Best SEO Tools

Updated: May 28, 2018

Best SEO Tools

The use of best SEO tools will save you valuable time, will provide you with better SEO understanding and will help you explore the challenges and opportunities for online money making. Of course, you will need some level of experience to get benefit out of them when implementing your SEO action plan.

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For today, the search engines are the major source of traffic for most websites. That’s why for many marketers the On-Page SEO tools and Off-Page SEO tools (including WordPress SEO plugins), that can help improve SEO of their websites, are of great importance.

So, check out the SEO tools that we recommend.

1. Best SEO Plugins

a) SEOPressor

Prise: $9.00/month


The SEOPressor is among the best On-Page SEO tools. It is easy to install, understand and use. It’ll point you, especially about SEO errors you have made and will drive you to correct them. The price is $9.00/month (7 days trial is also available).

The SEOPressor offers improved On-Page SEO analysis, taking into consideration common things like word count, content readability, keyword density, LSI and more features. When you’re performing your content with this WP plugin, there is no need to keep saving to see the changes. You just refresh the tool analysis, and if you’re satisfied with everything you can go forward and save the changes you’ve made to the entire post itself (you will see the image to the right). In addition, the plugin reacts very quickly as you work with a little lag.

Also, with SEOPressor you’ll be capable to optimize for several keywords/phrases, getting a better overall chance to rank also for other keywords and phrases.

b) SEO Blog Kahuna

Prise: $47.00/one payment

SEO Blog Kahuna

The SEO Blog Kahuna is the WordPress plugin that has improved the experience of On-Page SEO activities and is among the best SEO tools. It takes care of all the time-consuming SEO jobs of analysis, research and calculation and helps make the whole search engine optimization plain and easy. That is the reason that this application is used by 1000’s of experienced online business owners and smart internet marketers to achieve superb search engine rankings.

It completely optimizes your WordPress website pages and posts, shows the ranking of the pages or posts for the keywords on the dashboard, offers zero drag on the website and doesn’t auto bold and auto do things, filters non alpha numeric characters when analyzing your keywords so you can get creative, does all processing while editing the posts or pages, and does many other things.

2. Best Keyword Researcher Tools

a) Keyword Researcher

Prise: Single Lisence – $37.00/one payment, Deluxe Package – $47.00/one payment

Keyword Researcher market niches study

The Keyword Researcher is one of the finest tools to find keywords for your niche. Watch the video on the home page, we guarantee you’ll be amazed. Your list of keyword research tools must include it. Keyword Researcher is very easy to use. Once activated, it emulates a human user, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you’re left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases. Anyway, give it a try.

The tool has the Pro option. The most important aspects of Keyword Researcher Pro are: It has a simple yet powerful interface; It has an attribute named as “Allintitle” ( which gives a number used for measuring competitiveness of a keyword); It provides side by side analysis of a competition from the 3 major search engines; It gives the monthly search volume compared between different tools like Google, WordTracker, YouTube, etc.; It has an unique feature of calculating the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and Result/Search Ratio automatically ; It also provides the complete PPC analysis with the keyword phrase suggestions, and more.

b) Long Tail Pro

Prise: $25.00/month (10 days trial – $1.00), Pro – $37.00/month

Keyword Researcher market niches study

The Long Tail Pro is one of the greatest tools to discover favorite long tail keywords for your online market niche. It is a desktop based keyword research software and is very easy to use. Once activated, it repeatedly sorts hundreds or even thousands of queries into Google and, as a result, you get a set of of great Long Tail keyword phrases.

So, the tool helps you saving significant time while you are performing keyword research for your niche area by providing you the targeted keywords and keyword phrases in the shortest amount of time. Also, you get thousands of long tail keywords with low competition by filtering Google’s massive database. What’s the best in LongTailProThe tool is faster than Market Samurai; You can find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword; Compiled list of thousands of keywords in seconds; All important data of SERP like meta tags, PR, domain details, backlinks, etc. included in competitor analysis; You can check whether an exact match domain available for your targeted keyword or not, and other.

If you are looking to purchase a best niche research software, then you need to go nowhere else. Try the 10-day free trial version of LongTailPro and experience its attractive features which will make you purchase this tool to have a compiled list of good keywords.

3. Best Link Building Tools

a) SocialMonkee

Prise: $7.00/one payment

Market Samurai market niches studyThe SocialMonkee is a proven link building service that already helps thousands of marketers build backlinks to their pages. They have over 100k Members! With SocialMonkee, you can easily build backlinks to your pages, and also boost your existing backlinks, and pass on the link juice to your own pages. Submitting a URL to SocialMonkee takes less than a few minutes, and it only takes a few seconds if you use the Firefox or Chrome Plugin (provided to you at no cost).

The social bookmarks are still very efective after newest Google updates, maybe this is the motive why SocialMonkee is more and more preferred among the Off-Page SEO tools. If you join SocialMonkee, you can every day submit your url to 25 social bookmarks websites (in other words this system will generate 25 backlinks every day to your website). Of course, you can upgrade your membership to be able submit more than 1 url to more than 25 social bookmarks websites. Also, you can easily install for free SocialMonkee Firefox or Google Chrome plugin and all what you have to do will be to go to your url that you want to submit and use this browser addon. It’s push button solution how to get a little boost every day.

b) SEO Link Vine

Prise: $67.00/month

Market Samurai market niches studyThe SEO Link Vine is a Brad Callen’s system (Internet marketing software expert) and it is all about increasing your search engine rankings by link building, so that you can get more free traffic to your websites. The program developer has already made the appropriate arrangements with a huge number of websites to accept relevant content from his distribution service. Rather than becoming ‘yet another’ article among millions of others, your content will look like a guest post or blog content. That will add a lot of extra value to your content and make it worth the cost of the software.

So, the SEOLinkVine is an article network where you can submit articles, including your keyword targeted backlinks to many blogs in the network. All of your articles get published to blogs relevant to your market niche. You can select the anchor text of the links, that should ensure that all the links you get from the system are high-quality and valuable. It has an editor very identical to the one you might be familiar with from a WordPress blog, where you can get into and modify your articles. Considering that the article will be submitted to blogs and not article directories, you can include links directly in the body text and you can even include pictures and video.

4. Best Tools for Link Analysis and Improvement

a) Ahrefs

Prise: Lite – $99.00/month (14-day free trial), Standard – $179.00/month

Market Samurai market niches study

The Ahrefs tools can not only save your precious time for link building, but also will help you build best link acquisition strategies. It provides a fast graphical representation that would be easy to understand for even a first time user. The tools integrated into the platform include: SEO Report, Batch Analysis, Domain Comparison, Backlink Report, Site Explorer and Backlink checker. So, Ahrefs is a unique suite integrating “the largest index for live links” and this is the reason marketers just love this tool for all link research activities.

Some other unique features of the tool are: Freshness – the system updates every 30 minutes with a complete update completed every 2 weeks; Own Index – it does not access another companies index and layer their own metrics on it (they provide you with a unique index not found in other tools); New and Lost Links – you are given data on new links discovered and links previously discovered but no longer in existence. Also, you get monthly snapshots of this data in bar graph format covering a 5 month rolling period.

So, using the system, you can actually get an exportable list of your new and lost links to help you immediately spot and attempt to fix potential lost link issues.

b) SheerSEO

Prise: 2 months free, then from $7.00 to $40.00 per month depending on chosen plan

Market Samurai market niches study

The SheerSEO is the online SEO software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building. It is a very useful product for anyone who is keen for their website to do well in the search engines. It’s very easy to use, does exactly what it says and does it well. You also get an unusually long trial period and is great value when you do go on a paid programmer. It is not just a link-building software. They offer great services like directory submission, keyword tracking/analysis, social media analysis, pagerank analysis, traffic estimation, backlink check, etc.

So, the Sheer SEO is an SEO software with a lot of features that are valuable for a small business’s SEO program. It has core features in keyword optimization and link building, and it provides detailed reports. It also has specific social media reporting capabilities, which is rapidly becoming a big affecting factor in search engine optimization. Though it has numerous advantages, it lacks other key features, such as competitor analysis, and it does not provide an unlimited amount of keywords.

Also, the system brings many useful keyword tools to you. It thoroughly analyzes your keyword density and presents the information back to you in detailed and color graphs.

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