Video Marketing Niche Selection


Video Marketing Niche Selection

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part V. Video Marketing

Lesson: 23

                   Video Marketing Niche Selection


1. Pick Your Target Audience

In this lesson, we will be talking about part #2 of the No Cost Video Marketing, in particular about the video marketing niche selection.

Niche selection is what we will be talking about as part of this whole process. Step #1 is to select your niche market. To pick your target audience. It is going to be a group of people that you need to target that need help. You are going to offer them a solution so that you can generate income.

We are going to cover the basics of niche research and how they pertain to all facets of your niche market. We are also going to cover YouTube to confirm your niche selection before focusing on this entire process. Niche selection can easily recommend a solution to a problem and it can be a success.

Look for niche markets where you can be an affiliate as that ultimately will help you to generate income without needing to create your own product. Information products will generate larger commissions most of the time. Look for low barrier entry as an affiliate so that you won’t need a website.

Look for programs like ClickBank that aren’t super strict about what your website will look like. There are some that require a whole lot of information from you before you can even begin. An affiliate is an online salesman. You will earn a commission for referring traffic that ultimately makes purchases. Most websites out there do have an affiliate program so keep in mind that most of the products and services like information products are where you can really shine with this.

A niche is a group of people that share a similar problem. You want to focus on problems because that is ultimately how you will sell them something. People that want to lose weight, to improve their golf game, to improve relationships, they need help with a resume, etc. These are all really good niche markets.

People that want to conquer video games. There are products out there that teach them to do so. There are people that want to end suffering from back pain or to get a low cost vacation. People may need help with social media or with PhotoShop. These are all examples of niche markets where you can be an expert or learn about them so that you can offer a solution. The key is to identify a niche with problems and then to offer short how to videos that help them to solve the problem.

Eventually, they are going to trust you and they are going to be willing to make a purchase from you. Send them to a link where you can get their email information or you can send them to a sales page. Anywhere that you will generate your commission from. A very good website is


video marketing niche selection


Look for the Marketplace so that you can see on the left hand side all the categories. Every single one of them is a potential niche market for you. Every one of them is full of items that are selling. These are the key categories. If you click on one, each has sub niches that you can benefit from by creating videos.


video marketing niche selection


Go to ClickBank Marketplace and expand one of them. Then go to and type in any of those topics. You will be able to see the volume of videos there on a given topic as well as how many people have viewed them. When you go to ClickBank, look under the product to see the sell amount for that product. It will show you the commission amount that you get per sell.


niche selection


Some affiliate programs pay more than others. Another thing to look at is the gravity score. On Clickbank, this is how they look for popular products. It indicates if this product is being sold by a high number of affiliates. That can indicate it is popular and it is selling well. Therefore, it is a product you can easily sell. It also tells you that the product is satisfying a need of a niche market.

Just because a product has low gravity, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good product or it isn’t in a good niche market. If you see consistent scores of 50 or more, that shows it is a good category to get involved with. You can do very good with it using this video marketing method.

The next website to explore is to help you select your niche. You can use all of the websites or none of them. You can also use a niche that was recommended in a previous lesson. You will find that EzineArticles has categories on the webside. Every single category is a good niche market. They are all hot topics you can easily use the video method for any of them.


niche selection


The nice thing about EzineArticles if that if you click on one, it expands into a listing of subcategories. You can see that these are real problems and you can identify topics that you can create solutions for. Then you can create short videos for them and post them to YouTube to generate income.

Another great resource is, especially under their Kindle section. You can find out what products are selling. You can see what products have a huge interest in them. Kindle Marketplace has hundreds of books on the various categories. You can click on them and see the various books that come up to get ideas for niches and ideas for your videos.


niche selection


Anything that can improve a person’s life can be a winning proposition for you. Another popular place to visit is Go the product store and you will find a list of items. Anything that comes up in these various categories is a good niche market. You can create short videos from these ideas that you post to YouTube in order to generate money.


niche selection spends lots of time for marketing and putting together these books. They know what is popular so if you see information there, you can be sure there is a hot niche market for it. Another very popular place for it is Again, it costs  lots of money to put together a magazine. If there is a magazine on the topic, it is a hot niche market.


select your niche market


I advise you to click on the categories you see on the left hand side. Click into them to see what types of categories you have to pick from. You can use any of them for effective video marketing ideas. Probably the best place to go through is


select your niche market


Once you identify a potential niche market to exploit and get profit out of. Go to YouTube and type in that keyword. For this example, we will use acne. It is something that people of all ages can suffer from. It impacts older adults not just teenagers. It affects jobs and relationships and everything. If you can help them to eliminate that problem, you will get them excited and you will help them with getting a solution.

Let’s say that you have done your research and acne is your topic. When you type that into YouTube, you want to see the number of views that people have on various videos. Some of them have more than 400,000 for acne. This tells you that there are lots of people watching these videos. You can monetize from those types of niche markets.

Most of the videos you create will go to YouTube. The key is to settle on that niche market so that you can move into step #2. This is where we find the affiliate programs to help you bring it all together. We mentioned Clickbank for finding a niche market, but it is probably the best place to go for affiliate programs.

It has the largest variety of programs. It offers high quality products and it is easy to get started as an affiliate. It is the best bet for getting this strategy to work. Another that works is They will require a Paypal account but you do get instant commissions for sales so that helps.


select your niche market


These networks also have easy approval. If you get 50% of a $97 sell you will instantly have $48.50 less a bit for frees deposited into your account. Those two marketplaces are limited to information products. Loads of products to promote are found at Keep in mind that there are some states where you can’t promote for Amazon through those affiliate programs.

I think this includes Colorado and Texas. You do want to make sure where you live it is acceptable to participate in what they offer. They do have lots of products, but keep in mind that the commission rate has to be watched. If you are recommending high end products, you will get good commission. If you are recommending books, you are only going to get 4% to 6% so you won’t be making much.

Be prepared to have a website of some site, even a free website, with quality content on it. Amazon will verify your website before they approve you as an affiliate. The same is true of


select your niche market


They have a ton of products but they also do such screening. What was called Commission Junction is now and they are another big market place with lots of offers.


select your niche market


There are tons of categories and products to promote. Again, be prepared to have some sort of website ready to go. One to consider if you are interested in promoting travel deals is found at You can get paid a commission if people make certain bookings. They also have easy approval which is why I recommended it.


select your niche market


You can do various videos about hot destination spots. Give the top 10 reasons to go to that area. Then you can give your affiliate link to that site. You can come up with plenty of destinations and have a series of videos that send them to your website. This is a really good search engine for finding great travel deals so consider it.

If you are considering the niche to go into, here is a great one to get involved with. I just laid out a very good strategy for you. This will help you to get people to your page and to make money from the affiliate program. You can go to

I have a lesson I am going to show you on your best niche practices. Combined with what you just saw here, you should be able to find your niche market.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Video Marketing

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your video marketing efforts:

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Content Samurai

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on video marketing niche selection we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
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Jeff Wellman –

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