free traffic submission. Millions of web users rely on forums to get information, advice and answers to their questions. There are many ways to get free traffic for website from forums, and if they are used wisely, it can greatly improve your online marketing efforts.

When you are posting on forums and folks like your posts, they usually tend to click the link to your website on your signature to find out more about you. In extraordinary cases you might be capable to post a deep link (i.e. a link to an internal webpage of your website) instead than a link to your homepage and this is also a way to concentrate attention to a specific page. Unfortunately, deep links are seldom allowed.

Best Internet marketing forums:

Warrior Forum
Digital Point
Wicked Fire
Black Hat World
Money Maker Discussion
Black Hat Team

10. Use Press Releases to Get Free Traffic

Publishing press releases is a wonderful way to get backlinks and free website traffic. This is beneficial for the reason: press releases provide free traffic in the short term and in the long term. This is very crucial when submitting traffic to a website, as many free traffic submission strategies build either short term traffic or long term traffic, never both. You can learn how to write and submit press releases at PressMachine – an extremely good place to learn how to get free traffic to website by use of press releases.

PressMachine is a communication tool with Press Release & Press Room. It allows you to find media contacts, easily manage mailing lists and send out unlimited number of press releases at a fixed cost. In the pressroom, you can publish press releases, pictures and documents in a search engine friendly newsroom

11. Conclusion and Notes

So, one of the most challenging aspects of running a website is increasing your traffic. You have built a great website, wrote your finest content, but when you check your analytics data you notice that you only get a few visitors per day. Why is this happening? Simply because your website promotion methods are unsuccessful. Building a website is one thing, but promoting it the right way is a completely different concept.

Read some notes on how to fix it and get more free traffic to your website:

Take seriously the On-Page SEO, always make On-Page SEO for each page and post of your website.

Use the main sources of traffic. In general the major sources of Internet traffic are: Search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), Social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, etc.), Mobile media (smartphones, iPads, Android tablets etc., Windows 8 Tablets etc.), Mobile Markets (Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Store, Microsoft Windows Marketplace), Chrome App store, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8 App Store, Youtube, Slideshare, Google+ Local Pages, Paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads), RSS feeds, Guest posting for traffic, Offline sources (Business cards)
n you.

Publish more articles, also, create some Kindle books and publish them on Amazon (for free) or a kindle app and publish it for free on the Amazon App Store. Kindle users who want to find out more about your website or products will visit your web version as well. This is a very efficient technique.

The RSS is not lifeless. A significant number of people are still using RSS to stay informed or follow their preferred websites.  The websites that managed to build a large number of RSS subscribers have fewer worries about SEO and other sources of traffic.

Do not forget about the Mobile Markets. All the material you submit from your website, as well as all your email messages for list building, should be seen on mobile devices (are to be of responsive design mode), as this provides an additional potential on how to get free traffic to website.

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