Traffic No Cost Methods


Traffic No Cost Methods

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part VI. Traffic Supply

Lesson: 34

                   Traffic No Cost Methods


1. No Cost Traffic Strategies

In this lesson, we will discuss and introduce the no cost traffic strategies.

We are going to go a little more in depth with the more popular methods to get free traffic. They are all methods you can use even after you scale up and invest in paid traffic. They are all proven ways for you to get traffic at no cost. We will also be showing you demonstrations on the screen to implement each of them in a separate lesson.

This lesson is intended to be an overview of each introduced method. We hope you will take notes and take to heart what is being covered so that you can start generating these no cost traffic strategies. Eventually, you can grow it to where you can use all of the methods as time allows so you can really maximize your traffic potential.

Without traffic, you can’t generate any results online. Keep in mind, just because you built it doesn’t mean they will view it. Just because you have a video on YouTube doesn’t mean people will instantly find it. Just because you create a website doesn’t mean people will instantly find it. Just because you have an opt in form doesn’t mean people will fill it out. It does help if you have a video out there and a properly built website.

If you really want to see all of this work, you really have to work at getting traffic. Without that effort, no traffic is going to happen. You need to promote it. You will learn our favorite no cost traffic strategies in this lesson. These terrific methods work both with startup businesses and large companies.

Again, once you start making money then we suggest you scale all of this up. You are going to find that you can still generate a very good solid income with these simple traffic methods. You will get a quick overview of each method in this lesson. After that, we will demonstrate on the screen each one of the traffic methods. You will understand how to implement every single one of these strategies.

Check out the individual lessons with step by step instructions if you need help to do these methods. You will get an explanation and example of each method in this lesson. If you need more information to implement the strategy, we have you covered with step by step guides. The key is to be consistent with your traffic efforts.

Traffic strategy #1 is – Video Marketing

It is by far one of the most popular ways you can generate free targeted traffic on the internet. You create informational videos that help you to build your audience. For example, you take them with your digital camera or your phone. You take a few notes and then you talk and create a short 1 to 3 minute video.


traffic no cost methods


You can also do videos similar to this which is a PowerPoint video. You can use free software called OpenOffice Impress. You can do bullet points, information type of videos with a free screen capture software such as which allows you to capture what is on your screen.

Create videos with answers to top questions in your niche. You can go to Q&A websites and find people in need of solutions. Find what they need help with and create short informative videos. A good example of this is It is the most popular video site online. Type in your niche market there and see how people are using the video site to generate traffic.

Traffic strategy #2 is – Using Web 2.0 Hubs

This involves creating content rich pages of content on popular websites. These sites already have lots of traffic coming to them. They have lots of interested and exposure behind them. The two that we use here are and


traffic no cost methods


no cost traffic strategies


You can do reviews on They want unique quality content and you can add videos and pictures. You can add polls and more to get high traffic that the search engines link. They also have lots of backlinks on them. You can get your unique content to send people to your website. You can get that type of exposure with these sites.

Traffic strategy #3 is – Using Free Blogs and Websites.

This is a very good strategy for you to use. Reach a new set of target audience with this option. They already carry weight in the search engines too. If you already have a blog on you can use that. You can also use It is completely up to you how you would like to implement this.


no cost traffic strategies


traffic strategies


Traffic strategy #4 is – Article Marketing.

This is free advertising, viral marketing, and it boosts your personal brand. These sites are full of daily traffic. There are millions of unique visitors that come to these sites looking for answers. They are seeking information and they are looking for solutions to their problems. They want more information on what they are interested in.

That is the beauty of article marketing, there is such a huge source of traffic with it. The resource box is where you put in your information with a link back to your website. They bring you traffic and you get exposure in front of your targeted audience. The key part of writing quality articles is to put the keywords in your title. That is a really good tip. The two sites we suggest for this are and


traffic strategies


no cost traffic methods


Traffic strategy #5 is – Using Facebook

It is one of the most visited sites online. It is definitely something you want to use as part of your marketing arsenal. There are so many people, even the elderly. All ages and all walks of life so you can reach your niche market on Facebook. Your audience uses Facebook – plain and simple.


no cost traffic methods


One idea is to create a page and then join groups related to your niche market. Every once in a while, post about your page. New people will join when you do so. Your Facebook page will grow as you post your articles and videos. People will share what you put out there with others too. You can even use videos and articles that are created by others.

If you already have a Facebook account, create your page from that. You can get into trouble if you have more than one. They don’t want people to have more than one account. The nice thing is you can create as many fan pages as you want within Facebook. You aren’t limited to niche specific pages. You don’t need to target only certain sectors of the market. It is a phenomenal way to tap into traffic.

Traffic strategy #6 is – Using Twitter

This is also a great social media place to get your content noticed. It is a simple way to start getting a targeted following of people. It is very easy to do so within your niche market. You can go to, and type in the leaders in your niche market. They are well known in that industry.


traffic no cost methods


Go to their Twitter profile, and see their followers. The list of all of them can be brought up. Under your Twitter account, start following those people. They are interested in your niche market and they will be interested in what you have to share. Many of them are going to start following you back and your Twitter traffic will grow.

You don’t want to go too crazy. Try to add 25 or 50 people a day. You can do it while you are watching TV or something. You can send tweets out with new content such as a new video or a new article. It is also a great way to get all of that information indexed.

Traffic strategy #7 is – Using Pinterest

Pinterest is where you can create niche pin boards that you can add pictures to. It is a popular social media site that is continuing to grow. A niche pin board should be related to your niche market.  When you post people, you start to get a following. It also allows them to post pictures. An active Pinterest board draws traffic for you.


traffic no cost methods


Link images from other places to send the traffic back to you. Post the images on your site, post them on Pinterest. You can sign up for this social media at

Traffic strategy #8 is – Using Google Plus

This is growing in popularity. You can join circles of related people in your niche market. You can go to a certain page and see how many people follow it. You can also find out how many people are interested and then create a similar page of your own. Post new videos, articles, and more on your Google Plus profile. We suggest you post them all on your Facebook and Twitter too.


traffic no cost methods


It doesn’t matter if you have a huge audience right away either. It is all about getting started and then seeing it grow. You have to start somewhere, and you aren’t going to automatically have 5,000 people following you. It may only be 50 you have but it will grow. Google will also reward you for bringing in traffic through them. To get started to go You just need a Google account to get started.

These no cost traffic methods are effective, use them to get more visitors to your websites and blogs and to earn more money online.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Traffic Driving

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your traffic driving efforts:

Article Builder

Unique Article Wizard

Magic Article Submitter

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
Paul Counts –
Jeff Wellman –

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