Best Outsourcing

Updated: March 22, 2021

Best Outsourcing

Finding the best outsourcing has become easier than ever due to the potential of the Internet, as there are many people willing to complete your most important tasks, that you can’t perform yourself for various reasons. So, outsourcing websites (outsourcing platforms) are great for both the people who want to hire and want to be hired. Also, these platforms are very useful for those who want to make money at the comfort of their homes, as online working is possible for them through these platforms.

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When building a website and promoting it, you may experience different problems, which are easy to solve using the best outsourcing sites and at an affordable price. So, after you have made the decision to outsource some of your business processes, the next step is to ensure you find the right outsourcing partner, who will look after your interests for you and thus guarantee your success in the future.

Here are some important factors to be considered before choosing a partner to outsource with: reliability, experience, communication and competence. Below we provide a list of for the best outsourcing websites, where you will find partners with the above characteristics.

Best Outsourcing Services

a) Fiverr

Price: the price starts at $5.00 and increases by order details.

Fiverr, best outsourcing

The Fiverr is a global online outsourcing platform (the world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5.00). A service offered on Fiverr is called Gig. With this outsourcing platform freelancers offer variety of different services and the customers buy them for $5.00. Also, some of the high quality items on Fiverr will charge you more by saying an item is worth multiple gigs. So if you find an amazing painter that takes 10 days to do some art it might cost you 10 gigs or $50. You should be a registered member to make any deal on Fiverr. The registration is free.

At Fiverr you can get just about anything you can imagine and you can probably get it for five bucks. This is a great resource that many marketers use constantly for small projects.

The sellers gain their levels based on their reputation and performance on Fiverr. The customers are guaranteed all rights for provided works. This is a great option for the business micro services. Fiverr has levels system which is great for both customers and sellers. You can choose Fiverr, if you tend to buy or sell various services. So, if you are looking for the best outsourcing websites, pay attention to Fiverr.

b) UpWork

Price: By parties’ accord

UpWork, best outsourcing

The UpWork (former ODesk) is the largest online freelance platform and is consistently ranked #1 by annual freelancer earnings. It is most likely the best of the freelance websites accessible today, both from an employer’s or freelancer’s point of view. It is completely free and it is not trying to suck some money for your every activity on the website. It would be a great start for incorporating freelancers to your business and it will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for those who currently have some experience in dealing with freelance websites.

The payment system is simple. You first deposit money from PayPal (or your credit card) into your UpWork account and begin hiring and paying. The UpWork only provides dispute arbitration and resolution for hourly-billed projects that had been tracked through the UpWork Team application on the freelancer’s side. Dispute resolutions over fixed-price projects are for you to figure out. As to the support, the UpWork is one of those chosen best outsourcing websites, which understands that as long as there is money in question the clients would really appreciate a 24/7 support. This is where UpWork truly delivers help, through any means of your choice be that live-chat, phone line, e-mail ticket system or a well-written inquiry.

So, UpWork is a serious outsourcing site built around serious outsourcers – from designers and developers, to writers and administrators, and is a very useful place to get things done that you can’t do. If you are looking for a freelance platform to post or find jobs, we strongly recommend signing up with UpWork.

c) Text Broker

Price; 1.3 cents/word – 7.2 cents/word, depending on the professional-quality writing

Text Broker, best outsourcingThe Text Broker is focused on content and writing, and it a hotsy-totsy resource for outsourcing articles, blog posts, and more. With writers from different backgrounds, you can find help for just about any type of writing you need. The more info you provide, the better the content you get back. So, much depends on you.

With the Textbroker Self Service, you can manage the entire content ordering process – select the order type, prepare the instructions and place your order. Also, TextBroker provides three different order types, giving you the flexibility to manage any project, no matter how complex. (1) Open Order – makes your order available to thousands of proven, qualified authors, determine both the quality level and price for your content; (2) Direct Order – select an author of your choice to write your text, negotiate price and delivery dates with the author; (3) Team Order – create a team of hand-picked expert authors, set the price for your team. If you regularly require new content for your website, you can use the recurring orders. Their system can automatically place orders for you at your chosen quality and interval.

The price varies from 1.3 cents/word up to 7.2 cents/word, depending on chosen order type and quality level for your project. The executors qualification levels range from 2 to 5 stars, and since you select the qualification level, you always know what to expect in your content. Such approach provides the best outsourcing for content preparation.

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