Video Marketing Download OpenOffice


Video Marketing Download Open Office

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part V. Video Marketing

Lesson: 27

                   Video Marketing Download OpenOffice


1. How to Download OpenOffice

In this lesson, we want to introduce you and show you OpenOffice.

This is the free solution for everything that is similar to Microsoft. If you want a version that is similar to create your marketing and documents, you can use OpenOffice if you don’t have Microsoft! It is an important element of the No Cost Income Stream.

So, to access it, go to

This is a short lesson on how to download it.


Video marketing download OpenOffice


Go to and choose – I want to download OpenOffice. You will download the latest version. It will ask if you want to run or save. Click Save As and save in your downloads folder as OpenOffice. It will take a moment to download.


Video marketing download OpenOffice


Once that is done, go through the installation process …

Double click it like you would any other program that you planned to execute. The other alternative here if you don’t want to use OpenOffice and you don’t have Microsoft is to use Google Docs. You can use their tools to leverage similar types of tools.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Video Marketing

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your marketing efforts:

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b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

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