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Updated: March 23, 2021

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Choosing the best niche finders is the most important factor in starting a business website, since by their use it is easier to find a niche and profitable keywords for it.

It is well known that the keyword research (or niche research) is the preliminary part of any SEO approach and if you use the good quality niche finders, then you have more probability of getting targeted content concepts with great keyword setting up.

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Also, these tools will greatly facilitate your work and you’ll know better how to find a profitable niche.

There are numbers of niche finders offered in the market which can make you confused in choosing the most effective. Check below our opinion on best niche finders, maybe it will help you make the right choice.

Best Niche Finders

Niche Reaper

Price: $47.00/one payment

Niche Reaper, best niche findersThe Niche Reaper is much more functional than other keyword research tools are. Generally, this tool has been designed to help newbies and also mid level experienced Internet marketers who are getting trouble getting profitable keywords and money niches, and would much rather have an automated software program doing all the challenging work for them.

The niche study using Niche Reaper is very comfortable and it provides an excellent result.

In a few words it is a keyword research application built for finding money making niches. It will save you time when researching lucrative niches along with assisting you to earn a lot more money from them.

The tool gives the following information on niches you can use for online money making: Best keywords to target; How much competition there is; Average PageRank (PR) of the top competing sites; Keywords related to the topic; What people are searching all the time; How competitive the niche really is: What related domains are available and other. So, it is the best answer to how to find a profitable niche.


Price: $19.00/per month (Free Trial -30 Keyword Searches)

Jaaxy, best niche findersThe Jaaxy is an advanced keyword tool analyzer released by Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate). They used this tool for the members of their Wealthy Affiliate training program, and now made it available to other users.

The tool allows to perform research for keywords and perform a niche study search analysis.

By use of it you can also check out the competition in the niche and even search for same affiliate programs related to keywords. It is one of the best among the niche finders available on the market and can teach you how to find a niche.

It is a modern niche finder tool among the best niche finders, that was developed by real Internet marketers. It will quickly show you the hottest and most lucrative keywords by searching on an initial root keyword phrase. It then returns a list of the top related keyword phrases, as well as competitive data and other associated keyword phrases.

Also, it allows users to drill down on each phrase to show even more keyword phrases. It provides tips that indicate how easily a keyword phrase can rank in the search engines.

Additionally, it allows users to save selected keyword phrases to folders for later reference.

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