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Updated: June 12, 2018

Social Media Marketing Resources for BusinessPreamble

The social media marketing resources for business includes a large group of different programs and tools, without of which making money on social networks would be difficult.

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Basically, these programs are for training, but in the market, there are although some segments of narrow oriented programs for specific tasks.

For example, like social media management tools, which refer to software designed for marketers to publish to social media platforms (using these tools users can post to many social media platforms at once, respond to customer inquiries quickly, and work in teams without creating any duplication of efforts).

Explore our list, perhaps you will find programs and tools useful for you.

1. For Facebook Money Making

Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business, social media marketing resources for businessThe Facebook for Business is an official website from Facebook which can help your large, medium or small business grow. Here you can get the latest news for advertisers and get help to better leverage Facebook advertising to drive real business results. They’ll help you to master the most of tools: Your Facebook Page, How Facebook adverts work, Measuring Results, Creating an Advert, Power Editor, Business Manager, Advertising tips and recommendations, etc.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint, social media marketing resources for business

With the Facebook Blueprint you can master the tools for success on Facebook, as it includes the best training into more than 50 in-depth online courses, and made it available to anyone with a Facebook account. So, you can get the most from Facebook, build your best campaigns and see your best results. In addition to using these tools and platform more effectively, you’ll have insights and knowledge in Facebook that others won’t. You’ll get a specialized skillset to offer clients looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Social Post All

Social Post All, social media marketing resources for business

It is an available platform to make posts on: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Flickr, Imgur, Linkedin, Linkedin Companies, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Medium, Blogger, WordPress, VK and Vimeo. to create unlimited e-mail Campaigns, e-mail Lists and e-mail Templates, to publish a post on several social networks at a time or schedule a post in the future, to create groups with social accounts and publish posts in all accounts with a click, to follow the posts and see when a published post has new likes and comments, etc.


FBInfluence, social media marketing resources for businessThe FBInfluence is a very informative and powerful course for making money with Facebook, which is divided into four stages : Will display you the simple fundamental key to prepare yourself for Facebook good results. You’ll sit back impressed by the fans enrolling in your Facebook community; You’ll find out the little-known solution to growing a beneficial fan base. This blueprint contains specific details on the most effective strategies used to attract top quality fans; You’ll find the simple way to generate massive engagement; This final step contains the highly-advanced and powerful strategies used to move fans to take massive activity.

Facebook Profit Formula

market niches study

It is a good Facebook training program which gives very clear and complete answers to the following main questions: How to work with your profile, How to work with the target audience, How to create a business page, How to increase conversion, How to automatically create a huge flood of leads for products or services, and How to advertise on Facebook and others. I advise you to learn about the Facebook Profit Formula in detail, as it includes many social media marketing resources for business.

2. For LinkedIn Money Making

first pictureLinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business, media marketing resources

To start make money on LinkedIn just enter your name and email address. Then, verify that you are eligible to create your page. Create a description and overview. Try to be concise, but include what is your business, its specialties, and what makes your business unique. Include your logo and a banner image to bring your page to life. Your logo appears when members search for profiles. Promote your LinkedIn Page by linking it to your other marketing channels – such as your emails, newsletters, etc.

first pictureLinked Influence

Linked Influence, social media marketing resources for businessThe Linked Influence is an extremely interesting and useful program to know how to use LinkedIn to promote your business and to make good money. The main thing you’ll learn from this program is how to attract a big number of clients and how to drive targeted traffic to your website. You probably know that LinkedIn has over 430 million members and it holds the record for the highest average household income over all other social networks. So, there are many potential buyers and this makes LinkedIn the best social media for business.

3. For YouTube Money Making

first pictureClever YouTube Plugin

Clever YouTube Plugin, social media marketing resources for businessWith the Clever YouTube Plugin you’ll finally be able to leverage any YouTube video in their database to help with your marketing efforts. You’ll have beautifully perfect videos, all that match the size and style of your website. Also, you can pull clicks, leads and sales directly from your video. You’ll never struggle finding good content for your websites, and remember, good content impresses users which impress Google.

first pictureVideo Traffic Academy

Video Traffic Academy, social media marketing resources for businessThe Video Traffic Academy will teach you the way to rock and roll on YouTube, and the way to get the first page of the main search engines for the reason of various perfectly implemented techniques and motivation from your side. With this program you’ll find out how you can use YouTube to bring your business to the greater level. By using YouTube in your business promotion, you can get rated on the first pages of Google and YouTube for your keywords, increase your traffic and rankings, and attract more prospects and have more revenue.

first pictureReel Marketing Insider
Reel Marketing Insider, social media marketing resources for business

The Reel Marketing Insider is a membership program that offers top notch video marketing training (by James Wedmore). If you are an Internet marketer searching to increase the quantity and quality of your traffic, Reel Marketing Insider generates videos that convert, and take your business to the greater level, then this program is perfect for you and will help making money with YouTube.

4. For Twitter Money Making

first pictureTwitter for Business Guide

Desperate Niche Twitter for Business GuideWith the Twitter for Business Guide you’ll learn – how to extend your reach by seamlessly bringing users to your website via Tweets, how to accelerate your follower growth to build an engaged, connected audience, how to enable users to download or open your mobile app from your Tweets, how to get started with your Twitter marketing or brush up on the fundamentals, and more. Also, you’ll learn how businesses from around the world achieved their goals with Twitter.

first picturePaid4Tweetn


The Paid4Tweetn course is made for businesses and entrepreneurs who just want to learn how to earn money with Twitter. They will teach you not only how to have a unique Twitter page, but they will show you how to develop relationships with thousands of new customers. After all, it is a Social Network website. They will also make it so that you don’t have to find potential customers. They will help you set up your Twitter page to hunt for people who want to learn about what you’re offering, and also show you step-by-step how has people hunt for you!

5. Social Media Marketing Tools

first pictureHootSuite

HootSuite, media marketing resourcesHootSuite is one of the leaders in social media marketing software. It allows its customers the ability to promote their brand through social channels, generate quality leads, and increase social traffic to their websites, all within one easy-to-use platform. So, the customers are able to connect their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media pages through the system in order to schedule posts, monitor brand mentions, reply to messages, and more.

first pictureBuffer

Buffer, media marketing resourcesBuffer is a new and more intelligent way to promote what you want on social media networks. What it does is simple. You add updates to your Buffer queue and it will be posted according to the schedule that you specify. It’s like your special package you can use anytime to fill with great Tweets, Facebook stories or LinkedIn updates. Just drop them in and you don’t have to ever get worried about when it will be posted, it’s all taken care of by Buffer for you. The quality, with which the system is doing these tasks, deservedly carries it to the best social media tools for marketers.

first pictureSprout Social

Sprout Social media marketing resourcesSprout Social is for you if you’re looking for a cleaner dashboard and some additional analytics with all your posts. It will help you not only to draft, schedule, queue, and post messages in the social media world, but it also enables you to assign and manage tasks among team members and track and measure your social media performance. Also, it is a premium tool among the social media management tools. Sprout Social will be the right tool for some businesses, and they are continuously evolving and adding new features.

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