Setup Autoresponder


Setup Autoresponder

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part III. Email List Building

Lesson: 9

                   Setup Autoresponder


1. Setting Up a Free Autoresponder

In this lesson, we will discuss setting up your list.

At this point, you should have selected your niche market. You should have gone through the creation process of a free offer. You need to have something free to get people to join your list. In this stage, we are at the point of setting up our list.

You are going to need a free autoresponder in place to collect those leads. The beauty of having an autoresponder in place is it really automates the process. As people join your email list, the autoresponder will automatically send them an email thanking them for subscribing. It will also give them information or a link about where they can collect what you gave them access to for free.

This gets people excited, and it is instant gratification. They get what they are looking for right away. It helps them to trust you. It is also a hands free method for you to connect with your niche audience. Collecting their name and email is a way for you to be able to send out emails without having to be in front of your computer. You just cue them up once and you select when that series of emails will go out.

You capture the name and emails, and it automates your business. IT sends out information for you automatically at the intervals that you select. Since this is the No Cost List Building system, we want to start out with free options. There are some paid autoresponders out there and we will talk about them a bit at the end.

The best free autoresponder out there that we have found is at


Setup Autoresponder


This is by far the best and it is very popular. Two other options for you include but they are limited. They start to charge you after about 100 subscribers. Another choice is

Some people have considered It is popular but they don’t let you do autoresponders for free right away. They limit you only to broadcasting. They don’t allow you to do the automated follow ups unless you pay for that. That is why цу recommend The owner of it has been around for a long time and he keeps it updated and fresh.

We have some tutorials that help you to set up that process. In this training lesson, we are going to use for the example. So step #5 in this process is to get your Listwire account set up and to get your follow up messages set up with that list. We do have a tutorial to show you that.

In this next phase, I want to show you how to set up your follow-up messages. You want to write at least 1 follow up email. That is going to be the first message that links to the opt in report. In a previous lesson, we covered how to upload your free document to any of the free document sharing sites. Your first message should link to the opt in report. It needs to welcome them and it needs to thank them.

The second follow up message should pre-sell to them the product you are pushing.

It can also be another informative article that you found. That would be the ideal solution as it will help to build that relationship. Find a good quality article or video and you can search for them on article directory sites or YouTube.

You don’t have to be an expert on your topic or your niche market. You just need to be able to match people with problems to solutions. That is really the key to this list building process. Connecting those with problems or interests with solutions. The second message should pre-sell the product or it should offer them additional information.

Try to set up 3 initial messages, and space them a day or so apart. The reason why you want to go with this is so that you stick in their mind who you are. The key point is to build a relationship with your subscribers. They need to know who you are and that you understand what they are going through. This is really important to build that relationship.

Let them know you understand what you are going through. You have done the research in the market and you know about it. You may have that issue you are passionate about the market. Let them know you are there for them. They can email you back for assistance. If you create a really good free offer, it goes a long way to build up trust from the start. It if has quality and value and you send out resources, you will be further ahead in your business.

These are some core principles to help build that relationship. The more that the niche market gets to know you the more they will trust you. This will make you much more money from that email list down the line.

Now is the time to get out there and set up that autoresponder and your follow up messages on Listwire.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Autoresponder Services

The MailChimp autoresponder service offers the great features that can help improve your email marketing campaigns. It has a permanently-free option under 2,000 subscribers (maximum 12,000 emails/month). The MailerLite is the simplest email marketing tool for small business and it is simple to use and anyone can create and send beautiful email newsletters, manage subscribers and track results. Up to 1,000 subscribers – it is free!



b) List Building Programs

Building email list of a high-quality can be a serious part of your online business. You can use programs specifically targeted at this objective.

Squeeze Ninja

Optin Profits

c) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
Paul Counts –
Jeff Wellman –

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