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Updated: March 20 , 2021

Traffic from Articles WritingPreamble

When your articles are ready to be published the question where to submit articles occurs. The number and quality of links you get, as well as the amount of traffic from articles writing that you receive, will depend for the correctness of this question solving. So, to get the most out of every article written, you need to effectively do article submission!

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Article submission may be performed manually or by use of free or paid article submission automation tools or services.

However, manual article submission is time-consuming and is more often used when the number of article submissions is small (up to 15-20 ezines), while the application of quality article submission automation tool can submit articles to hundreds of directories in minutes. Some of these tools (such as Magic Submitter and  Quick Article Submitter) have a built-in spinner that allows automatically prepare a new version of your article immediately before each new submission. It is very convenient, since you do not produce duplicate content.

The good knowledge of where to submit articles and how to submit an article can conside rably increase the number of backlinks and targeted traffic to your website with a minimal loss of time. Please, read the material presented below.

So, here we discuss:

  • Where to Submit Articles?
  • Number of Article Submissions
  • Article Spinning Use
  • Article Submission Automation
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Where to Submit Articles?

Traffic from Articles WritingWhen speaking about article submission, it means a possibility to allocate the article to be posted mainly on ezines (article directories) or on blogs (often blog networks).
Each of these options has its own requirements for the articles (size, quality of content, availability of links in the article, and posting rules). In addition, the waiting time for the consideration of the article and its publication is different. In some cases, the waiting time for publication of the article may take a few weeks, as there are many cases of immediate publication of the article, even without long time for preliminary review and approval.

There are several sites that ask payment for articles posting. You can ignore them, as there are very many of reputable sites which do not ask any fee for articles posting .

a) Submit Article to Article Directories

Article directories are websites where people submit their articles to be categorized and published in a specific category. Unfortunately, article directories often have different rules for posting articles and differ in term of publication. Also, you will meet different requirements for the article content they accept. For example, very popular directory Street Articles prefer only unique content (they make the test). That’s why we have given, that you will step-by-step form your own list that will be more in line with your articles. Also, you will meet different requirements for links placement. Some article directories will let you to place 2-3 links in the article body, but many of them will let you to place your link only in the resource box.

To submit your article you need a list of article directories. As you work, the most appropriate list for your case will be formed. Use other people’s lists to create your own list, for example, TOP 50 Article Directories.

While making a search and decide on the most effective article directories for your articles to be posted, just always come across and choose directories that have a higher page rank compared to others. To verify page rank you can use DNS Сhecker. The reason is that the value of one-way incoming links from high-ranking article directory is much higher than the value of those ranked lower. Also, many online users access more popular article directories, than less popular. So, more and more users can read your articles, and it will increase traffic to your website.

To how many directories do I need to submit an article? There is not a simple answer to this question (you can make a self-study of the question in Internet). We would suggest you to divide your article directories list into two parts: top article directories and others. For top article websites – try to keep each article unique, for others – submit the same article to about 15-20 websites and then make some small changes and continue the submission.

For better article submission you can use Magic Submitter.

The Magic Submitter is the most loved SEO software or article submitter software to date. With it, you can not only submit the articles to best directories but also can check the status of your backlinks. It automatically creates 100’s of accounts for every user. So, submit your article to more than 2000 sites with the Magic Article Submitter.

b) Submit Articles to Blog Networks

Often the services on posting articles on blog networks are for a fee. For the serious blog networks the fee for such services is $60-$70 per month. So, by posting your articles on blog networks you should be careful, because very often the efficiency of concrete blog network may be questionable. This is due to the fact that often a particular blog network includes blogs with low traffic, or a complete lack of it, and links to them do not have much weight for search engines.

We recommend you to use the proven and respected systems, like Unique Article Wizard and Blog Blueprint. These systems provide article posting on blogs with the good PR level.

Use Unique Article Wizard

The Unique Article Wizard  program is known not only for its reliability, but also for its broad capabilities, including the ability to submit articles to more than 12,000 blogs. The system almost completely reduces the manual works and submits articles to blog networks on autopilot. The price is: $47 first month, after $67/month.

Use Blog Blueprint

The IM Advantage is the monthly membership program, created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey (It is a part of IM Advantage). They are also well-known for their popular products Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint. IM Advantage has a system called Blog Blueprint, which allows users to submit articles (blog posts) in their system. Submitted Articles go out and posts it on relevant blogs with a high PR level (just choose your category). This enables you to get a high PR link to your website. The system is easy to understand and use. Besides, there are many valuable tools in the members area. Blog Blueprint is a great automatic posting tool to get fast links on blogs with PR 2-5. All posts are reviewed before approval to keep quality. IM Advantage will cost you $4.95 for 7 day trial and after– $67 per month.

c) Submit Your Articles to Social Bookmarking Websites

Once you have submitted your articles, however, there are a few things you can do to speed up your rankings and increase their positioning or your articles within the main search engines. One of the proven ways to do this is to get backlinks to your article. Backlinks are search engine’s way of telling whether or not your article is popular, meaning that a number of other web pages on the Internet are linked to your article. For example, Google will grant you a much higher ranking for this activity.

There is a way by use of which you can improve your rankings in main search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo, simply by getting backlinks. This technique is known as social bookmarking sites. Basically, upon registering for any one of these sites, you can post links (know as bookmarking) from the site to your article. These links count as backlinks and will boost your article rankings and the speed at which they get ranked. These methods will lead to added traffic and higher rankings to your articles. Here is the Top Social Bookmarking Sites List. We recommend that you get at least 2-3 social bookmarks to every article you submit. Try to join at least 10-15 of these web sites so you can mix up where your links are coming from.

Social bookmarking websites, as a rule, need a brief description and an article link. All that you need to do is to enter the short description text relevant to the article content in the description box and enter your exact article URL. This is a very simple thing, but it can give your articles some extra nudge it may need. Linking to your articles from your websites is a good way to get backlinks.

Our bookmarking favorites:

  1. mixx
  2. reddit
  3. wikio
  4. kwoff
  5. digg
  6. mylinkvault
  7. web2list
  8. a1-webmarks
  9. socialogs
  10. blurpalicious

d) Submit Your Articles to Social Networking

Every time you create an article, copy and paste the URL with a description into your Facebook account. Useful advice, right within every article there is a “Like” button. If you choose this option, it’ll show the article on within your Facebook Wall. This can lead to some great traffic for your article and more exposure. This activity will support you to increase your website rankings in main search engines and you’ll get more traffic from search engines also. If you’ll offer quality articles, people will obviously read them, make comments, and share your article with other people.

Below are listed some social networking sites that you can leverage to expand your article reach and ranking. Learn more about how to increase traffic from social networking websites.

2. Number of Article Submissions

You can publish your articles in lots of places, but you should make sure that the content of the particular article is not repeated too often. It is clear, that to write articles with the original (unique) content is a hard work for many motives, and a good idea would be to post an article with the same content at highest possible places.

But this, however, does not work this way. This is due to the fact that search engines like unique content too much and they do not like to see the same content at a lot of places (it just leads to ignoring web pages with duplicate content). In addition, the algorithms of search engines change often to not let people to block the web space with duplicate materials. In some cases, they even resort to website penalty for too much duplicate materials.

We recommend you to do the following:

a) To publish the articles of high quality of the best directories, providing the original content for each article (3-4 articles per month):

  1. ezinearticles
  2. goarticles
  3. articlebase
  4. articlecity
  5. articledashboard
  6. ideamarketers
  7. isnare
  8. searchwarp
  9. selfgrowth

b) To rewrite the material available by using a spinner and to publish it in other places you like.

And remember, you do not need to be so much interested in article submission to very many places, as 4-5 quality articles published in the leading article directories may give a greater effect than the hundreds of submissions to moderate places.

3. Article Spinning Use

The Best Spinner

The article spinning is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique, by which the Internet marketers (search engine optimizers) post a unique version of relevant content to article directories, web 2.0 websites, or other sources for backlinks. It is occasionally used by website authors on their own websites, but usually avoided because the quality of spun content will be lower than hand written content.

Distribution of duplicate content is not welcomed by search engines and most reputable article directories (they may reject such articles). To accurately deal with this problem, you can use the article spinners – the tools, which will aid you to get unique versions of your original article.

If you are searching for high quality and very affordable article spinning tool, we recommend you choose one of these three:

  1. TheBestSpinner
  2. Spin Rewriter
  3. Content Professor

Getting into account that article content is recognized by a vocabulary, syntax and style, these clever applications, based on the original version of the article, can create many other versions of the article, which will be observed by the search engines as the unique one.

Having mastered the approach of article spinning, you can have better control for the number of article submissions to various places, including article directories, blogs, social networks, etc. Just create 8-10 editions and more of your article and submit each edition up to 15-20 places. With this activity, you can significantly cut the duplication of your article’s content.

Also, article spinner tools are available as separate software or as included option in an article submission service, like it is done at:

  1.  Article Marketing Robot
  2.  Quick Article Submitter
  3.  Magic Submitter

So, if you decide to buy a good quality article spinning tool, you have an alternative option – to buy the article submission service with the option to use the spinner. Using such services gives certain advantages, as you can better learn – where to submit articles and how to submit an article.

4. Article Submission Automation

The article submission automation software is a completely automated backlink building tool to help you drive your website to the top of the search engine rankings by creating backlinks that come from a large variety of article directories. Using the strength of such tools, you can get the most out of the articles that you write by submitting them, then rewriting them, and then submitting them. Once your articles turn out to be published and observed by the search engines, you will get started to generate crucial backlinks that are required for your website to get recognized. When your website is noticed, you start to get good traffic and make money. Read below about the best tools for article submission automation tasks.

Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing RobotThe Article Marketing Robot is the most recognized piece of software when it comes to article marketing and article submission automation. If you are searching for an easy way to grab a lot of links for your website than this software may be precisely what you’re looking for. There are in fact two versions of AMR, as lately the software has extended its posting ability to now include not only article directories, but also web 2.0 and wiki platforms.

The software works fast and it is definitely a lot faster than any of its competitors. It is also very useful that it does integrate with Article Builder, which permits you to blast out unique content with a few clicks. Over the years software has been improved and a lot of built-in features that many users will find useful. It has the integrated captcha solving, a built-in spinner, and it also enables for contextual linking. All this makes the program very useful for article submission automation tasks.

Article Marketing Robot is the Internet’s most successful solution available for article submission solution. It is also a feature rich application, take a look at these key features: Mass Article Submission, Built in Pinger, Auto-Remove bad Sites, Intelligent Article Spinning, Easy to Manage Resource Profiles, Captcha Sniper Support, Contextual Linking, Built in Site Scraper, Self-Managed Scrape and Import Footprints, Simple Site Import, Personal WordPress Blog Posting, Proxy Support,  LiveLink URL Extraction, Scheduled Submission, etc. Using this tool you will not have problems with the solution of where to submit articles and how to submit an article.

For article submission automation you can also use:

Submit Your Article
Unique Article Wizard

5. Conclusion and Notes

Creating a strong article marketing strategy is one of the tested methods to increase traffic to your website. In fact, the article marketing strategy is the key for SEO purposes and receiving backlinks from many websites to your website. This technique is mostly used by marketers who are looking to rank their main page (or any category page), and often also to get traffic to a squeeze page.

If you write an article, submit it to 20 + article directories. This is one of the most effective article marketing tips to help you get backlinks quickly. Just imagine, if you write 4 articles per week and submit them to 20 + directories, you will get 80 backlinks in a week.

So, starting article writing, you need to have clarity in matters:

To get traffic from articles writing, you need to keep your article marketing campaign going, since this type of marketing gives the result gradually, i.e. the article must be written on a regular basis and then you get a tangible result.

Those articles that are original and of better quality, you need to publish in the best ezines, and the recycled material in the less popular.

If you are using a spinner for remaking the article content, then do not be lazy to read every article version, otherwise, you will not be able to achieve good results. Also, it’s desirable to provide a separate version of the article for each ezine.

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