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Submit Website to Search EnginesPreamble

Once your business website is ready for use, the first thing you should do is – to submit website to search engines and web directories, and the next important thing, that you’ll deal regularly, is – to ensure a steady traffic to your business website.

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By submitting site to search engines you’ll enter the world of the Internet online business faster and will be able to get some targeted traffic to your website for free. At the beginning the volume of traffic that you start getting from search engines will be small and will depend entirely on the quality of your On Page SEO works performed for each of your web pages. With the gradual implementation of Off Page SEO activities and SMO activities the traffic from search engines will increase.

Many marketers consider that submitting site to search engines isn’t absolutely necessary anymore, as having a good content and some outgoing links your website most likely will be indexed by search engine spiders. Yes, it is true, but it may take more time and it will not happen as widely as you want.

We believe that it is necessary to submit website to search engines as it provides a systematic and a faster entry to the web world, especially since it is easy to make. In addition, in parallel with submit website to search engines, we discuss website submission to web directories that often can’t be made without registration. It is better to have a strategy for website submission and to realize it. That is what we are discussing at this Step.

So, here we discuss:

  • How to Submit Website to Search Engines
  • Preparation for Website Submission to Search Engines
  • Approaches to Submitting Site to Search Engines
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. How to Submit Website to Search Engines

Backlinks Indexer Website submit to search engines is a simple procedure that should be done only after your website is completely ready.

At solving this task you’ll face the question – To what search engines to submit your website? The simple answer to this question does not exist. Some marketers consider that there is a need to submit website to a large number of search engines, other marketers consider that it would be sufficient to submit website only to the main search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), as they control near 90% of the market. Also, there are marketers who believe that there is no need to deal with submitting site to search engines, as search engines, especially Google, will find web pages themselves. This category of marketers argues that many search engines feed search results of other engines. For example, AOL uses Google results. So, if web pages are ranked by Google search engine, then same rankings will apply at AOL.

Despite the existence of different opinions, we believe that the website should be submitted to many search engines, or at least to basic search engines. This will speed up the presence of your website in the market, and from the small search engines you’ll also receive some visitors per day, which is very good especially at the starting stage of your online business.

So, we believe that it would be nice if you implement one of two approaches:

  • Approach # 1 – Submit Your Website to Many Search Engines
  • Approach # 2 – Submit Your Website to the Main Search Engines
  • Approach # 3 – No any Submissions to Search Engines

Before beginning the work on submitting site to search engines it is desirable to do some preparatory works, which are listed below.

2. Preparation for Website Submission to Search Engines

In order to properly prepare for your website submission to search engines it would be good to know – what the search engines look for when computing your web page rank. Find a few minutes to learn about Page Rank

The preparation steps for submit website to search engines.

  • Check all your website pages for conformity to the basic SEO requirements. You should not waste time on a detailed study of all SEO requirements and rules, simply use, for example, SEOworkers Analyzer tool, which will quickly analyze your web page and indicate exactly what you have to fix. This tool it is easy to use, also it is free to use.
  • Your website must have a website map. It allows search engines to easily index all web pages of your website. So, website map will improve search engine optimization, making sure all your web pages can be found by search engines. As your website uses WordPress platform, it performs website map automatically. If you use HTML code for some reasons, you can create a XML sitemap by use of, for example, XML-sitemaps generator.
  • Also, it is advisable your website to have favicon. Favicon – is a small image (like a logo), that represents your website and displayed tabs of the browsers while surfing your website. Read more about the importance of favicon.
  • Check carefully the content of all your web pages. They should be pleasant to read, and do not contain a big number of errors.

After a careful implementation of all the preliminary works you can perform your website submission to search engines.

3. Approaches to Submitting Site to Search Engines

Approach #1

Submit Your Website to Many Search Engines

We believe this approach is the best, because it maximizes the presence of a website in the WEB, and thus, provides more organic traffic. In order to submit website to search engines in a large number you should use the search engine submitting tool, as to do it by hand is extremely difficult and time consuming.

We recommend you to use  Free Search Engine Submission service. This service enables you to submit your URL to the Biggest Search Engines. Another benefit from use of this service is that your website will get a higher page ranking, which will increase the organic traffic.

Search Engine Submitter has very good reputation. Since 1999, this website provides services on submitting websites to many search engines and today they are able to bring you the most effective service on submitting site to search engines on the Internet.

By this service you’ll get access to a number of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools in the industry. Also you’ll get access to some strategies and tips that you can use to get higher search engine rankings for your web pages, and this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to create a successful online business in your market niche.

Approach #2

Submit Your Website to the Main Search Engines

If you choose this approach, you should submit website to search engines which are in the of TOP 5 search engines of the WEB. It is very easy to perform submission as these search engines have option for direct URL submission.

After your website URL is submitted to search engines you will have to wait some time for the review and acceptance of your website by search engines. It may take from several days to several weeks. You will see it in the list of search results as soon it is accepted (by input of your URL or website name in a search box of a concrete search engine). Usually Google search engine makes acceptance much faster than other search engines.


market niches studyThe Google’s URL submit is very easy and fast. Just go to Google’s web page for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual not a software robot and click “add URL.” You can also submit your website map to Google via their Webmaster Tools. There is no require to submit your site more than one time. Some services offer to submit your site every month or so but it is needless, as the only goal of submission is to let Google knows your website exists. Once Google knows that your website exists the goal of submission is complete.


submit website to search enginesSince 2010, Yahoo search has been operated by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. So, when you submit your website to Bing, it will also be show up in Yahoo’s search results. See below on how to submit your site to Bing. Also, Yahoo had a paid submission process in the past, although the Yahoo Directory is no longer readily available.


market niches studyBing permits you to submit your URL, just like Google. You will first need to have a Bing login, then go to Bing’s Webmaster Tools page. Once logged in, just type in the URL of your homepage and press “submit”. You will also want to have the URL for the .xml version of your sitemap readily available, as it will ask for this in the first step of submitting your domain. After submitting you will have to verify ownership of the domain. This can be a little confusing if you are not experienced with HTML, as you will need to add a small snippet of code to the header of your website in order to successfully pass this verification process. Once verified, it is finished.


market niches studyTo submit your website to, you must have a sitemap in XML format uploaded to your web server. You can then submit the sitemap URL directly to, using the submission URL. So, open a text editor on your computer and paste in the following submission URL:

Replace “”  with the URL of your website sitemap. Don’t include “http” or “https” at the beginning of your URL. Your sitemap must be in XML format.Launch your Web browser and copy and paste the entire submission URL, including your sitemap, into the browser address bar and press “Enter.” A confirmation message from appears in the browser.


market niches studyThe AOL directory is provided by the Open Directory Project. Submission to the Open Directory Project (dmoz) must be done manually. Please, visit dmoz to submit your website to the Open Directory.

We hope that our discussion on submit website to search engines gave you the answers to the key questions: what are the main search engines and what are the best approaches for website submission to search engines.

Approach # 3

No any Submissions to Search Engines

Nowadays, many marketers do not submit their websites to search engines, as if any website has been live on the Internet for more than a week (meaning that it can be accessed by typing the domain name directly into the address bar of a web browser), then it’s highly likely that it can already be found in Google and Bing. This is because these days submissions to search engines happen automatically.

4. Conclusion and Notes

We suggest mainly manually submitting your website pages to the search engines. It is also important to submit your website pages to all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing), since even though the other engines have less traffic than Google, they however have millions of consumers. When you submit the URL or domain name to the search engines, it could take anywhere from two to four weeks to get indexed. Sometimes your page will not get indexed after you submit it, if that occurs, wait four weeks and then resubmit the page again.

If you are unhappy with your web page’s ranking results, take a look at what your competitors are doing.  Make sure you are pursuing the basic rules of search engine optimization.  Make modifications to the page and resubmit it to the search engines. You can submit your pages to a maximum of two times per month until you are listed in the main search engines’ results.

Also, pay particular attention to:

Stick to the main search engine submission strategy. To get best listings in search engine and directory queries, еру keywords and еру key ideas must be placed strategically throughout your web pages. To sum up, you need these words in phrases in: Titles, Meta-tags, Alt-attribute, Headings and Main body text. Other factors that affect search engine rankings are HTML layout, keyword density, keyword popularity, and keyword positioning.

Submit specific web pages to search engines when submitting site to search engines. Also, submit your home page to the major web directories. In general, it is good to submit 5-7 web pages at a time to the major search engines to prevent a spam penalty. In addition, we do not recommend that you submit the same web pages to the search engines within a short time period (even if you made modifications on them).

Submitting site to search engines, we recommend that you resubmit a web page to a search engine only when there is a significant change to web page or if a page has dropped from the index (changing a meta-tag description doesn’t constitute a significant change). So, submit and resubmit web pages as necessary.

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