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Updated: March 25, 2021

Best Content Creation Tools


The best website promotion tools refer to the marketing methods that Internet marketers can use to promote their websites (through their brands, products and services). Some of these website promotion tools are paid and some are free, but mainly all of them are the promotion channels which let you get the highly targeted results in the shortest span of time.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

The market offers many website promotion tools, which cover the most effective website promotion ways. We can say that there is even a surplus of proposals, which complicates the choice, especially for beginners.

So, the Internet marketers have the choice to use some these paid or free digital marketing techniques. However, they should understand that it requires willpower and some hard work to finally be paid off. Doing business on the Internet requires an ongoing cycle of activities that will let you get a good foothold on the marketplace with a very strong online presence that delivers results.

1. Article Submission

a) Magic Submiter

Price: $4.95 1st month trial, and $67 each month after

Magic Submitter, best website promotion tools

The Magic Submitter gives you the ability to drive thousands of new customers to your website seven days a week. You’ll get your website ranked at the top of Google faster than you normally would. It automatically creates 100’s of accounts for you, verify all your accounts, spin your submissions for 100% original content, submit all your content to over 2000 websites.

So, the Magic Submitter spins and submits your articles, videos, blogs, and press releases to over 2000 websites and gives you 1000’s of backlinks automatically. Plus, you can instantly add 100’s of additional websites. So, whether you’re using videos, articles, blogs, bookmarking, RSS feeds, or even forums to market, the Magic Submitter will do it all for you. Also, the service has a high level of automation and uses the best website promotion tools, that allow automatically perform the following tasks: create 100’s of accounts for you, verify all your accounts, spin your submissions for 100% original content and submit all your content to over 2000 websites.

You never have to worry about services that need updating because each month they provide you with new features, updates, and services to make sure your link building is state of the art.

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