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Updated: June 118, 2018

social media and online marketingPreamble

So, now when you know more about social network systems and their types, you can start planning for your activities on social media and online marketing. Of course, to effectively promote your business on social networks, you should select the networks that are best suited for this, and for which you can provide the desired activity.

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As a rule, social networks provide two main ways for advertising – paid and free. By use of paid advertising, you just pay for each click or for 1000 impressions shown. This type of advertising does not require time or any activity, you simply place your order. To have the possibility to realize the free advertising you’ll need to have followers and preferably in a large number, and this will require a certain activity from you.

When planning your activities on social networks (for example, like Facebook or LinkedIn) you’ll need to make a decision on paid and free methods to use. If you’ll choose to use the paid method to a greater degree, the average cost will be approximately $2/per one click. If this price will be not acceptable for your social media marketing campaigns – start to work harder to get as many followers as possible. In our opinion the best approach for social media marketing is an integrated approach that considers both paid media and earned media.

So, here we discuss:

  • Social Media and Online Marketing
  • Best Social Networks for Business Activities
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Social Media and Online Marketing

ClickBank UniversityWith the aim to perform social media marketing you should first choose the networks that are more suitable for your business advertising. Many marketers believe that for business purposes the most suitable social networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. To start to work with all the major social media networks at the same time can be difficult, better to do it step-by-step.

We believe that one of the best combinations to start the productive work for social media marketing – is LinkedIn plus Blogging. So, we advise you to start your business social media activities with LinkedIn, because it is the most business-oriented network and can quickly produce results. Then you can move to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. As for blogging – it is a proven method of marketing for social media, and it is not difficult to implement if you have the original content.

If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of social media and online marketing use All-In-One Social Media Marketing Bundle.  Inside of this program  you’ll find how to start to work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, Blogging, Ratings and Reviews, Email Plus Social Media Marketing, etc. (600+ Online Courses + Fb Auto Poster + Auto Social Media and Email Management Tools! Auto Likes, Auto Comments, Auto Post to Unlimited Groups, Pages, etc.)

2. Best Social Networks for Business Activities

In the past few years social networks continue to gain momentum to its popularity and are visited by people more often. Websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have shown they can influence people and their actions.

Facebook, Youtube plus Twitter is equal to Google.

This rule is really a proof as we can get a combined traffic from social networks more than traffic from search engines, especially Google. Also, if you look at, you’ll see that 7.63% of people who visit Google, were first in Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. In addition, 7.06% of those who visited Google go to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, using the best social media and online marketing you can get huge traffic.

a) LinkedIn

Currently, LinkedIn has over 150 million of users and the number of participants in the social network LinkedIn is growing by the second. It is the most popular social network for business people. Companies are looking at LinkedIn as an opportunity to advertise their products and services. The participants of this social network are employees, contractors, freelancers and supervisors who work in all kinds of areas and different companies – all of them can be found on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a choice of nearly 20 applications designed to manage a list of contacts and your data. For example, you can create an application and transmit to it the contents of your blog or indicate your interests in different areas.

LinkedIn recently upgraded the company profile, which is now called Company Pages. Now companies can show more information about their business. Also thanks to this new service Products and Services companies can show their products and services with a brief description of them. Also on the page, you can upload videos, one for each product or service. Now you can only download videos from YouTube, but the leadership LinkedIn working on it.

If you are new to LinkedIn social media and online marketing – start with The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn.

b) Facebook

There are over one billion people on Facebook and the number one social network is growing rapidly, and it more and more becomes a great place to do business. Facebook for business today uses a very large number of professionals in the world of business.

This presents is incredible opportunity. The significant 74% of all consumers now rely use social networks to guide buying decisions, and they all are real buyers. Your prospective customers spend on a regular basis near 55 minutes a day on Facebook, so this social media network is of essential importance for businesses who want to be in the top of mind of their potential customers. Google even combines social media information and facts into their search results for millions of related searches. The marketers who have the most highly effective social media and online marketing approaches and strategies will be in the best position.

Facebook provides more than 30 applications for business. These applications will help you move forward in the network to communicate, collaborate, develop, and improve your online business by use of social media marketing.

If you are new to Facebook social media and online marketing – start with The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook.

c) YouTube

The YouTube is a website that allows everyone to post videos on the web and make it publicly available. It is currently owned by Google and has gained immense popularity. It is constantly among the most visited websites on the entire Internet and attracts an average of more than 130 million visitors a month. Also, YouTube is very popular around the world and brings over 2 billion views a day! So, YouTube social media and online marketing can be very useful for you to get traffic.

For many users, YouTube replaces the traditional TV viewing. According to Google, the average YouTube viewer spends in the network 164 minutes a day, and the traditional television viewer watches it an average of 130 minutes. Where do you prefer to place your marketing message? YouTube viewers include all age and demographic groups. People aged 18-44 years old account for 56% of YouTube spectators (55% of men and 45% women).

Most of YouTube videos are amateur, made by using simple web cameras, and it’s not a problem, as it’s a private video. But on YouTube the number of professional videos is growing, and many of these videos are made to serve or promote particular products, services or businesses. That’s right: business, as big and small companies and private entrepreneurs have discovered YouTube. In fact, YouTube has become a new means of social media and online marketing.

So, if your business has an online component, you can (and even should) promote it with commercial videos on YouTube.

e) Twitter

The Twitter is a social micro-blogging platform that has more than 200 million users a day. They generate more than 200 million messages, and set more than 1.6 billion searches. Twitter now has the undoubted popularity. So, many companies use it as social media and online marketing recourse for PR, branding, recruitment and customer service.

At Twitter the size of each massage (post) does not exceed 140 characters. Service allows you to share messages with friends and associates (with a required link to the author). A small volume of records limit the time users spend on the processing and dissemination of information, so the information on Twitter spreads with almost lightning speed. Marketers use this property to establish relationships with potential and actual customers, to share business information and to promote products and services.

If you’re not already using Twitter for business, it’s time to think about what benefits it could bring to your firm. This is followed by a number of expert comments on how best to use social platforms for business, potential pitfalls and ways to measure the benefits.

 Learn more about social media and online marketing with Twitter Beginner Guide.

f) Google +

The Google+ has more than 100 million users using the network each month (400 million of total users) and is growing very quickly as Google is making a Google+ account mandatory for all G-mail users. Google+ is becoming an important part of any business social media and online marketing techniques. Google+ is also actively playing a major role in SEO by doing it easier for marketers to show up in search results.

Google+ permits to complete the About Page. This page helps you build stronger relationships with customers, because from the About Page you can share your thoughts, post pictures, links, and news about your business, talk to the right people at the right time. Want to give customers the opportunity to look behind the scenes of your business? Emphasize the uniqueness of your business? Get live reviews by using a group video chat with customers from all over the world? The Google+ About Pages will help you share important information most effective way.

Learn more about social media and online marketing with Google+ use: The Complete Guide.

3. Conclusion and Notes

Social media and online marketing for business – is all about how to distribute your content to the target audiences in leading social networks.

So, you have to decide what social media networks you’ll be using to promote your business (distribute your content). Of course, it is preferred to use all five major social media networks, as this will give the maximum effect in getting traffic. This approach of social media marketing you can implement step-by-step. For example, first to master Facebook and then move on to YouTube, and so on. To solve a number of problems along the way, you can use FiverrGigBucksRedlr and for little money to move much faster.

Performing social media marketing, special attention should be paid to:

Create your content strategy, as content and social media have a close relationship. Without great content – social media is worthless, and without social media – nobody will know about your content. Use them together to reach prospects. There are three main components of any successful social media content strategy: type of content, time of posting and regularity of posting. Also, make a decision on how you present your content for social media marketing – text only, images, links, video, etc.

Use the best practice approaches for the main social media platforms, as each social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other has unique features and audience needs. Be sure to keep in mind these features for your business social media tasks.

Performing social media marketing try to drive all your leads to landing pages and to use landing pages for all of your social media advertising. Place your content and promotional offers on highly optimized landing pages and use these pages to capture targeted leads and start the conversion process over and over.

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