Traffic from Blog Commenting


Traffic from Blog Commenting

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VI. Traffic Supply

Lesson: 52

                   Traffic from Blog Commenting


1. Blog Commenting Traffic

In this lesson, we want to discuss blog commenting and how to get traffic from blog commenting.

So, it is a free way to get traffic and it is just another way to get your website and yourself in front of targeted audiences. There are a lot of misconceptions with blog commenting. People think that it is considered SPAM and it isn’t ethical. It is in the case when you toss unrelated content onto a blog. That is considered SPAM.

The ethical way to do that is to leave constructive comments relating to the post. What are your thoughts on what you just read? What are your opinions? What do you agree with/not agree with? Did you really like the post? Don’t just say you liked it; tell them why you liked it. Let them know your position.

Adding value through comments is is a really important part of social engagement. Actually, search engines look for when they are ranking websites. That is why lots of blogs allow comments. It helps them in the search engines. It shows them that people are engaged with their content, people are reading it, and commenting. SPAM doesn’t help them but if the information is related to the article, you will be helping them.

Put in your name, your email, and your website. Then you leave your comment. I will demonstrate this for you. The key is finding blogs that you can comment on.

Google blog search for your niche. For example, internet marketing.


Traffic from Blog Commenting


Traffic from Blog Commenting

You will find tons of them for any niche market. You can check them out and you can click on a recent post. There will be a large variety of new people coming to the pages, so focus on the recent posts.

If they allow comments, then you can jump in and put in your comment.


blog commenting traffic

Some do through Disqus, which is a free plug in tool. You can sign up at and join that community.

blog commenting traffic

If you use your targeted Twitter account, login through that account. It is a way to potentially grow your Twitter following.

blog commenting traffic

Another way to find comments out there is a typical blog that lets you leave your URL. I wanted to demonstrate for you another cool way to find blogs that lets you leave comments. Do a Google search with “leave comment” in quotation marks. Then leave a space and put your niche. For example “leave comment” golf tips.

, how to get traffic from blog commenting

This will allow you to find those that let you leave comments relating to your niche market. Read through the comments and see if you would like to leave your own. If so, follow the procedure to leave a comment on that particular page. If the system thinks it is SPAM at all, it won’t allow it.

, how to get traffic from blog commenting

Here’s a SPAM blog comment example. The username is just keywords, and the content doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation.

, how to get traffic from blog commenting

Here’s a great blog comment example. The username is an actual name, and links to their URL. The content also adds to the discussion.

blog commenting


You want to be very good about putting your name out there with some good content. Give a very good comment and then give a reason why you think so. Those are good examples of guest blogging. Give feedback, give a compliment, and thank them for the content. Then you can drop your name. Don’t put your link in the comment section. Only put it in the URL section. It is a really good way to put yourself out there.

It is another potential place to find your niche audience. You can leverage that free exposure if you do it correctly with guest blogging. Send people to your website or your opt in form.


2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Traffic Driving

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your traffic driving efforts:

Article Builder

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Magic Article Submitter

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

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