Install Must Have WP Plugins

Install Must Have WP Plugins


Why many website owners install must have WP plugins? They do this because one of the biggest advantages of creating a website with WordPress is the ability to greatly extend it by the use of different plugins and get many additional and cool features. The proper use of these opportunities, let you to make website for business on a very high level. Also, these additions may greatly simplify some business task performance and website management as a whole.

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If you want to keep your business website at a high level of performance and automation, then you should follow the development of WP plugins and other WP great features. First of all, you should know that for WP websites the ‘must have’ plugins lists exist!

Many of such lists can be found on the Internet and they are very similar to each other, which confirms their usefulness (for example, see the TOP 50 most popular WordPress plugins). With the aim to save you time and to give you the helpful information on the discussed topic we provide a must have plugins list to help you make your business website with WordPress more powerful and automated.

So, here we discuss:

  • Expanding Your Website with WordPress Plugins
  • Must Have WP Plugins
  • WP Plugins to Improve SEO Functionality
  • WP Plugins to Improve SMO Functionality
  • WP Plugins to Improve Business Functionality
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Expanding Your Website with WordPress Plugins

Visit SEOPressor websiteGiven that the WP platform is widely used and well developed, a lot of WP plug-ins aimed at solving specific business tasks, also developed. We can also note here that this is one of the main reasons for choosing by us WP platform for business website creation. WP Plugins can greatly extend the functionality of a business website and it can be considered as one of effective methods of attracting visitors and increasing sales. If you are a beginner and want to know more about WP Plug-ins visit the TOP 50 most popular WordPress plugins).

One of the challenges faced by marketers who use the WP platform – is the presence of a large number of different WP plug-ins (more than one thousand). Such a large number of plug-ins makes it difficult to choose. Let us arrange the issue a little, and without claiming to be a strict classification for plug-ins, let us divide them into three groups on their main purpose:

  1. Must have WP Plugins
  2. WP Plugins to improve SEO functionality
  3. WP Plugins to improve SMO functionality
  4. WP Plugins to improve the business functionality

For example, a plug-in, which automatically creates a website map – can be attributed to plug-ins to enhance the overall functionality, a plug-in that helps to perform and automate SEO works for your business website – can be attributed to plug-ins to enhance SEO functionality, and a plugin that, for example, automatically places ClickBank products for sale from your business website – can be attributed to plug-ins to enhance business functionality.

In order to maintain a high level of functionality and competitiveness of your business website you should use best plug-ins from all these groups. Let’s look at this in more detail to know better how to make website for business.

2. Must Have WP Plugins

Many years of experience of WP websites use by millions of people enables marketers to make lists of must have plugins to achieve the best functionality. You can use this information to make website for business effectively. Below is a list of must have plugins that we recommend for your business website with WordPress. If you plan to order the creation of your website, do not forget to submit this list to the person that will create a website for you to let him know what plugins have to be uploaded.

WordPress Database Backup

Use the WordPress Database Backup plugin to ensure the safety of your website. Unfortunately, breakdowns and failures happen even on the most reliable servers.So, as you work, you should make copies of your website data. WP-DB-Backup plugin will help you to do it with easy. Here we would like to note that a copy of your data will be sent by email (backup email), and so, the size of the send file it is very important. Make sure that the allowed memory size at your hosting services provider is set no lower than 128MB.


The Akismet plugin is the best tool against comment spam for WordPress website. You can install it by default, when uploading WordPress, or separately. Unfortunately, the free version of the Akismet skips a lot of spam and you’ll have to sort comments for your posts manually, which is very inconvenient and takes time. If you are not able to pay for it, you’ll need to look for other free alternatives.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress (almost 30 million downloads). Use All in One SEO Pack to automatically optimize your site for Search Engines. All in one SEO pack is also a feature rich plugin. The settings are simpler to configure. All you need to do is to tick the checkboxes and select the radio buttons for preferred configurations of this SEO plugin. You can write the title formats of page, post, category, archive, tag, and 404. Also, you can write the description format. Beyond default WordPress post types you can enable the SEO for custom post types also.

Google XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemaps serves to organize the website into sections and identifies the data and references (links) for each section. XML format was developed by Google for use by search engines. This Google XML Sitemaps plugin generates XML sitemaps to help search engines like, Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo to index your website or blog more effectively. Additionally, every time you create a post new content, plugin notifies all major search engines about the event. Download Google XML Sitemaps.


The Sociable continues to be the fastest growing leader in the sharing space of WordPress plugins. After introducing Sociable Skyscraper, the ultimate advanced and feature-packed plugin for setting up a rating system on your WordPress website, authors have developed Sociable Slider. It is sort of banner that reminds your website readers to spread the word. You can select and customize several features, such as text, color, and length in order to ensure your readers and their friends a great Sociable Experience. Sociable Skyscraper allows you to set up pages and comments with a great degree of customization.

Social Metrics

The Social Metrics is analytic tool for social media sites. By use of it you can track your WP site presence on popular social networking: To track how your content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Digg and LinkedIn and StumbleUpon; To find out how many times your pages (posts) have been shared across these social networks; To browse to find out which posts have gone viral and been popular over the social media networking; To use the information to find out which social media websites should you promote your content the most, and many more. Download Social Metrics.

Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 plugin can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, captcha, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

WP Maintenance Mode

The WP Maintenance Mode plugin adds a maintenance page to your website that lets visitors know your website is down for maintenance, or adds a coming soon page for a new website. User with admin rights gets full access to the blog including the front end. Activate the plugin and your blog is in maintenance-mode, works and only registered users with enough rights can see the front end. You can use a date with a countdown timer for visitor information or set a value and unit for information. Also works with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog from the network has its own maintenance settings).

3. WP Plugins to Improve SEO Functionality

Unfortunately, many free WP plugins do not have the required capacity and in many cases can’t effectively perform the complex tasks. For example, at business website with WordPress many of the basic tasks on SEO optimization can’t be solved by use only of Platinum SEO Pack and you may need more powerful tools, like SEOPressor or Easy WP SEO.


SEOPressor, install must have wp pluginsThe SEOPressor will help you to perform On-Page SEO, by which you’ll increase Google rankings. The tool uses the factor known as SEO score for assessing the worthiness of a concrete website. SEOPressor will not only tell you about the SEO omissions and errors, but will indicate how to fix them. Many changes can be automatically: Automatic adding of keywords to alternative text in your images; Automatic italicization of keyword; Automatic bolding of keyword; Automatic of underlining keyword; Automatic adding of keywords to title; Set side-wide keyword targeting for auto-bloggers; It will give you a detailed SEO analysis of every page you make; It will tell you what you can do to improve your SEO score, and many other.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, install must have wp plugins

The Yoast SEO premium is one of the most high-rated SEO Plugin for WordPress websites. If you are a beginner of WordPress and/or SEO management for you site and don’t have any technical knowledge of coding, then Yoast SEO is the right choice for you which will allow you to manage the SEO of your WordPress site without using a single line of coding.

This SEO Plugin is highly appreciated for various perks. It positively contributes to boost the conversion rates of websites and improve the overall website sales by maintaining the ranking of your websites on the top results of search engine. Earlier, the WordPress users were relying upon the free version of Yoast SEO but it was restricted to certain features. But if you want to extend the SEO features of your website then we will suggest you to upgrade the free version of this plugin to the premium version to bring the ranking of your website on the top page of Google. Using Yoast SEO Premium will be your first step to the first page on Google.

4. WP Plugins to Improve SMO Functionality

Customize the way your post/page will be displayed on the major social media through the Open Graph Protocal (OGP).


The WP SMO plugin helps to get a better Social Media Optimization (SMO) because it lets you to add the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) meta tags on any pages or posts on your website. These meta data is used at least by Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to display rich content when a link is shared on these social media websites. Moreover, this plugin enables to add the meta tags for Twitter. Be careful, this plugin does not add the social button such as the Facebook like button or the Google+ +1 buttons. It only improves the way your content will be displayed when it is shared on a social media website.

5. WP Plugins to Improve Business Functionality

The segment Marketing WP Plugins (WP plugins for Business Application) is developing so quickly that to provide the qualified study and review for all of them is hardly possible. However, the most interesting solutions can be identified and reviewed. This is due to natural selection. If the plug-in is very good, many marketers begin to use it and the tool becomes known. Exactly such plugins we present in the list below.


CBpressThe CBpress is a WP plugin from the same creators of the popular ClickBank Marketplace Analytical and CBengine. This plugin permits you to transfer the whole ClickBank (CB) marketplace into your WP website in a few moments, and then personalize it and simply choose the CB items you want shown. It has many functions. You can transfer CB items and do marketplace improvements using it at any time you wish with just a press of the button. This plugin permits you to customize CB product titles and descriptions to improve rates. It also has the effective product filter attribute, which enables you simply and rapidly filter items by commission, gravity, recurring and rank, and then organize and upgrade them to display only the selected products on your website. You can also monitor which products in your CB marketplace are obtaining clicked and modify theme utilizing the built-in style-sheet editor. $57.00, one payment

Easy Azon

Easy AzonThe Easy Azon is an excellent tool to integrate your Amazon affiliate links directly into your web pages in an automated style. In comparison to other Amazon WP plugins that are offered on the market today, EasyAzon is extremely easy to use and easy to understand. There are some configurations that need to be tuned only for the first time and you’ll never have to feel it once again. Based upon on your visitor’s analytics, and also the products you’re promoting, this might recover a good amount of product sales for you right off the ground. If you plan to use Amazon ads on your business website the WP Easy Azon plagin will be a very good solution. $47.00, one payment.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

AliPlugin Pro

The AliPlugin Pro allows you to create professional WordPress based affiliate sites with thousands of AliExpress products quickly and easily. The plugin will put your affiliate ID in all links back to AliExpress, so you get commission for all sales referred to You will have the opportunity to have the New built-in themes, to Direct import from AliExpress, to Import any product from AliExpress, to Import customer reviews, Automatically generate expert reviews, to Import products in other languages supported, to Import products from with  variations, etc. Plus you will have the good old features: Products auto-updating,Non-existing products removal and Two import options: selective and bulk.

6. Conclusion and Notes

WordPress offers a ton of features and flexibility, but there is still a lot of functionality missing from the core software. The best way to fill in the missing pieces, of course, is to get yourself the right plugins, especially must have wp plugins.

So, choosing the best must have WP plugins for your WordPress site will help make your day-to-day life easier and deliver a better experience for your users as well.

When you install must have WP plugins consider the following:

When finding new plugins with specific functionality, filter them with these questions:

  • What is the core functionality you need?
  • Can do that within WordPress or with a snippet of code?
  • Can you do that functionality with a plugin that is already installed?
  • Is the functionality you want better stand alone or as part of a more comprehensive plugin?

Once you’ve found some potential plugins:

  • Are they well maintained? How are is the plugin supported?
  • Can you test it out?
  • How are the reviews insightful?
  • Are the ratings insightful?
  • Is it listed on the WordPress plugin repository? Why or why not?
  • What are common issues with the plugin?
  • Is it compatible with your current plugin set?
  • Have you compared it to alternatives?

Once you’ve installed it:

  • Is your site performance still good?
  • Did any features or design break?

However, some WP plugins can make your website not secure. Be sure to use only regularly updated plugins and which have the PHP code compatible with the WordPress license.

Also, when you install must have WP plugins remember, that too many plugins (or inefficient plugins) can slow your website down.

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