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Updated: March 27, 2021

Publish Press Releases to Get TrafficPreamble

If you are going to use article marketing, then you really will be ready to publish press releases with less effort using mainly the same material. Due to the fact that you’ll have a lot of original material, ready early for the articles, you’ll be able to use it by transforming it and adhering to the rules of press release publication.

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Press release marketing can also be used not only as an addition activity to your article publication, but also as one of the best and free way to ensure traffic to your business website. Publishing press releases takes less time and effort than articles published and it is a very powerful approach to get targeted traffic. Regular publication of 1-2 press releases per week can give a sizeable increase to the number of visitors to your website.

The main feature of press release is the obligatory presence of the news in its content and usually this is very carefully evaluated by the editor when making the decision to publish it. But will your site regularly have news, suitable for press releases? Probably yes, since you’ll publish fresh content about new products and services in your market niche – and this is the news suitable to prepare and publish a press release.

Prior your press release can be distributed to your target market niche it needs to pass the approval stage, made by the editor. In order to be successful pass the approval your press release should be organized so that it seems to be newsworthy, and not an obvious advertisement.

So, here we discuss:

  • Main Structure of Press Release
  • How to Write a Press Release?
  • How to Distribute a Press Release?
  • How to Automate Press Releases Writing and Distribution?
  • Where to Start Publish Press Release?
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Main Structure of Press Release

So, a press release is a news story that often declares or event, or special discounts, or an award, or any other newsworthy items on your online business.

With press releases, you are capable to get inside a bigger market than by use of many other types of online promotion.

In most cases, by the use of press releases, the information will begin to distribute very fast (within hours), as your press release being approved and distributed.

Usually, a well-structured press release should not consist of more than a single page, and it should contain:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • City/State/Country
  • Day/Month/Year
  • Body (the real story, including news)
  • Information about the marketer (or the company)
  • Contact Information

You can see good examples of press releases, such as, at AP Press Releases and use these examples to write your releases.

2. How to Write a Press Release?

Read below the most important rules about how to write a press release.

  • Title. The title is the single line of text in the press release and tells what the press release is about. It can be a very helpful instrument to pick up the attention to the press release. So, consider what news headlines catch your eyes in the newspaper. The title should be detailed but not too long (better not more than 100 characters). Also, the title should be arranged in title case (each word in the sentence should have the first letter capitalized, and the rest of the letters in lower case, acronyms can be in upper case).
  • Summary. The summary lets you make up your chance to sell your press release to other places and it is typically a condition of online press release services. So, find the unique aspect about your product or service and then write how it is going to affect your niche. The summary should be in a form of a single paragraph with about 3-5 lines (not more than 250 characters).  All sentences in the summary should be in sentence case (the first letter of a sentence should be capitalized, and all others should be lower case, acronyms can be all capital letters).
  • Body. The body of the press release must not be less than 3000 characters or 500 words. Some websites allow a higher limit of characters. The body must have at least two paragraphs. Paragraphs should ideally be from 5 to 8 lines each. There should also be a blank line after each paragraph for good visibility.
  • Company Information. This section should be a standard item for each press release that has a short overview of the company or business. This information can be used in every news release, to be published.
  • Contact Details. Be sure to include information on how readers can contact the authorized person for further information. It is desirable that this section includes the name of the person, as well as the telephone number, email address, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn information, and the URL for the website.

You can download the free press release template to learn how to write a top-notch press release.

3. How to Distribute a Press Release?

When your press release is ready to be published, you can use the free or paid press release distribution websites (services).

Remember, you do not need to submit your press release to very many places (especially since it is a time-consuming process). You also do not need any automated tools at this stage. Just start with 2-3 services from your list and see which ones provide better results. A sign of a very good result is – if your press release is picked up in Google News and you see it.

So, create your own list of websites (free and paid services) to submit press releases.

a) Free  Press Release Submission Services

There are very many free press release distribution services. The most complete list to submit free press release can be found on the Social Realist Blog.

We recommend you start with the services listed below, and gradually expand the list if necessary:

How to decide which services to use first?

As you work with some of them choose which ones get your press release added to news engines. For example,’s free option will pretty much always get your press release picked up in Google News.

In our opinion the is the greatest submit a free press release website. It allows the user to place links, tagging and branding for free, and what is most essentially, it has the highest PR, provides targeted traffic and backlinks. Also, you can learn a lot about how to distribute a press release from this site.

b) Paid Press Release Submission Services

There are also lots of paid press release distribution services. They differ in cost, and, therefore, their use depends on your budget. Most of them enable you to choose the media you want to reach, to add keywords, to add pictures, to upload images and logos, etc.

Here is a few of them that we recommend:

The paid press release websites typically have a press list that they will send your press release to in addition to publishing your release on their website (and also in their RSS feed). Many paid sites also provide extra SEO advantages like tagging, the option to edit your META data, grammar checking, etc. They may also tweet your press release to their lists based upon on the level of service you select. 

4. Automate Press Releases Writing and Distribution

Tools to automate the writing and distribution of press releases designed very few, we can even say that they are almost absent in the market.

blog commenting

Nevertheless, there is in the market a good software to prepare and publish press releases – Press Release Submitter .

It is the great tool for successfully promoting any type of business. The program has the strength of semi-automatically submitting your press release to over 14,000 media outlets (such as radio stations, television and cable networks, magazines and newspapers).

You can use the Press Release Submitter as frequently as you want, whenever you want to reach countless media outlets with your news for press exposure. It offers a large media database of 14,000 contacts, which includes media contacts and press contact details used daily by professional press release services for their customers’ press release distribution campaigns.

So you’ll get the tool on how to write a press release and how to distribute press releases to get traffic!

When you download the Press Release Submitter software to publish press releases, you’ll have gain access to the following tools and features:

  • Fully-Automated Press Release Submissions – You can easily create, edit, and send your press release in just three steps:

   Step 1 – Add the press release

   Step 2 – Select the desired categories

   Step 3 – Send the press release directly to the selected contacts

  • Complete Control Over Distribution – Our Press Release Submitter application enables you to have complete control over the press release submission process.
  • A Fast and Easy-to-Use Interface – Getting started with our website announcement application is simple, whether you’re new to press release distribution or are a seasoned pro.
  • Customizable Media Lists – You have the ability to add your own media contacts to your media list, meaning you can be sure your distribution list is targeted to your news and you won’t simply be spamming irrelevant media outlets.
  • Affordability – Pay once and benefit from maximum media exposure for as long as you want. Why pay monthly fees to a professional press release service when you can use our Press Release Submitter for a much more convenient price?
  • Free Traffic – the press release distribution solution will automatically drive traffic to your website once your press releases are submitted to targeted media contacts. Your website will be almost immediately picked by all major search engines.
  • Access to over 14,000 Targeted Media Contacts – If you don’t have the time to put together your own list of media contacts to publish press releases, the program will perform the most of the work for you.
  • Exposure for Your Website – the application can turn your new website launch into a nearly instant success. You can use our application to build a buzz surrounding your product/service, by using only targeted press contacts. Press releases are an excellent way to start building word-of-mouth.

So, by using this press release broadcasting software you can automate your press release campaigns in order to optimize your media presence and attract new potential customers to your business. Also, you will learn how to write a press release of a good quality.

And the first rule you have to remember is that by getting the attention of the press, you will increase your chances of becoming “visible” to countless prospective customers, which leads to business growth and increased sales.

5. Where to Start Publish Press Release?

We recommend you to make an action plan and to include in it a list of free websites listed below. As you work, you’ll get an experience and you’ll be able to expand your list and improve the quality of your releases. This will significantly increase the number of backlinks to your website and you’ll get more traffic.

6. Conclusion and Notes

So, the press releases are impressive, but often overlooked marketing tool that can be beneficial for just about any type of business. If you haven’t included press releases in your marketing plans, you may be losing out on one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your products and services.

To publish press releases all you need to get started is some news. As soon as you know what you want to announce, figure out which keywords you want to target on, and get started writing your press release using your keywords. Then insert links to appropriate pages of your website using those keywords, those links will assist your search engine ranking for your keywords.

For the search engines to find your press release, you’ll need to post it in one or more websites. Here are some services that can help you do that: PRLog, PRNewsWire, MarketWire. You may have to pay for some of these services. Also, these services may give you a quality link from their websites, and there’s a possibility that news providers (publishers) will pick up your press release and post it on their website as well.

Here are the most important notes on how to publish press releases:

The press releases are of low-cost, or cost nothing but time. Of course, you can pay for online submissions or mail your releases out with samples and other promoting information, but if you submit your press release to free online distribution websites, it needs very little investment.

You can get substantial SEO benefits from online press releases, if your press releases are well-formatted and contain targeted keywords, links and very unique information about your business. When your releases are distributed online, many websites, news and search engines will pick it up and it will raise your visibility greatly.

The good press releases can improve your authority. If you write and submit relevant and well-timed press releases, they can promptly increase your brand name recognition among your target audience. So, learn how to write a press release and how to distribute press releases, as to publish press releases is profitable.

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