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Updated: March 27, 2021

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The banner advertising (banner ads) is a well known and proven way to get traffic to website. The correct and consistent use of this method can provide steady traffic to your business website and help you get more money.

This method of getting traffic with banner advertising is very simple, but its effectiveness will be entirely determined by the best choice of places to display your banners. So, you’ll have to choose the right market niche, to make 2-3 attractive banners and to make a list of websites (also including the best ad networks) where you’ll offer to place your website banner ads. Of course, the websites on which you plan to place your banners must be on the topic of your niche and have a lot of traffic. Also if you will use any ad networks to show your banners then select the correct category!

The sense and design of the banners it is also important. If you do not have the ability to develop attractive banners yourself, it is better to perform this work under the order (such places are very many on Internet and they are easily found). You can’t afford on design, as not attractive banner will not cause the interest of the people and all your further efforts on banner advertising will be in vain.

So, here we discuss:

  • Features of Banner Advertising
  • How to Perform Banner Advertising
  • Recommended Guides for Banner Advertising
  • Conclusion and Notes

1. Features of Banner Advertising

The modern technology of banner advertisements distinguishes between two types of banners: Graphical Banner and Text Banner.

Traffic Titan, how to get traffic to your website

For the Graphical Banners many folks say that a picture is worth thousands of words. This is why very many online marketers may want to think about taking advantage of graphical banners. So, the graphical banners must be eye-catching enough to catch the visitor’s particular attention. It is up to the advertisers to show what they would like within the graphical space. But these ads should complement the web page aesthetically and blend in with them in context. When the customers click on the graphical banner they should land on another page with more information about the product. Graphical ads strengthen call to actions in pictures and provide a higher viewer rate than even radio or television.

The Text Banners (Text Ads) are offered by many websites. Such banners normally consist of one or two lines of text and a link. For example, AdWords network uses them very often. Customers are more likely to click on these ads and when they seem to be within content instead than at the top of the web page they do even much better. In the earlier days of Internet, almost everything was text. There were no graphics. However, as Internet develops increasingly visual, a simple text ad remained attractive enough. Text Ads come in various colors and sizes, from leader boards to skyscrapers and in all regular sizes (like Graphical Banners). These ads allow you to present your offer promptly and effectively.

In part of the payments for banner advertising it also has its own features. Usually at the Advertising Networks the price is appointed for 1000 impressions or for a certain period of time, for example, one month. Also, you pay for these services whether visitors clicked or not clicked on your banner! Therefore regular tracking is so important.

2. How to Perform Banner Advertising

 To implement banner advertising you need to have consistent action plan. The main elements of such plan are:

  • Banners creation (size selection and design)
  • Drawing up a list of places to show your banners (selected websites on your business theme and ads advertising networks by use of selected category).
  • Ongoing analysis of the results (tracking with the aim to identify the best banner ads placing)

a) Banner Creation

There may be times when you need to design a promotional banner ad for your website.

The good news is, you don’t need to hire a professional (or even be a professional to create one), since there is a good selection of free and paid tools for banners creation.

Free Banner Makers:

Paid Banner Makers:


Using outsourcing just for $5-$10 you can solve many of your problems on banner creation. But remember that it is necessary to have the original banners that will attract people’s attention. It is desirable to have banners of most popular and of greater demand for placement sizes. We recommend you to start with the sizes: 468 x 60 (Full Banner), 250 x 250 (Square), 125 x 125 (Square Button).

b) Placing (Buying) Banner Ads

There are two main ways to place (buy) banner ads:

  • One-off Banner Ads
  • Ad Networks

One-off Banner Ads

Depending on your industry, you may know of some niche websites that are very popular and have an advertising program. Contact the operators of those websites and find out what their advertising rates are. In many cases, these websites can be the greatest return when it comes to banner ads. Also, the longer you advertise on these websites, the deeper the relationship you can build with their loyal visitors.

Ad Networks

For more spread approach of your banner campaigns, you can join an ad network. Ad networks are middlemen between you and the websites your ads reside on. The benefit is that you’ll have access to more websites with less work. The downside is that you might not get the best rates, and you don’t get to build a close relationship with the website operators.

You can deal directly with the website, or work with an ad network. Here’s a rundown on each option:

c) Drawing Up a List of Places to Show Your Banners

Drawing up a list of places to show your banners is more difficult and requires more time!

The questions: where to place banners and what are the banner placement prices – are the main issues of the implementation phase of any banner advertising plan since this is what determines the effectiveness of the banner advertising plan.

You can create a quality list of places for banner advertisements by two ways:

  • The first way is to find yourself the websites in your niche with a big number of visitors and which place banners on their pages. Once an interesting website is found, you should enter into negotiations with admin on the terms and price of your banner placing. In this case, it would be correct to start with a period of one month and see the results.
  • The second way is to use Ads Advertising Networks which accept banner advertising. There are many of them on the Web and the prices vary considerably, so you’ll find a great selection of places and conditions.

Use our list of Most Popular Advertising Networks for Banner Advertising to make your list.

Google Adwords

The huge network which displays ads on websites (including banner ads) within the Google Content Network based on keywords and demographics. This network allows you to perform banner advertising campaigns in any niche.

Yahoo Advertising

It is very similar to that of the Google Content Network. Yahoo! Advertising allows you to locate your banner ads on websites across their wide network providing a wide range of categories.


It is a great place for finding websites for banners advertising. You can browse thousands of websites and select the best that fit your niche. If you are on the stage of drawing up the list of sites to advertise your website banner ads – just use this opportunity.


You can choose from different advertising networks from Adify website to find your specific niche market. It is very useful service at making banner advertisements activities.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is known as a marketplace, but it also provides a big network of ad publishing websites from which you can connect and negotiate with admin to display your banner ads on their websites.

ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media has a huge network of ad publishers and provides a good platform for many advertisers on any level. It offers a comprehensive suite of audience targeting solutions.

AdOn Network

The AdOn Network provides innovative ways to target banner advertisements, one of which is based on a users browsing history.


Representing over 500, high quality, mid-sized websites, BannerSpace offers online advertisers a unique opportunity to purchase across many sites in a single transaction. Network sites are grouped into over 30 top-level content channels to enable advertisers to target by demographics or user interest.

Amazon Associates

The online retail giant, Amazon offers a network platform for advertisers and publishers. For advertisers who do not have room for large web banner ads, the Amazon Associates network offers widgets that can be used to highlight a product. Ads on this network can be optimized to run at special times.

d) Tracking Results

If you’re paying for any kind of advertising, for example, banner advertising, PPC, PPV, e-mail marketing, etc — it’s important to know what’s working and what’s not working.

Thankfully, there are analytics programs that have built in ad tracking capabilities. In our opinion, Google Analytics is one of the best of such programs. Learn more how to use Google Analytics.

3. Conclusion and Notes

So, in conclusion, we can note that banner advertising is one the most popular forms of promotion on the Web. The banner advertising campaign can be very effective as part of an overall paid media campaign, especially when targeting the right people with a relevant message.

One of the major factors of starting a successful banner campaign is to build an eye-catching ad banner and place it on high traffic and relevant websites (the best websites in your niche). This will help you increase your click through rate and your conversion rate.

Normally the pricing models that are applied in Banner Campaigns are the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and the CPC (cost per click).

The particular attention at banner advertising should be paid to:

Using banner advertising only put your banner ads on relevant websites. If you place your banners almost everywhere possible on the Internet, you’re going to be paying a high price for poor ad performance. Thus, only pick out websites from your niche where your target audience. Reaching the right target audience with your banner ads is a key to maximizing your ROI. So, make sure you are putting your ads on a website that is the right audience for your product or service.

For banner advertisements the brevity is very important. Don’t try to fit every bit of information in the ad itself, you can save that for your landing page. Produce an ad that makes the audience wanting to know more and makes them want to click on the banner.

Be careful where your clicks lead to. Make sure that your banner links not to your home page, but to the page precisely associated with your offer. Don’t make the prospective customer have to search through your website to find it. Bring them directly to what you are advertising.

Try to keep your banner ad file size low (under 50k), as the heavier the file size is, the longer it will take to load on the page increasing the chance that your potential customer will leave the website before they ever get to see your advertising.

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