Traffic from Forum Marketing


Traffic from Forum Marketing

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VI. Traffic Supply

Lesson: 47

                   Traffic from Forum Marketing


1. How to Use Forum Marketing to Generate Traffic

In this lesson, we are going to show you how to use forum marketing to generate traffic and get more clicks through to your website.

You want to find a niche forum within your market that has your targeted audience. The purpose here is the same as with any other type of marketing. You want to be where your target market is. You will often find them hanging out on forums and message boards.

To find those sites, we recommend using a free site called You can also go to Google and just type in your niche and the word forum after that. Either way, you will find a forum where your audience is hanging out. Once you have an account at, you can enter your niche market. You will find posts that are related to that topic first.


Traffic from Forum Marketing

I suggest you choose forums at the top. That will bring up only the forums for that related niche market.


You can click on any of them and see what you like and what you don’t. Weed out those that don’t have many followers or that aren’t working anymore. You can add special offers or you can put your link in the signature line. It is simple to get started in a good forum. If you post just 5 times a day, you can add 100 or more places where your content is found online. By the end of the year, you have more than 1,000 places where you content with your audience.

Traffic from Forum Marketing


The only way this method works though is if the forum offers the signature section. For this example, we are searching by the golf niche. Again, just to through until you find a forum that works well for you in your given niche. You can get a good idea for each one of how their forum system will work.

You will notice that some of them have a signature section. Those are the ones you want to post your content to. That means you can actively go to the post and make your signature known. Scroll through forums and see if people have posts that connect with their URL.


how to use forum marketing to generate traffic


how to use forum marketing to generate traffic

That is how it works in a nutshell. You do have to sign up for any forum before you post to it. Just put in your basic information to do so.

Typically, if it is a built in boarding platform, they will allow for a signature section. Just so you have a heads up, some of them don’t allow a signature until you have posted a set amount of time. They do this to weed out those that would come to a forum and just SPAM. We don’t want you to SPAM.

You need to interact on the forum and make things happen. People are reading your information and they find it interesting. To set up your profile in most of them, look for the control panel section. Look for a place where you can edit the signature.

forum marketing

Most of them are very straight forward. You can type in what you want to say, then highlight the text you want for the link to be inserted.

forum marketing


Forums are a very good way for you to create traction. For you to go out there and get people to come back to your site. There have been many good businesses out there that got a great start just by spending lots of time in the right forums. If you have good, useful posts, then you can do this.

You don’t want to spend all day doing this. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day in the forums is more than enough. That allows you time for other productive work too. Just do a couple of posts and it will go a long way for you. Be consistent with this, just like any other traffic method. Take a look at forum marketing. Take a look at so you can learn how to leverage forum marketing for your business.


forum marketing

Traffic from forum marketing is targeted and profitable, so we hope that this lesson help you better know how to use forum marketing to generate traffic to your websites or blogs.

2. Resources for You

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b) Recommended Websites

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