Video Marketing Screen Capture


Video Marketing Screen Capture

100 Lessons About How to Earn Extra Money Online

Part V. Video Marketing

Lesson: 30

                   Video Marketing Screen Capture


1. How to Create a Screen Capture

In this lesson, we will show you step by step how to record your PowerPoint with  to provide fast and free screen recording.

This is the same process whether you are creating videos for your own content or your own video marketing strategy. Log in to (it is the world famous recorder to record on-screen activity for short tutorials, visual presentations, and communicate while you demonstrate …).  You should already have an account if you have been following the steps in the previous lessons.

If not, you need to take a moment to create an account. You can also download the program directly to your computer.


video marketing screen capture


Then it will open up for you when you click on it. Click on Start Recording. You will get a pop up from Java that asks if you want to run that application. It will let you know when it is ready to go.


video marketing screen capture


You will notice that we can size this within the window of our browser. We are going to open up the OpenOffice Impress and select slide show at the top. We are going to drag this box around here to record everything that is on my screen. You will notice here that there is a record feature and you need to select it. Once you select it, the recording begins.


video marketing screen capture


free screen recording


You can use this process to read what is on your slides and it will record your voice. Don’t just read from your slides. You need to have good voice influx and emphasis. As far as the microphone goes, you don’t need a fancy one. I use a Logitech USB headset. Again, that costs money, and that goes away from the system here which is No Cost Income Stream.

You can use a gaming headset, you can use your laptop or desktop computer with a built in microphone. You can borrow a headset. If you don’t use a headset, make sure you are close to your computer. That will maximize your sound quality. You also need to remember to minimize any types of background noise while you are recording.

Save your recording when you are finished. You will have three options:

  • Publish to Screencast-O-Matic
  • Publish to YouTube
  • Publish to your computer video file


free screen recording


The preferred method is to publish to your computer. You can pick the format. I personally like MP4. It is easy to work with on both PC and MAC. I am also going to select the size. I like HD size. Then select Save Video and save it into a folder on your computer. Name it what you want and then Save. It will take a bit of time for it to save from this free platform.

There is something to keep in mind if you want a few more options. If you want to download multiple videos and such. You can pay for the $15 per year option through Screen-O-Matic and it will work faster. It will also remove their name from your videos. Again, this is all about free methods. We don’t recommend paying for the service until you see some profits.

Ideally, we do recommend that you do buy it when you can. However, that is completely up to you.


fast and free screen recording


Once it has been saved, you can access the video with audio from your computer. One other thing we want to point out with Screencast-O-Matic is that it is a completely free software. You are limited in space. You are limited to videos of 15 minutes. That is fine, you can have 4 to 5 short videos instead of one long video.

This is how you create your videos. Now that you have it saved on your computer, you can upload it to your YouTube account. Then you can start generate traffic to your website and start getting more exposure. You can also take that content and upload it as content that you use for your very own information product if you choose to do that.

2. Resources for You

a) Recommended Tools for Video Marketing

These tools are of a good quality and may be very useful to facilitate your marketing efforts:

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Content Samurai

b) Recommended Websites

To improve your knowledge and skills on how to find quality offers to promote we recommend the following websites:

Eric Holmlund –
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Jeff Wellman –

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