Royalty Free Images for Video Marketing


Royalty Free Images for Video Marketing

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part V. Video Marketing

Lesson: 28

                   Royalty Free Images for Video Marketing


1. How to Find Royalty Free Images

In this lesson, we want to show you the process for finding royalty free images.

These are free images you can use in your videos, on your free website, and on your free blog, as well as marketing. You don’t have to buy them or pay a royalty fee to use them. I am going to show you a couple of different ways to find these images so that you can use them at no cost.

Go to and search for Google Images. The URL for this is Type in a related phrase, and for example here we are using a golf product and training. Type in golf gear and you will notice all types of pictures that come up. This is NOT where you go to find your pictures though. You need to follow these steps completely.

Once you land on Google Images, type in your niche.


Royalty Free Images for Video Marketing

Click on the icon in the right that almost looks like a flower.


royalty free images for video marketing


In the dropdown menu, select Advanced Search. Once you do that, you will have some other filtering options. The keyword is in there and you want to leave most of it alone.


finding royalty free images


Scroll down to where you see Usage Rights. Change it so that it says Free to use, share or modify, even commercially. That gives you the ability to use the images, to modify them as you see fit, and to share them commercially. That means you can use them to make money in your marketing.


finding royalty free images


These are all images that come up with the rights for you to use them. Make sure you still use them with caution. Ultimately, the best way to get images is to buy them from or other photography site.


royalty free images


You can also take your own photos as well. These give you a good idea though of good images you can use for your niche and that you have the right to use.

Click on an image that you like and then right click it. That brings up a menu where you want to select Save As. This will save that image to your computer. You can also go back and search for more images and repeat that process to get as many pictures as you want.


royalty free images


That is one way to do it, through Google Image search. Another good site to use that offers free images is



For this example, type in golf. Steer clear of those that are with affiliates. Look for the limited images you can use that are royalty free. Make sure you read the restrictions of any photo before you use it.


royalty free images


Once you find an image you want to use, click on it. That allows you to sign up for an account and then login. You will need to do that so that you can then download the large images of those photos to your computer. Another choice is to find images. Again, type in golf and then select Multimedia.


royalty free images


That will bring up plenty of royalty free images. They have a smaller selection than the other sites, but they do have plenty that offer you rights to use. Again, check out the terms and conditions. Find what you like, right click, and save as to your computer. Many of the pictures do give you the rights to use, modify, and share. When you use the images though, many of them state you have to link it back to their site if you are going to use it for marketing.

You have to give them credit when you use that royalty free images for video marketing. The beauty of the other options though is that you don’t have to do the giving credit like you do here. Again, this is all free so you don’t have to pay any royalties of anything of that nature to use them.

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